Top 100 Steampunk Accessories

Top 100 Steampunk Accessories For Women And Men Outfits – Choose Just One To Complete Your Costume!

This is the definitive list of Steampunk accessories! You will find plenty of information here about a whole myriad of options for your costume, including very easy-to-follow tutorials. And, if you get it to the very end, you will see that we included a few extra tips for your character outfit at Steampunk events.

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⦁ Armor

The use of armor is not restricted to medieval fantasy. If you are not convinced with a suit made out of an elegant fabric, you can start assembling your armor parts together and bring the ferocious guard that lives within you. You’d definitely stand out in any Steampunk event, especially if you armor is heavy and you would be a little safer in a duel if one was to kick off.


.Arm Garters


⦁ Belts

What can be said that hasn’t been said before about belts? They are so flexible and made to fit whatever you are wearing at any occasion. For your Steampunk costume, you should simply check around your home – almost anything could work. You can also then glue some extra details, such as corks, coins or chains, to make it look more Steampunk-ish.

 .Belt Buckle 

⦁ Belt bag

Belt bags are essentially belts, but they come with the advantage of having a place where you can save personal objects or cosplay accessories. If you are roleplaying as a scientist, for instance, you should absolutely add a quill pen or a small notebook. Of course, you can also add your magnificent pocket-watch as well.

⦁ Belt lantern

Lanterns can be held on your hand or in your belt, if they are small enough. If you buy a lantern, try to hang it on your belt and you will immediately notice how cool you look with it. They are a very more than decent accessorial object to your costume.

.Belt potion holder and potions 

⦁ Brass bracelet cuff watch

Cuff watches are not for everyone, but they are certainly a nice alternative to both modern watches and pocket watches, if that’s not your cup of tea. The brass texture absolutely hits it off with any Steampunk attire, so you should absolutely give it a try!


It is good having your chosen ammunition close to hand it shows you are ready for action something that may deter a foe just at sight and it is great if you ever get into a duel that escalates into a full out gun fight.

⦁ Bustle

As the successor of crinolines, bustles are here to help you keep the shape of your dress skirt intact, which otherwise wouldn’t happen if you wear it frequently. The come in a wide variety of colors, shapes and styles, and you can commission one that fits your exact needs!

⦁ Book holsters

If you are a fan of Dungeons and Dragons, you surely know what a book holster is. Essentially, it is a bag shaped with the silhouette of a book, specifically made to fit a single, big book. A great choice for the Steampunk geniuses out there.

.Business card holder 

⦁ Canes

Made for distinguished guests, canes come directly from the Victorian side of the community. You can have one made with any design you want on the top. Even if it’s a tad more expensive than a regular cane, it’s definitely worth it.


⦁ Choker

Chokers can be seen in everyday life or in several aesthetics (goth, cyberpunk, etc.) but we bet you that there’s no better way to spice up this type of accessory than giving it a Steampunk look. There are several ways to craft chokers, and in Pinterest you will find a lot of inspiration to make your own.

.Cigarette Holder 

⦁ Cincher

Worn with the goal of making your waist look smaller, this is a must of the full aristocratic look. Whether you prefer dresses or suits, this accessory is essential. You can find a lot of them here. As you may know, these have to be worn with a tight fit. Be sure to find a proper tutorial to learn how to wear it safely!

.Contact lenses 

⦁ Corset belt

Corset belts are very similar to cinchers, especially in size, although they can be more ornamented. These are also a frequent must for cosplayers. The inherent beauty of the Victorian era made them very popular among crafters. And, if you want to incorporate them in your Steampunk outfit, you should commission one here right away!

⦁ Corset womens

While Corset belts and cinchers work exclusively on the low part of your abdomen, corsets properly cover your full torso. They work not only your waist, but also your chest area. They are tricky to wear, but if you learn how to pull it off, you will find yourself surrounded by compliments.

.Corset mens

⦁ Compass

Compass look certainly really cool, specially for those geology fanatics. They are the strange but sophisticated cousins of pocket-watches. Even typically antique compasses look truly Steampunk, without a lot of extra work having to be put into them. Don’t miss the chance of getting one!


