Celebrities Which Wear Steampunk

Celebrities Which Wear Steampunk


If you’re a fan of Steampunk, then you’re probably familiar with the work of various celebrities who have embraced the style or if not you are looking for your own inspiration. Celebrities can be the bridge or catalyst for newcomers to get involved with the fashion.

Whether it’s in their personal style or in their work, these celebrities are helping to bring steampunk to the mainstream. Here are just a few of the many celebrities who have embraced steampunk clothing in their everyday because they just love it.


The Celebrities…  


Our first celebrity is Helen Bonan Carter, she has been in many Steampunk style films such as Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber, Alice in Wonderland, Dark Shadows

She is a brilliant actor and I would say the biggest wearer of Steampunk fashion as a celebrity. Helen has been awarded a CBE for her works and lives and breathes her roles which is mostly fantasy. Regularly seen in public and the every day wearing Steampunk clothing like it was a post apocalyptic world.

In the picture below she is sporting a Victorian style ladies waistcoat, coat with lapels and large cuffs which is a typical look for the era and hairstyle with the intent of hinting Steampunk. All this in a matching grey color popular of the Steampunk palette. 




Here Helen is wearing a lovely black corset over a Victorian elegant looking dress. What tilts the hat to Steampunk most is the mini top hat and sunglasses these are more contemporary additions and the mixing of industrial era and modern is perfect for the aesthetic.



 Jason Momoa


The second celebrity is Jason, more than likely not needing a introduction he has been involved in films such as Aquaman, Conan the Barbarian, Dune.

He loves to dress Steampunk and is often seen out and about with a top hat and a waistcoat. He is a contemporary actor with some great tastes in fashion that he likes to express. 

 In this picture he is wearing a leather waistcoat a popular Victorian material for its practicality at the time and therefore in the Steampunk world. You can see the pocket watch chain hanging down going into his pocket. The pocket watch is one of the main accessories for Steampunk gentlemen, cutting edge technology in the industrial revolution. 



 Steampunk gent, here Jason is shouting sophistication with a all black top hat, waistcoat, over coat and even a spotted cravat around his neck topping it off with the modern twist of sunglasses and a great hair cut. 





 Lady GaGa 




The third celebrity is Gaga who loves her glasses and here she looks great in some awesome Steampunk goggles with extra magnifying glasses for looking at all those gems and bonds up close.

Instead of going all out Steampunk Gaga likes to showcase individual items which is still showing a appreciation for the whole fashion and culture of Steampunk and why she is on the list.


Montague Jacques Fromage




 The fourth celebrity who’s whole name is ‘Montague Jacques Fromage’ is a self confessed ‘Godfather of Steampunk Funk’. He is a Steampunk artist singer and all round poster boy that you may or not know.

He is a inspiration to alot of Steampunk fans who take fashion tips from his awesome outfit. He is a great example of the Steampunk gent check out his over the top tash.

Here he has a top hat with goggles which is a culture of the fashion also a big lapel waistcoat and over coat. See the cup of tea he is holding a popular accessory of the Steampunk gent, he knows his stuff. Get a tea cup and keep it in a holster hanging from your belt that is a nod to the Victorian era sophistication, qualities and values. 




 Kate Lambert


 Kate Lambert Steampunk fashion Cosmetics, model, celebrities, cosmetics png  | PNGEgg


 The fifth Kate Lambert is known as “Kato” or the ‘Queen Of Steam’ a British model, fashion designer, singer and entrepreneur. She originated in Wales and moved to the US in 2007 to become a citizen. 

 She is a recognizable Steampunk legend and spends much of her time as a frequent guest speaker at steampunk conventions where you may have seen her. There is no doubt when Kate makes a Steampunk outfit it is Steampunk throwing in popular motifs and tells of the aesthetic.

Here you have a classic mini top hat with a watch face jewelry fascinator accessory. The watch face refers to the pocket watch and she is wearing a  black leather corset over the dress with a sophisticated Victorian hair style.In her hand she is holding a Steampunk key.


That rounds of the list, if you see any celebrities who wear Steampunk in their everyday let us know in the comments.





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