Steampunk Gift Ideas: Birthday, Christmas and Anniversary Options

Steampunk Gift Ideas: Birthday, Christmas and Anniversary Options

The Steampunk genre offers amazing gifts for any event. Whether it’s a national holiday or a birthday party, many items that are classics of this aesthetic work perfectly as gifts. Here, we offer you a 50-item list of Steampunk Gift Ideas!

⦁ Beard trimming kit

Steampunk gentlemen oftentimes need a killer beard. And what’s better than a trimming kit? They come with a specific scissor, a comb, and natural oils with instructions that will teach your friend or SO how to make the best out of this amazing gift.

⦁ Steampunk Jewelry

Jewelry never fails. It doesn’t matter if it’s necklaces, rings, earrings, or bracelets, you will surely find something that will perfectly fit the person you are giving the gift to.

Steampunk pocket watch necklace (for women)

Pocket watches can be easily turned into necklaces. Simply add a chain to it! It doesn’t even have to be very expensive. If you can’t decide between a necklace and a pocket watch, you can just combine both options.

⦁ Pocket watch (for men)

Pocket watches are fundamental for any Steampunk fanatic. The models available show different colors, styles, and you can even engrave the back of it with your friend’s initials! In essence, it’s a very classy gift.

Find this pocket watch in our collection here! 

⦁ Steampunk Charms

Gears, cogs, keys and compasses play a big role in the Steampunk genre. If your loved one likes Cosplaying, they are definitively going to love a bag full of quirky charms.

⦁ Book literature / Steampunk “Musts” of literature

Get your friend a popular Steampunk novel. If they don’t have one, this is your best chance to start them on the genre. There are plenty of websites that you can use to buy these books, such as
Some authors that you can check:
⦁ Jules Verne
⦁ H.G. Wells
⦁ Mary Shelley
⦁ Edward S. Ellis
⦁ Mervyn Peake

⦁ Steampunk Art

Steampunk exists as its own art; if your friend likes artistic pieces, you should check digital illustrators and purchase physical copies of their work as a gift!
We also recommend a website called Displate, a very creative and eco-friendly company that sells gorgeous art on metal canvases.


⦁ Steampunk journal

This is a magnificent gift for writers. These gorgeous items and they exist in several shapes and forms. Obviously, the Steampunk genre has its own input. If you have a writer friend, surprise them with one of these beautiful notebooks! 

⦁ Get a Fancy Steampunk suit

If your friends or SO don’t want to treat themselves, you should give them the treat yourself! Buy a fancy attire for their next convention or Steampunk event according to their favorite colour palette, and bring them a very elegant gift!

⦁ Small ornaments (Cufflinks)

Cuff links are a beautiful add-on for a suit. If your friend is a fan of suits, consider this classy idea and combine it with a Steampunk touch!

y themselves. Bring them to a community event and show off your best looks!
⦁ Watch a Steampunk film together/ film marathon

There are many movies that can be considered part of the Steampunk genre. Maybe you can buy your friend a digital copy or enjoy a marathon with them on a Streaming platform of your choice. Here are some suggestions:
⦁ Mortal Engines
⦁ Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children
⦁ Hugo
⦁ Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters
⦁ The Golden Compass
⦁ Sucker Punch
⦁ Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows

⦁ Steampunk sets for whiskey and other beverages

Whiskey sets are a fancy gift. There are many designs to choose from and many people on the Internet craft pretty interesting designs. You should check on sites like Etsy, or decorate a set yourself after looking at some ideas in Pinterest.

⦁ Steampunk console games

Does your friend enjoy video games? Great! There are many options that have a heavy Steampunk vibe. If you get them a Steam or console copy of a Steampunk game, they are going to be very grateful. Here are some ideas:

⦁ Dishonored
⦁ Rise of Nations: Rise of Legends
⦁ Alice: Madness Returns
⦁ Machinarium
⦁ Final Fantasy VI
⦁ Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura
⦁ Bioshock: Infinite
⦁ Thief Series

⦁ Steampunk clothes for pets

Let their fur babies enjoy Steampunk! There are many items for dogs and cats, and you should choose those would make your friend’s pet look the cutest.

⦁ Steampunk DIY décor – Make the gift yourself!

DIY and Steampunk go side by side! Sometimes the best gift is the one you make yourself. And, house decor is something that always comes off as handy. Check the tutorial videos linked above and start crafting some new ornaments!

⦁ Add Steampunk charms to their belongings (Ask for permission!)

If you are unsure about what design to buy, what if you make your own Steampunk design? You can ask your friend’s permission to grab one of their hats, for example, and then give it your own Steampunk look. Get some charms, like those we mentioned before, and start creating!
Make your own Steampunk hat here.

⦁ Tailor their clothes – Steampunk style

Maybe your friend has some clothes hanging around that could be tailored to look more Steampunk. You can show them some ideas, take them to your local tailor, and then pay for the new attire there are going to be getting!
⦁ Throw a Steampunk party

Maybe you want to surprise many friends at the same time. If you like to throw parties, you can get some Steampunk ideas and tune up your house. It is definitely an original gift that everybody will remember, so, if you are considering it, don’t hesitate!

