Steampunk Wedding Guide – How to throw a Steampunk wedding

Steampunk Wedding Guide – How To Throw A Steampunk Wedding

⦁ What is a Steampunk Wedding?

It’s obvious that the Steampunk aesthetic is extremely fitting for a wedding. The whole spectrum of ornaments, clothes, wedding venues and even songs that you can choose that suit into the genre is simply outstanding. But, as we often mention, you have so many options that the decision-making process can get a bit overwhelming. And that’s the reason why we show you here a list of 50 wedding ideas to make the best out of the most wonderful night (or day!) of your life!
Here’s a beautiful wedding video for you to check out:

⦁ A list of 50 Steampunk wedding ideas to think about when planning your perfect day

⦁ Steampunk wedding dress

Complex, beautiful, aristocratic – wedding dresses can really show off your Steampunk look. It doesn’t even have to look like you are Cosplaying a character, if you prefer to just dwell into the surface of the genre. With a big crinoline and a mini-hat, your dress will look Steampunk enough, which will certainly make an impression. This decision is also very budget-friendly, if you prefer to afford just a few ornaments. Here there are other examples of a minimalist Steampunk look:

⦁ Steampunk wedding costume ideas:

If you or your partner go for a full-costume presentation in your wedding day, you will need some guidance to know how you two will look in special day together. Here we show you a few items for the future spouses to wear!
⦁ Male Steampunk costume:

Pocket watch
⦁ Top hat
⦁ Tux
⦁ Suit
⦁ Boots
⦁ Cane
⦁ Steampunk boutonniere

A link to our accessory list here for some ideas

⦁ Female:
A pocket watch necklace (Essential outfit for women)
⦁ Corset
⦁ Wedding veil
⦁ Steampunk wedding jewellery
⦁ Steampunk wedding dress patterns
⦁ Steampunk wedding colours pallet/ fabrics

A few extra links for you to check out![]=Steampunk%7Ctyped&term_meta[]=wedding%7Ctyped

⦁ A pocket watch for each of the groomsmen as a gift!

It is a Steampunk tradition to have a Steampunk pocket watch, as you surely know. Each groomsman could be holding a pocket watch and make a spectacular group pose together in your photograph. Just be original while posing! Buy one from our shop here

⦁ Grow a tash! And learn how to properly maintain it
If moustaches are your thing, you have to give it a go for your wedding day. A lot of gentlemen from past ages used to pull off a killer moustache, and so should you!

⦁ Steampunk wedding souvenirs

Wedding souvenirs are always entertaining. There are a lot of shops dedicated to this particular brand of business, but one thing for sure is that they should definitely match the vibe of your wedding. Here are some pictures of gorgeous souvenirs, and a few tutorials that teach you how to craft them!

Here you have some tutorials to check out:

⦁ Steampunk wedding hairstyles

The bride’s hair styling is of utmost importance. You will need to do a lot of extra research if you want your hair to do as Steampunk-ish as possible. Most of the style influence is generally Victorian; then you will have to accompany your haircut with a few extra accessories in order to get it done well. There are a few tutorials that could help you out in this one:

⦁ Steampunk tie patterns for your wedding suit

Ties are certainly an important part of the groom’s attire, whether it’s a regular tie or a bow tie. There are plenty of Steampunk patterns to choose from, and you can even commission a particular pattern to a fashion artist and get it done in order to look radiant in your suit!

⦁ Get your pocket watches engraved with your names.

A pocket watch is an integral part of a Steampunk wedding theme for men and women. It makes a wonderful gift for weddings and as a love promise for the future couple.

⦁ Get your wedding banner written in Steampunk calligraphy.
You can also Include a quote of your favourite movie or book!

Or, you can commission a graphic designer that would get you the perfect font for your banner.

⦁ Steampunk wedding monogram

Wedding monograms are lovely, and there are a lot of Steampunk fonts that you can choose to make it unique and gorgeous. Here are some pictures that you can use as inspiration:

⦁ Keep the wedding dress for a cosplay costume or next Halloween part.
The great thing is you can the wedding dress wear it again as a Steampunk costume and, therefore, explore more of the Steampunk world.

A dark enough dress can always be worn again in Halloween.

⦁ Take pictures of your wedding day and upload them to Pinterest

Who doesn’t love sharing in social media? And, if this is the best day of your life, your friends and family will love to see it. Nowadays, there’s no better way to keep that memory forever. Collages like the ones below are just one way to show the more relevant pictures of your wedding on one of the best photography sites of the Internet.

⦁ Make a Steampunk themed blog of your wedding

Making wedding blogs is a trend that has been around for a while now, and it definitely is not looking to stop. There are plenty of ways to make a stunning wedding site without having barely any knowledge on web design. We will drop a link below to show you a list of the most famous websites for you to try.

Steampunk poses for your wedding photographs
This one is a fun one, as it includes all your friends and family! Don’t be afraid to get creative: there are a lot of poses that will definitely favour your Steampunk look. And some of them are really fun to do as well!

