The Top 5 Women Steampunk Clothing

The Top 5 Women Steampunk Clothing


 The Steampunk genre is based around the Neo Victorian era with a twist of science fiction fantasy. If you are looking to make a ladies Steampunk outfit for a event, Cosplay, everyday, wedding or in which ever way you see fit here are the top items of clothing to get you started.




The corset epitomises Victorian fashion and therefore lends itself as Steampunk perfectly. Being the core of a beginners costume like the Steampunk goggles for accessories it is commonly the first piece of a costume a lady buys. Everything else fits around it including accessories, a traditional choice for the lady. 






 There are lots of different styles of skirt that will suit your costume including bustle skirts, lace skirts, ruffle skirts among others.Your skirt sets the tone for a Steampunk outfit whether that be Victorian, burlesque or post-apocalyptic theme.Your chosen skirts says alot so make sure it shouts.







 Steampunk boots are heavy duty but at the same time elegant and can be adorned with subculture motifs like cogs and gears showing brass and gold trim. They can be knee high or ankle high, lace up or button, military or Victorian in style but always beautiful and a key not background item of clothing. 








A dress will rule your look and should be chosen carefully as your other pieces of clothing will adorn it. Often used for a Cosplay costume with a little historical accuracy the dress will have a Victorian elegance maybe with different materials like lace and velvet and in a familiar Steampunk colour palette of brown, yellow, orange or any thing and everything.  






 A more contemporary choice of clothing that you would not have seen in the Victorian times but very much a main stay in the modern world. Printed tight leggings stand out and can be customised with what ever art you wish for to impress at the gym, night out or a Cosplay. A talking point to break the ice where ever you go and scream Steampunk.  





Now you have a insight into the women’s Steampunk fashion you can start your outfit the funnest moment of your journey. If you would like to buy a pocket watch the most popular accompanying accessory to your outfit see in our shop here.

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