Top 5 Steampunk Women’s Accessories

Top 5 Steampunk Women’s Accessories


Steampunk fashion is an imaginative and fantasy-driven combination of Victorian era fashion with elements and materials inspired by the Industrial Revolution including some futurism.


Here are the top 5 women’s Steampunk accessories we think will finish of your look.


1 Satchel

They look great and are somewhere to keep your Steampunk bible, pocket watch or just your makeup. 





2 Pocket watch

The pocket watch is a versatile, memorable and historically accurate women’s Steampunk accessory for your look what about crafting a classic Steampunk pocket watch necklace. Buy from our shop.




3 Mini Top hat

The small mini top hat is classic women’s attire for a Steampunk event or wedding and whenever you want to get dressed up.




4 Jewelry

There is so much different jewelry out there elegant and repurposed from upcycled watch movements to lace chokers, even making your own completely unique in the world is popular a the way of life for a true hands on Steampunk maker.




5 Corset

A colorful Victorian corset can be the basis of a ladies entire Steampunk costume and is commonly the first accessory bought by a new starter.




Want your own Steampunk accessory we sell Steampunk pocket watches, the best on the market, come to our shop to buy.

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