Steampunk Jewelry Pieces For Men

What is Steampunk Jewelry for men ?

Steampunk jewelry for men is mainly based around the Victorian era and  references the beautiful industrial revolution and technological advances of that time among other things. Often the jewelry would look right on a Victorian gentlemen but with more flare, creativity and uniqueness.



You will find cogs and gears are plentiful referring to the beautiful locomotive also watch parts are a nod to the invention of the pocket watch and  the octopus is a popular motif tilting the hat to 20000 leagues under the sea one of the most well known Steampunk novels ever printed. 

Common features are being bold, rustic, sturdy as well as functional and purposeful such as the compass whilst including equally mystic designs like the owl or dragonfly. This naturally compliments leather, metal, wood and colors like brown and gold.

Your own handmade jewelry is seen as a tribute to the skillful hands of the innovative industrial Neo Victorian workers, knowing how to use your own two hands is something a Steampunk gent is proud of.

These pieces of jewelry will work well as a subtle accessory to your day to day look for example a plain suit or some as a statement piece for your gentlemen cosplay outfit. Lets begin;


Steampunk pocket watch

 The pocket watch was cutting edge technological in the Victorian times and is a Steampunk gent’s tribute to that amazing era. Buy yours here from our expertly chosen collection.





Watch parts cufflinks

The beautiful watch cogs and gears represent the neo Victorian charm of technological and industrial advancement suspended forever in time within the resin to admire till judgement day.  



 Steampunk wrist watch 

Steampunk watches are very practical though hardy in their design often mounted on a thick leather bracelet. In tribute to the fashion they will have a skeleton watch face that shows the inner workings of the watches cogs and gears ticking and also be mechanical meaning they can be wound by the owner instead of having a conventional battery. Of course that is optional depending on how loyal you wish to be to Steampunk lore.




 Watch movement cufflinks





 Watch movement cuff links are made as the name suggests of watch movements these can be found within the ticking watch on your very own wrist though commonly not exposed outside the Steampunk fashion. They represent the beauty of moving cogs and gears a feature of the amazing Victorian industrial era and admired for that reason.   







 The Steampunk military medal is a military decoration awarded for bravery in battle or service, given to a hero it is a symbol of courage and begs to be asked ‘what is your story’. 




A mans Steampunk bracelet will commonly be big and durable hinting at industry with recognizable motifs like cogs, gears or octopus and made from leather or having parts of bronze.  




 Often thicker chains than thin featuring Victorian flare and watch movements are common. 

Tie Clip

 Why go without a tie clip? it is time to say what you love using what ever Steampunk motifs you wish and go wonderfully with cufflinks. Get one you need the other.




 Steampunk Ring


 Steampunk rings are more sturdy than delicate bronze preferbly and lots of metal, motifs are common or watch movements. 


Belt hanger with various jewelry 

This handy leather belt hanger is a main stay accessory of the Steampunk aesthetic because of it importance in a Dystopian future. The hanger holds all your Steampunk accessories close to hand and often what you hang tells of your character. Great for carrying apothecary supplies, spell ingredients or your favorite drink!  It offers the opportunity to hang you jewelry statements for admiration. Below we show some of the most popular jewelry you can hang from the belt.


Steampunk potion 

 The true alchemist can never be far from his favorite potion it could save the day. 



 Pocket watch

It is practical to have your pocket watch to hand on a adventure, time can move fast when you are having fun. 


Steampunk keys 

 The keys to the castle literally, these are the key to a aesthetically pleasing Steampunk outfit.





Protection in a Dystopian land should be fore front of the mind, bullets show a gents resolve and readiness.

 Coin pouch 

Many things to be haggled over at a the Egyptian flea market, deals to be made hands to be shaken, coin should be quick to hand. 


Men’s earring studs


 Like the cufflinks earrings are a chance to express your passion, these studs capture the essence of Steampunk in resin the beautiful cogs and gears.


  To many Steampunk fans goggles are a tradition not a option, many fictional characters within novel and film wear them as they are one of the most popular accessories out there. They work great with a Cosplay outfit and you can even make them yourself plenty of how to videos on youtube. 



 At one time the petrol lighter was pretty cutting edge like in the Victorian times, light a cigar a favorite gents past time, startup the jet pack or just use it to start the camp fire. A zippo lighter has some spare space to customize so go wild add those cogs, gears, bronze and octupus. 


 Business card holder 

  Have something going on? and want people to notice your business, they will not forget you with this custom steampunk business card holder a fun project for in your spare time. 



 The dystopian Steampunk world is vast with never ending horizons and uninhabitable deserts surrounding overgrowing forests. The compass is essential, never be lost again or in your heart with a lovely compass necklace.

Cigarette holder 


This is a play on the very plain Victorian cigarette holder much like the lighter and business card holder it is a chance to customize and add your favorite motifs just Steampunk it!


Flash drive 


 For those looking to ‘Steampunk something’ a little more modern and contemporary for the every day the flash drive is the perfect opportunity. 

Contact lenses 


 All parts of the body can be customized with jewelry to enhance the Steampunk aesthetic and the eye balls are no exception, there is a wide variety of Steampunk themed contact lenses to be seen. 



The brooch is a statement piece and the chance to say something relevant to the Steampunk  fashion.

 Cravat pin 


 Like the brooch the cravat pin is a statement piece that you can really go to town on and make really beautiful featuring interlinking motifs like pocket watches, wings, compass, bronze etc. 

Mobile cover 


 Another contemporary item that has a lot of space to let the imagination run wild is the mobile phone case. 

Eye patch 

 The eye patch when you would prefer the opportunity to look more ruthlessly and uncompromisingly Steampunk, who needs two eyes when you can look like the number one bad ass!

 Half masks


 Steampunk is theatrics and when it comes to masks less is more, in this half mask your not trying to hide but be seen, admired and understood. 

Top hat with various charms and pins  



 The top hat is another accessory that comes with the opportunity to make it your own and add lots of jewelry. You will find that those dedicated fans do not buy a top hat and leave it at that they add charms and motifs to it over the years including goggles, pins, brooch’s, badges, feathers, bullets even a pocket watch .


Hip flask


 Like a tipple? why wait. Whiskey tastes better when it is kept in a hip flask with a octopus on it.

Bronze spanner or wrench 


 This is our most basic, cheapest piece of jewelry though with the most Steampunk character that you could find in any humble garage. No need for expensive diamonds and gems actually rust and wear and tear is perfect, a wrench or spanner is so Steampunk and will do the job for your look. 





 What is a Octiplif I hear you say? it is basically coined in Steampunk to mean anything with the addition of a octopus like in the picture shown. Add it to a hat, shoulder, leg, arm, gun, jet pack and you have a octiplif. 


Robot arm 



 This is a big piece of jewelry and yes would cost you an arm and a leg but is a popular choice for those gents who like to show off and take the look more than to far.




Make up although not jewelry is worth a mention as it is very close to jewelry in the Steampunk fashion. Find cogs, gears and nuts and bolts and glue them to your face or body with gold and brown paint just like how you customize jewelry mentioned earlier.


Don’t forget after reading this list you can steampunk almost anything you love including jewelry, clothing even your pet. For example adding steampunk charms or motifs to make it part of the fashion check out our  ‘How to Steampunk something’ guide to know how here. 

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