Top 5 Mens Steampunk Clothing

Top 5 Mens Steampunk Clothing


 The Steampunk genre is based around the Neo Victorian era with a twist of science fiction fantasy. If you are looking to make a mens Steampunk outfit for a event, Cosplay, everyday, wedding or in which ever way you see fit here are the top items of clothing to get you started.



No Steampunk gents look is complete without the waistcoat it is smart, sophisticated and stylish a staple of this fashions aesthetic. The most Steampunk waistcoat you can wear is a double breasted waistcoat with lapels and real front pockets  ( for that dapper pocket watch ) remember this when creating your costume.



Heavy duty boots the kind that could survive with you through a apocalypse have the fashions theme at heart. Stylish, functional and durable often with hard wearing materials according to the recognisable colour palette of browns and black. The boots complement the whole look trainers just wont do ask any knowledgeable fan.



You need some where to keep all those gadgets that have all their different purposes for a surviving gent. A long coat with lots of pockets is perfect somewhere for that pistol, compass and Steampunk pocket watch often long down to the knees with lapels, ornamental buttons and style that hints at Victorian.


Top hat  

To top it all off the top hat is a functionally pointless though completely essential piece of clothing. It distinguishes you as a true gent and most importantly can be tilted to the ladies. Adorn it to make it unique in the world with DIY goggles, jewellrey, feathers, cogs and gear, spikes even a red rose.



Steampunkers use their hands mainly to make things, tinker with or add to literally anything, and they need the best protection. A pair of gloves fingerless or not like the top hat can be made unique also with charming additions. Tough and durable the fashion demands materials designed to last and as a example gloves can even sport metal rivets instead of stitching to give you an idea.

Now you know the truth of men’s Steampunk clothing you can start your outfit the most enviable time of your journey into this fashion.

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