.Cuff womens

 .Duster Coats

The duster coat makes for a great addition to a variety of Steampunk looks, adding both style and additional layering. Create mystery and intrigue by wearing a long coat great for outdoors events to keep a gentlemen cozy and to hide that huge gun.


⦁ Eye patch

If you want to look mysterious and obscure, please consider buying an eye patch. They work perfectly for any Steampunk look, and once you get used to them, you will never want to take them off.

.Facial hair – mustache 

⦁ Fan

Another ageless item of many styles. Fans were made from exotic materials and could look extremely ornamented, which makes them perfect for your Steampunk outfit. You will be able to pick light ones (without corks and gears, for example) or very heavy ones (with ink, jewels, and such).

⦁ Fascinator

Fascinators are wonderful hair ornaments. They can be as big as the size of your palm or as small as a couple of earrings. They are a great alternative to the mini-hats (which we will also cover) and can draw everyone’s attention to your stunning hairstyle.

  ⦁ Feather hair extensions

Don’t fancy a brooch? You can use feathers as hair extensions. They can look as big as you’d like, without restrictions, and you can tie them to your hair in any way you want. These beautiful items will still work wonderfully with your costume.

.Finger cuff`s

A finger cuff is beautiful and elegant exsensuating the hand but packs a sting that is dangerous enough to kill a unsuspecting victim without knowing it till the last second when put to the victims neck. It maybe for show but has exactiong fuctionality also. Powerful, dangerous but elegant and beautiful.

 .Flash drive 

. Steampunk Leather Garter 

⦁ Gauntlet Wristband

One of the coolest accessories that you can buy of craft. These wristbands are extremely comfortable: you can have them on yourself all the time. Most of them show off a brown-colored palette and tend to be very ornamented. This can include several leather straps, clockwork, gears, etc.


 ⦁ Goggles

Goggles are a typical Steampunk accessory and one of the most popular that everybody knows of so we have included all the different styles. As many other accessories, you have to pick the one that better fits your aesthetic. Here you have a list of the 10 main types of Steampunk goggles available on the market, accompanied by pictures of some of them:
⦁ Welding Steampunk goggles.
⦁ Safety Steampunk goggles.
⦁ Motorcycle Steampunk goggles.
⦁ Steampunk goggles with a hat.
⦁ Flip-up Steampunk goggles.
⦁ One-lens Steampunk goggles
⦁ Steampunk goggles with additional details.
⦁ Gas mask or mask with Steampunk goggles.
⦁ Aviator goggles

Motorcycle Steampunk goggles, for the motorcycle hobbyists.

Lab safety Steampunk goggles, for those who are fans of alchemy and science.

Aviator goggles, the most typical Steampunk goggles and the ones that one can be more associated with the movement.


⦁ Guns/Weapons

Those that are knowledgeable about war history would definitely drool if they saw their favorite type of weapon being converted into its Steampunk version. Truth is, they are difficult to craft, but if you are feeling brave, you can learn how to do it right here!

. Hand bag 

⦁ Hair bows

A lovely, delicate accessories that goes beautifully with dresses. Oftentimes, they are made of very elegant fabrics, and they rely on the most Victorian part of the Steampunk aesthetic

⦁ Hair comb

Brought to Victorian ladies as exotic gifts, combs are very difficult to wear (they require a lot of work!) but it’s certainly very gratifying if you can pull it off. They are gorgeous collector items, too, and the Steampunk aesthetic fits quite well with them.

⦁ Hair styles

A killer hair style is something that your Steampunk character definitely needs. It doesn’t have to be too complicated: with a few twists, your hair can make you look like a well-behaved aristocrat. We’ll show you a few pictures below so you can see a few examples of it, and we will also provide you with some very useful tutorials!

A video tutorial of a Steampunk hairstyle:

Steampunk hairstyle made by Marina Purple. Inspired by aristocratic wigs and accompanied with great face paint and make up.

