Gothic Wrist Watch Styles Guide

  Goth Wrist Watch Styles 


 What is a Goth wrist watch ?

A goth wrist watch is a chance to confess the culture you live by and what you worship most within it. They are often completely black with motifs such as bats, ravens or skeletons to intrigue and mystify.

Other popular colors are red, purple and white though normally these are to pick out details from a black background.

There are different styles of Goth watch that we explore below ranging from the subtle to completely Cosplay and Halloween including chunky chains, spikes, leather and more. 

 What is the difference between Gothic watch and Goth watch?

Goth is a current huge fashion genre contemporary and evolving where as Gothic is a static historic aesthetic period of time around the middle ages, though the styles cross over very well.

A Gothic wrist watch will be more serious, elegant, dark and antique whereas a Goth wrist watch is more modern with popular motifs and traits such as chains, leather, spikes etc.   



Goth common watch styles  


 Gothic Leather Strap Watch

 Goths take alot of inspiration from Victorian and Medieval styles and at these times leather was one of the most contemporary, useful and popular materials because it is tough and durable and readily available.  







 Cyber Goth Style Watch 

This is a subculture that derives from elements of goth, raver, rivet head and cyberpunk fashion. The watch style is often made from silver metal with a futuristic look. 





Biker Goth Watch 

The chunky chain is a popular element of Goth fashion, for a wrist watch style it wraps round your wrist the same as the leather watch strap.




Filigree Goth Watch  

This watch has a filigree metal bracelet that originates and is reminiscent of the historically Gothic period. The filigree pattern is a intricate metal working commonly in a flowers pattern.






Spikes go back to medieval Armour and are often worn as protection,  ultimately they say stay back I can be dangerous like a hedge hog or porcupine. Keeping your distance may be wise and that is why Goths wear them on the strap of their watch. 





Studs are very much like spikes in their origins used for protection in combat during medieval times and therefore feel antisocial that is Goth when on your watch strap.




 Affiance Goth Wrist Watch 


 The word affiance means in 15th century Old French; ‘promise, entrust’. A chronicitous confection of passion and promise in crystal and metal, bound by a corded unity knot to symbolize an oath of fidelity.






Goth Motifs For Your Wrist Watch 

Being a Goth there are several popular icons that look great on a wrist watch as the main feature as shown below;




Bats relate to vampires, Ozzy Osborn, the dark of night, death also inner awareness, good fortune and longevity.




This represent prophecy and insight and connecting the material world with the world of spirits.




They symbolize wisdom and knowledge and can be viewed as spirit guides that can help you through periods of change.



Black Cats

These specifically colored cats are associated with witch craft and the supernatural when they are seen which is rarely.


Are mostly believed to represent masculinity, because they depict bravery and toughness and also death, mortality and the unachievable nature of immortality.




The Black Rose 

A Black rose gives you the strength to succeed in new beginnings and also represents hatred, sorrow, death and despair.



Each point of the star represents one of the five elements; earth, water, spirit, air and fire. The circle symbolizes “wholeness” and “completeness”., the pentagram is often mistakenly associated with Satanism.



The Kraken shows inner ‘strength’ and overcoming of personal traumas in order to grow back stronger.



Day Of The Dead 

This celebrate’s the lives of relatives who have passed away and life continuing after grief.



The Celtic Cross 

 The Celtic cross is dark and mysterious subject to many different interpretations, it is said to be a representation of knowledge, strength and compassion to manage life’s ups and downs and also a sign that the wearer is part of the Gothic lifestyle.







Skull And Crossbones

This is a well known icon of pirates and it often means death or danger so be aware.





The snake symbolizes rebirth, transformation, immortality, and healing because the snake sheds its skin and starts again. Other meanings include evil, fertility, and a gateway between the spiritual and physical worlds.




These icons of Goth fashion have less meaning but are just scary elements Goth’s like to wear for that reason, their scary and look great on a watch.


Grim Reaper

The taker of souls, when you die it is time to pay the reaper. He is powerful because he can choose when to take your soul, sooner or later. 







This is a fantastical but enchanting creature with the power to breathe fire, they are not known for their compassion but are intellectual and dominating. They strike fear into the heart of those who behold them.





They are maybe one of the most scary things in the world they have created their own type of fear ‘arachnophobia’ the goth can harness that fear through their icon.



We  hope that keeps you from despair when deciding which watch is to go with your Goth outfit. Check out our Goth pocket watch collection also for a more Cosplay look..    

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