⦁ Steampunk wedding traditions

The good thing about Steampunk is that it doesn’t interfere with other already well-known traditions. You can merge it with any tradition that you and your partner follow (whether it has cultural or religious roots) and it’s guaranteed that the style can match your traditions.

⦁ Steampunk wedding ceremonies

Steampunk weddings can be very flexible when it comes to ceremonies or venues. You can celebrate it outdoors, indoors, at a museum, at a park, etc. Here are some pictures to illustrate our point:

⦁ Steampunk wedding vows

Use a book quote, or simply get creative with self-made poetry. Whatever you like the most! Steampunk vows can be enjoyable to create. It is a very original touch to add. (have your favorite quote engraved on your pocket watch as shown above)

Or, if you would like an actual quote from Jules Verne:

⦁ Steampunk wedding songs

Steampunk has its own deal of music, and it explores genres that go from classical to rock and even industrial and dubstep. If you want to hire a few bands, you should check a group with a style similar to these:
Here you can find some:


⦁ Steampunk wedding venue locations

Your wedding venue determines the vibe of your day. Be sure to pick one that represents you! You can choose a place like a museum or a space centre and add a bit of your own decoration. You could transform a blank canvas into your wedding dream project or simply get married in a flower field as part of an outdoor wedding. If there’s a certain location that means a lot to you, you should also try that one as well.

-The Conservatory at Horniman Museum and Gardens (UK)

-Museum of Water & Steam (UK)

More venues to choose: )

⦁ Steampunk wedding bouquets. Ask your florist for cogs, gears and other Steampunk charms!
Steampunk crafters get very enthusiastic when it comes to wedding bouquets. You can add any ornaments that you would like to it, and it’s guaranteed that it will look beautiful. Sometimes you don’t even need to have real flowers!


⦁ Have a unique wedding ceremony with a Steampunk-dressed Celebrant
Surely you and your partner are not the only ones that want to get dressed-up in your Steampunk wedding. Try to find a celebrant that will accompany you in your looks! Most of them can be hired online.

Other Steampunk celebrants: (UK) (Australia)

⦁ Steampunk wedding gifts

If you are a guest, you should get in touch with the Steampunk world if you are going to attend a wedding with said theme. Here we will show you some lists of possible gifts to bring to your friends’ wedding. You probably have an idea of what’s going on with it already:

⦁ Steampunk entertainment – Alternative Wedding Entertainment!

A lot of street performers, singers, cosplayers, magicians and illusionists would be delighted to be part of a wedding. Many of them craft their own attires and know how to entertain their public. It is a great add-on to your wedding, as you are paying artists to be part of your big event, and helping them out as well.

You can check some ideas here:

⦁ Go DIY and call-in favours

DIY is a brilliant way to save money and still have a unique wedding. We often forget that so many things can be handmade! And that is exactly what Steampunk is all about – mad project creating. If you are confident of your skills, you should use them in your wedding! Here are some ideas that you can follow:

⦁ Hire a photographer that worked with Steampunk weddings


Contact details for you to get in touch: (First picture) (Second picture)

⦁ Steampunk honeymoon locations

The Royal Palms Sort Spa ( is one of the best locations to go to. Located in Arizona (US), you will be able to experience the air of the Wild West, which makes an extremely nice combination with your Steampunk wedding.

The Greys Court Hotel (UK) brings a more classical view on Steampunk ( It’s a beautiful resort that shows its visitors all the splendour of one of the most renown eras of English history.

⦁ Find a Steampunk wedding planner

There are many wedding planners’ sites that you can explore. Contact them and chat a bit about the Steampunk details of your big event. Be sure to check the reviews!

Some sites that you can click on:


There are also some options to check first, such as professionals working in freelance sites, like Fiverr:

Fiver freelancers 

⦁ Steampunk cake toppers cake – where to buy Steampunk themed cake toppers online?

One of the most gorgeous items of any wedding. The cake topper has to be a cute object that you and your partner love fondly. There are many Steampunk options for you to choose. And, if nothing convinces you, you can always craft one yourself!

You can buy more on Etsy, here:

⦁ Steampunk themed wedding cake – here there are some examples to show your baker!

Or, if you would like to make it yourself, here is a tutorial:

⦁ Steampunk wedding centerpiece pictures

⦁ Steampunk wedding candles

There are many candles and candlesticks that you can acquire for your Steampunk wedding. You only have to know where to look!

Etsy and Pinterest are also great places to look at:


⦁ Steampunk ceiling décor for your wedding

All your family and friends will gasp in awe if you get a sick Steampunk ceiling. A few sites address this particular type of ornament. Remember to check if the venue you booked for your wedding allows you to add it!

⦁ Industrial Vintage Bridal Car – Steampunk cars to rent!

Vintage and Steampunk go side-by-side. An old design typical of the 20th century or a sci-fi inspired car will go perfectly with your Steampunk wedding.