Another video tutorial of a Steampunk hairstyle:

Steampunk hairstyle made by Laura LP, accompanied with shaved hair sections and a high-ponytail.

.High collars

High on your agenda is high collars and you can make this look with any modern collar by folding it upwards and pinning together in the middle with a Victorian-style brooch see Steampunk jewelry.

 .Hidden wrist gun

.Hip flask

.I phone cover

In more modern times the Steam punker needs to decorate there futuristic gadgets in the aesthetic because nothing is as good as steam, cogs and gears no matter how useful it is and we need reminding of that.


.Jet pack

The owning of a jet pack is definitely a sign of competence as a jet pack is something not easily come by or made. Just finding the pieces and making one ( including custom smoke ) is the sign of a very knowledgeable, resourceful and persistent Steampunk gent/lady. The effort pays of you will be the center of attention if you succeed the envy of all those other gents who will tilt their top hat your way!

.Keys to chambers

.Lace Slave Bracelet and Wristband

⦁ Leather harnesses

Harnesses will always be a plus to any costume. Even if they look uncomfortable to wear, they are actually not! You just have to find the perfect fit for you. And, like you can see in the picture, they tend to include metallic and golden details on their buckles.

.Leather/Metal Bracers

Holding it all together are braces these were created before the time of belts for the same purpose to hold up the trousers and intimidate the enemies.

⦁ Leather satchels

You shouldn’t think much about where should you wear one of these, because the answer is anywhere! Fine Steampunk leather satchels are fantastic for college, cosplay, office work, whatever you want. Just acquire one and make sure that the design fits you!



Plague doctor mask

Everyone loves masks. They are beautifully designed, gorgeous, mysterious, perfect for ballrooms – they have everything. And the Steampunk aesthetic made sure to include them on its list of musts. They can look very Victorian or lean towards the scarier, futuristic side. Masks are fantastic choices if you are planning to attend any Steampunk event. Here, we will show you pictures of these three examples:

.Masquerade masks

⦁ Half masks

⦁ Welding helmets

⦁ Gas masks


Medallions are sign of trust and bravery they act as record of service, courage, or a memory of fallen brothers. Crosses and Steampunk stars are perfect for showing personal achievements.

.Money pouch 

⦁ Monocles

Being the main alternative to opera glasses, monocles usually look very minimalistic. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t spice things up, like it can be seen in the picture – if you add a Steampunk touch to them.

⦁ Nails

Doing your nails requires time and patience. But the results are usually amazing and having beautiful manicure can quite make your day. You have a lot of varieties to choose from, and you can also buy the sticker templates if you are not very sure about working with very small details.

⦁ Neckerchiefs

Neckerchiefs are a modern option to your Steampunk outfit, and they look quite well with it. Of course, you can also opt for the typical Victorian neckerchief, but, in reality, any of those options match the Steampunk standards.


⦁ Opera Glasses

Bravo! If you got to acquire these, you are in the right way. Even if expensive, opera glasses are beautifully crafted, and they are the ultimate touch for your Steampunk costume. They can be added to your outfit whether you are going for an elegant Victorian stance or a more mechanical approach.


 .Retro camera 

.Robot arm

Why have two normal arms when you can have one robotic arm. In the steampunk world industrial interaction is a daily occurence and a robotic arm is used for welding, carrying, breaking, lifting and multiple industrial applications, welding, material handling, thermal spraying, painting and drilling the list goes on. A robotic arm is handy to have.

⦁ Scarf (Lace)

Lace scarves are a favorite of Steampunk cosplayers. They are so genuinely elegant and soft, and you can add it to any outfit. You don’t really need a dress to be wearing one. And you can also use it as a hair accessory, believe it or not! See how in this article right here.


 ⦁ Shoes Stiletto Heels

Ah, don’t we all yearn for wearing stiletto shoes? This type of shoe wear is almost as tricky to wear as a corset, and you will have to properly train yourself before you decide to walk with them. The designs, though – they are crazily creative. If you are curious about the making process, you can check this video right here and get an idea of how to make this marvelous piece of fashion.