⦁ Get a voucher for Steampunk items (on Etsy)

Sometimes the simplest things can make the greatest gifts. A voucher is a very handy gift, and your friend will surely appreciate it! Nothing like a discount on some crafting sites whose items can get a little bit pricey.

⦁ Get a voucher for a Steampunk tattoo

We have already discussed Steampunk tattoos, and you know that they are absolutely gorgeous. If you know someone that enjoys getting tattoos, you should absolutely consider this gift. There are many voucher websites for tattoos, you only have to find the deal you like the most!

⦁ House ornaments

House ornaments are a classic. Who doesn’t need them, after all? And the Steampunk genre has plenty of items, such as carpets, curtains, magnets, mirrors, almost anything you can think of. Make your friends’ house look classy!

⦁ Collectible Steampunk sets (Pocket watches, coins)

Are you planning to gift something to a collector? Then we can show you the best solution for that. Whether it’s a coin set or a pocket watch set, there are a lot of Steampunk collections of items that you can choose to make an impressive gesture.

⦁ Steampunk Hats and Mini-hats

If you can’t afford an attire or you don’t have time to craft a hat, you can always buy one! Even mini-hats are a fantastic choice for a Steampunk look. There are many fashion stores that sell them, so you just need to find the one that your friend would like the most.

⦁ Get a Steampunk cake done

Cogs and gears, old pipes, screws – all these work as toppings for your Steampunk cake. If you like to bake, you can surprise your friends with a stunning Steampunk cake!
Make a Steampunk Octopus Cake Tutorial: 

⦁ Steampunk Clocks for your house

Your grandparents would love a wall clock. Clockwork has always been an essential part of Steampunk, so why not get them a useful item with this aesthetic look?

⦁ Steamy Steampunk – Roleplay ideas in the bedroom

We always talk about Steampunk attires, though some of them are more dedicated for an intimate use, if you get where we are going. If your SO is a Steampunk fan, you can always surprise them with a ‘Steamier’ attire. Corsets, high-tall boots, leather gloves – those are just a few options of what you can get.

⦁ Board games

There’s a niche dedicated to board game fanatics, and some of these games honor the Steampunk vibe. If you know a hobbyist of this sort, this is the coolest gift you can get them.

⦁ Steampunk Cigarettes (e-cigarette and cigarette case)

A glorious add-on for a cosplay. Cigarette cases can be worn on belts, and stylized cigarette holders can absolutely join the Steampunk aesthetic. A lot of them can be crafted under commission: check on Etsy and Pinterest and see what option you like the most!

⦁ Steampunk pens

Useful for collectors and writers, ink pens are a lovely gift. They tend to be of extremely high-quality, though there are many budget-friendly options too. If you have the chance buy one, please go ahead!

⦁ Steampunk lamps

Steampunk lamps make a very trendy and original gift. It’s an amazing accessory for your friend’s night table. Don’t lose your opportunity and get one!

⦁ Steampunk Make-up

Make-up wearers usually love the Steampunk look. The Machinist collection is one of the best ones of the aesthetic. Check out your local store or buy it online before it gets out of stock!

⦁ Steampunk Mirror

If your friend has a boring wall mirror, you can add a Steampunk frame to it and make it look eccentric and fanciful. It may take a little bit of time, but with some charms and paint you can make this ordinary item look like it was brought from a Sci-Fi set.

⦁ Steampunk bonbons

Aren’t bonbons a super romantic gift? Well, you can bring a Steampunk vibe to your desserts as an amazing gift! Browse the Internet for some baking tutorials and find a design you like, whether it’s hats, gears, keys, etc.

⦁ Steampunk Keys

We mentioned keys as charms before, but they can also be a collector’s item. Many blacksmith experts, artisans and pocket watch makers know how to create these. Buy a few and help your friend start their collection!

⦁ Steampunk comics

Does your friend like reading comic books? Well, Steampunk comic books are a thing. Lady Mechanika, for instance, is one of the most popular ones. Help a loved one increase their comic book collection with this amazing gift!

⦁ Steampunk leather apron

Whether it’s for cosplay, for cooking, or for any blacksmith activity, you can gift a leather apron to any of your friends. There are many fashion crafter’s on the Internet that make them, you just have to take a look!

⦁ Steampunk cloak


Is your friend into the Goth aesthetic? You can bring them a bit of a Steampunk vibe too. Cloaks work for both sides, and you can absolutely add a black cloak that offers a bit of an aristocratic look.

⦁ Steampunk mask (Get them ready for their next masquerade!)

Is your loved one planning to assist or host a masquerade at some point in the future? Buy them a Steampunk mask! It’s one of the most iconic symbols of the aesthetic, and will surely be appreciated.

You made it! This is the end of the article. Hope that you have enjoyed our blog and that it helped you to get a bit of Steampunk inspiration for your gifts!

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