You can rent in sites like this:

⦁ Invite the ‘League of steam’
If you live near Southern California, there’s a good chance you will be able to contact the League of S.T.E.A.M. But who are they?

They are a well-known art group that entertains people in several events. You can contact them in their official website and hire them to attend to your wedding!

Official website:
Their Youtube channel: 

⦁ Steampunk love tattoos examples

We have already addressed tattoos in our previous articles. Today, we will show you some pictures of the wedding version of Steampunk tattoos!

A key and a lock. Typical of Steampunk, a beautiful matching tattoo to do with your partner. You can also add a pocket watch!

⦁ Steampunk Wedding suppliers are wonderful people. Find the ones that get you and your style!

You need to spend a considerable amount of time while choosing your suppliers. You will be working with them for quite a while, so you need to make sure that you are making the best of this work relationship. We will list a few sites below for you to consider. (UK) (Ireland) (US)

⦁ If you’re having something specific like a vegan wedding…

Find suppliers with the same values as yours. Wedding fairs are the perfect way to meet suppliers face to face and check if they also meet your requirements.

This article mentions a few catering options:

⦁ Steampunk makeup tutorial for weddings

We have already addressed some tutorials in other articles. This time, the make-up will be specifically for your wedding. Here you have a few for you to start:

⦁ Steampunk wedding invitations

Designing invitations is fun! Even if the process of making them is tiring, it will be all worth it if the calligraphy and colours are all where they should be. If you are brave enough, you can make the design yourself, or hire a graphic designer that specializes in wedding invitations to get it done for you.

They usually have this beautiful vintage look that everybody adores.
Instagram has a great set of images for you to check out:

⦁ Steampunk wedding wine glasses

Wine glasses are a great pick to show how sophisticated you are as a couple. There are many options and patterns to choose from, as well as colour combinations. Here you can see a few:

A skeleton steampunk goblet, perfect for a spooky wedding. 

Also, from Etsy. Perfect to engrave the initials of the loving couple. Here: 

⦁ Steampunk wedding rings

The real deal! It’s very important to choose the perfect wedding ring. It will be the symbol of your eternal love as a couple. And guess what? There are many wedding rings with a Steampunk look. Here we will show you a few pictures to inspire you in your choice.

More options in Pinterest and Etsy:

⦁ Outdoor Steampunk wedding ideas

There’s definitely no doubt that outdoor weddings have their own particular charm. You will be able to feel a sense the natural beauty of your surroundings during the best day of your life. And, unsurprisingly enough, it’s quite the feature between Steampunk weddings! You just have to pick what you and your partner think it’s the best scenario.

Sidra and Jonny getting married at a castle in the Steampunk way. 

⦁ Genres of Steampunk wedding for your wedding party and reception

There are a lot of subgenres that are usually mixed with the Steampunk look. Reality is, people oftentimes are very into more than one aesthetic. However, you don’t have to choose! Here are some examples of different looks mixed with Steampunk in lovely-looking weddings, brides and grooms.

Steampunk pirate wedding

Steampunk masquerade wedding


Nautical Steampunk wedding


Steampunk Halloween wedding

Steampunk Victorian wedding

Steampunk Viking wedding

Steampunk beach wedding

Steampunk Alice in wonderland


⦁ Steampunk wedding Guest Book

Guests books are beautiful – and you and your partner should try to find the perfect one for your wedding. Here we will show you some pictures for you to get inspiration!

⦁ Steampunk drinks and food – add a Steampunk touch!

Good taste in drinks and food speaks volumes about the quality of the wedding. And there’s definitely a way to present your wedding meals with a Steampunk look! You simply have to find what suits you the best.

More options and services to check here:

⦁ Steampunk cocktail napkins

Choosing a napkin pattern is always fun. There are plenty of models to choose from, and you will find many sources online to help you out. You can also commission one pattern designed by yourself, if none of the ones you find convince you!

More patterns here:[]=steampunk%7Ctyped&term_meta[]=paper%7Ctyped&term_meta[]=napkin%7Ctyped

⦁ Steampunk desserts for your wedding

Are you a fan of baking? There are definitely great ideas that you can consider if you want your sweet table to be as Steampunk as the rest of your wedding. There are millions of recipes on the Internet, and here we will list a few for you to quench your curiosity!

⦁ Steampunk wedding dress accessories

There are several pages that you can check out to pick up all the wedding accessories that you need for your dress. Here we will list up a few if you need more extra resources!

⦁ Steampunk wedding influencers, quotes and pictures

A lot of wedding influencers decided to dwell into Steampunk weddings. Kat Williams (featured the picture below) has been interviewed in this Travel Blog ( about her site and the way she explores alternative weddings.

Her site, Rock N’ Roll Bride ( features Steampunk weddings as a perfectly good style for alternative weddings.
Here are all the articles in which she refers to the Steampunk style:

⦁ Testimonials of previous weddings – Couples’ quotes

And that’s it! Hope you have enjoyed our article and that your wedding is as dreamy and Steampunk as possible!

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