.Brass spanner or wrench 

Something as simple as a wrench or spanner is a important tool, with all that big industrial hardware all over the place whether that be locomotive or air balloon ship things are always going wrong. Having the most universally useful sturdy tool at hand is a good idea in the Steampunk world.


.Spinal Heels


If elegance could be bought spinal heels would be top of your list. Elevate your self above it all and the rowdy rif raf with your head in the steam I mean clouds nearly. What does spinal heel mean? They are heeled women’s shoes featuring a spinal cord instead of the standard block, stiletto or cone heel.

⦁ Spats

Starting off strong, spats look beautiful with any outfit that you can think of. Shoemakers get specifically creative with these, and the colors that they go for in the Steampunk aesthetic are gorgeous. Greys, Bordeaux and black spats are amazing recommendations to pick up.

 .Steampunk Bible

Put this in your satchel belt bag for those times at an event when those questions about steampunk come up. It is a source of knowledge for all things in the genre.

 ⦁ Steampunk Clockwork Cufflinks

For those elegant suit wearers, cufflinks are such a small but significant add-on to your suit that it will absolutely make you stand out. These apparently tiny details are of very good taste, and, of course – there’s a Steampunk version of them.

⦁ Steampunk makeup

Make up is fantastic, isn’t it? It helps you discover your creative skills, and there’s a world full of products waiting to be tried. In the Steampunk community, make up skills are highly praised. Here we’ll offer you two videos to see an example of how it works:

By KlairedelysArt.

It makes a great focus on the eyes and combines it perfectly with beautiful earrings.

Made by MarinaPurple. It teaches you how to draw amazing cork and gears over the skin, alongside the silhouette of a clock!

Gothic Eye Decals, another example of the use of goth make up as part of the Steampunk culture.

 ⦁ Steampunk dog accessories – Steampunk your dog’s outfit!

You surely were not going to leave your best buddy out of the game, right? You will find many dog accessories with the Steampunk touch that your dog will definitely love. Of course, always make sure that they are comfortable with them.

 ⦁ Steampunk Gloves

Winter gloves, dressing gloves, hunter gloves…they are all amazing options for your Steampunk costume. And, as most Steampunk characters tend to share fashion choices with Victorian aristocracy, you should really be considering at least having one pair with you.

⦁ Steampunk hairbands

If you are not a fan of mini-hats or combs, hairbands are a more modern option. You can add up as many ornaments and details as you want, and they will still look very pretty with your dress or suit.

⦁ Steampunk messenger-bags/satchels

Not exclusive to a Steampunk persona, these bags look fantastic with whatever you are wearing at the moment. The design behind them is outstanding, and there’s much thought put into making them look as three-dimensional as possible. If you see one, you should definitely get it.

 ⦁ Steampunk Jewelry

A Steampunk necklace made out of a thick chain and gears.

While a lot of people hesitate when it comes to jewelry, as it can be quite expensive, we strongly suggest you giving it a chance. Here we will show you a list of Steampunk jewelry for your outfit, alongside a few photographs to show its inherent beauty.
⦁ Bracelet

⦁ Earrings

⦁ Key necklace

⦁ Rings

⦁ Brooche, an elegant add-on for those that wear Steampunk dresses.

 ⦁ Steampunk mini top hats for women

If you are looking for something that is both classy and adorable, you found your answer here. Steampunk mini hats are extremely trendy in the cosplay community – just look at that picture. How can you say no to someone wearing that? You can add any sort of ornament to it, too, like pendants, little feathers or coins. It is guaranteed that you will look fantastic.

⦁ Steampunk motor cycle

The Steampunk movement is very fond of upgraded vehicles (airships, zeppelins, etc.) and individual vehicles such as motorcycles are no exception. If you consider yourself an enthusiast of this very particular hobby, please go ahead and give your motorcycle a full Steampunk make over.

