Goth Pocket Watch Guide

Goth Pocket Watch Guide 

What is a Goth pocket watch ?   

 A Goth pocket watch is commonly black in a Victorian or Gothic style which is antique looking with intricate patterns like filigree flowers engraved and picked out in red, purple or white other less popular colors. 

If you are going for a more contemporary Cosplay look there are lots of Goth motifs that look great on your pocket watch like a bat, raven or skeleton hand and more. We explore them below; 


Black Heart Goth Pocket Watch   

 The ‘black heart’ is considered someone who is sad, unempathetic or who has been betrayed and lacks feelings therefore. It also represents the loss of a loved one and a forever grief that hangs over the heart. A great gift from one Goth to another to show a dark love between two fans.  






Victorian Gothic Pocket Watch  

The Victorian pocket watch was created in the industrial revolution and was cutting edge at the time. The Goth fashion takes some inspiration from this era it has a particular look, this pocket watch tilts its hat more so to Victorian style or ‘Steam Goth’.  



Rib Cage Halloween Pocket Watch 


Halloween pocket watches are always dramatic and on the scary side side. They are not subtle and often feature something to make you uneasy as Goth goes. One example is the rib cage pocket watch, the pocket watch has a rib cage frame design.   




Coffin Pendant Pocket Watch  

 Vampires are popular in Goth fashion coined ‘Vampire Goths’, a favorite dark character is Dracula who sleeps in the coffin to keep him safe from the sun. This pocket watch is a tribute to that.  


Celtic Cross Pocket Watch 

 The Celtic cross is dark and mysterious, it is said to be a representation of knowledge, strength and compassion, it is a sign that the wearer is part of the Gothic lifestyle. 






 Filigree Floral Pattern Engraved  


 Filigree patterning is prominent in the Gothic era of history, it is a intricate embellishment usually in floral design. It looks wonderful on a pocket watch and gives a aristocrat feel of elegance something that crosses over to Goth fashion perfectly.   




 Black Rose Pocket Watch  

Mysterious and striking for your outfit, the most common meaning tied to black roses is that of death, mourning or tragedy. If you have lost a loved one this can be a tribute to them or a plain darkly beautiful costume addition.   




Plain Black, Gold, Silver Pocket Watch  

Your pocket watch does not need to have a feature, motif or icon, a plain black pocket watch is popular. Others colors such as gold and silver make a great plain pocket watch.   




Mechanical Goth Pocket Watch  

Goth takes alot of inspiration from history such as the Victorian era when pockets watches were cutting edge technology and a wonder. The first pocket watches were mechanical pocket watch’s at that time which means they are powered by being wound. To show of the beautiful mechanical movement technology in the pocket watches they had a skeleton case to show them off.    



Goth Pocket Watch Necklace  

This is worth a mention, wearing a pocket watch as a necklace gives a more hands free alternative it also means your pocket watch is visible all the time like a necklace pendant rather than being in your pocket. 




Memento Mori ( deaths head) Pocket Watch 


Memento mori is a Latin phrase meaning ‘remember you must die’. These special skull pocket watches work perfectly for a Goth look and have a great little back story and history you can share. They are a ancient symbol of death therefore makes us remember we will die and so should live our life to the full. Dark and light.  



Pocket Watch On Long Chunky Chain  

A chunky chain coming from the pocket is a common sight in Goth outfits, put your pocket watch on a very chunky chain.  




Silver Pentacle Pocket Watch 

 Each point of the star represents one of the five elements; earth, water, spirit, air and fire. The pentagram is often mistakenly associated with Satanism.The circle symbolizes “wholeness” and “completeness”.  




The Night Before Christmas, Goth Movie Pocket Watch 

This is a bit more fun, movies have a big part of the Goth culture and alot of inspiration is taken from them. Some examples are Edward scissor hands, The Crow, Dracula. Shown below you may know it as  ‘Jack Skellington’ from ‘The Night Before Christmas’. 


 Retro Gothic Tim Burton The Nightmare Before Christmas Quartz Pocket Watch Jack Skellington Necklace Pendant Gifts For Men Kids - Pocket & Fob Watches - AliExpress


 Skull And Cross Bones 

We have all seen them on a pirates flag and on the back of hazardous liquids they stand for exactly what they stand for, beware, danger we are anti social, be careful. approach at your own risk. 




The Crow Goth Pocket Watch


You might have seen the film ‘The Crow’ it is a iconic Goth movie. The crow bird is a symbol of death and revenge and is a spiritual connection and gateway to the super natural and other side, it is the same on a pocket watch face.







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