.Sonic wand

The functions of a sonic screwdriver are based on its power over sound waves, radiation, wavelengths, frequencies, signals, and electro-magnetism. It is shown to hack, disable, activate, and otherwise control technology from almost everything, allowing it to remotely control almost any machinery, mechanisms and computers it is applied to, allowing it to open locks, detonate explosives, remotely activate electronics, override most systems, activate computers, and cause some energy weapons to burst into flames or sparks.

.Steampunk wings

If you want to soar through the sky looking down on all that industrial magnificence getting perspectives others cannot you need some steampunk wings. There is no where you cant be and where ever you go you will look beautifully magical and elegant.

. Suspenders 

⦁ Sunglasses.

Sunglasses can be Steampunk, too! Just add a few twists and ornaments and you will easily incorporate them. Don’t worry about looking too normal with them, your costume will automatically look cooler if you just spend a little bit more of money on tuning up your new pair.

.Tall Riding Boots

  •  Knee high Steampunk boots are military and Victorian era style combined together especially metal and brass complement turn it very much Steampunk. Men’s boots usually come in a combat boot style and can be adorned with steel toes, zippers, and gear buckles.

  • Military hat 
  • .Top hats
  •  Steampunk gents like to tilt their hat to the Steampunk ladies and a top hat is the classic show piece to shout class. Add cogs and charms to the hat to make it unique and signature.

  • ⦁ Parasol

  • Coming with its obvious French influence, parasols are an amazing choice, whether you are wearing a dress or not. Aristocrats usually frequented these objects, and they are very easy to carry anywhere. When in doubt, definitely buy the parasol.

    .Pin Stripes

    Getting straight to the point, pin stripes are a popular Steampunk fashion trend showing up more and more in genre costumes.

  • Pipe 
  • Pocket watch pouch
  • ⦁ Tattoos

  • Aren’t tattoos great? Mostly everyone has at least a small tattoo on themselves nowadays. Truth is, tattoos can be great pieces of illustration, and that dedication to detail is something that certainly draws the attention of Steampunk fanatics.
  • Tea cup holster and tea cup
  • .Tool box bag for men
  • ⦁ Waist Coat / VestIf you prefer wearing suits, don’t worry! Waistcoats are here to save you. They help you straighten your spine, make your waist look smaller, and, on top of that, they make you look absolutely gorgeous. They have the most beautiful patterns, and you should definitely dedicate some of your outfit budget to it.
  • .Watch movement cufflinks & jewellrey 
  • A Steampunk ring, painted to look like it’s very heavy.
  • .Watch movement button waistcoat 
  • ⦁ Wig
  • Wigs are not exclusive of Renaissance fairs. Most Steampunk outfits have different types of wigs that can be used. If you are more of a classical Steampunk fan, you should get the wigs that try to imitate the French Belle Époque. However, if you are more adventurous, you can get one like in the picture above, which includes a design that comes directly from the Cyberpunk aesthetic.
  • .Wrist cuff  .Steampunk wrist cuff watch
  • ⦁ Steampunk wrist watchWrist watches are always elegant. You can add them to any costume you want, too – but the amazing part of it is that it’s not limited to cosplaying. You can use these watches in your everyday life, and even for business meetings. Granted, you will look fantastic.
  • .Very Steampunk wrist watch`s
  •  ⦁ Zippo lighterLighters are truly one of the most popular collector items, and the Steampunk brush can definitely be used on them as well. Just like in the picture, you can have a very well-polished design, either commissioned of crafted by yourself.

    And, just to throw in some extra pointers and must-knows to help you define your character, you can also check:

    ⦁ Steampunk poses and stances

    .Things to say when wearing your costume, ice breakers at events

  • ⦁ Steampunk quotesExplore more of them in Pinterest, ⦁ here.“Steampunk is an eclectic world of cogs and rivets. It is airships, goggles and steam. It is romance. It is traveling on clouds and diving beneath rugged waves. It is adventure”
    -Aether Emporium

    “Steampunk is what happens when goths discover brown”
    -Cherie Priest

    “Most of us have gears we never use”
    -Kiraten Hyde.

    You can explore more Steampunk-related quotes in Good reads, here.

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