Best Steampunk Cufflinks

Best Steampunk Cufflinks


What are Steampunk cufflinks?

Steampunk cufflinks are a popular accessory used to hold together the sleeves of a shirt instead of buttons (that is boring).They are made with Steampunk as a preference so they show the popular motifs including octupus, cogs and gears, robots and more shown below.

The Victorians in that era from where Steampunk originates and takes inspiration enjoyed detachable starched collars, stiff shirt bib fronts, and starched cuffs. To handle these fashion items correctly and stylishly they needed small metal studs to clasp the sleeves neatly in place those being the conception of cufflinks .

Looking like a Victorian gentlemen is one of Steampunks most common archetypes and looking dapper is essential. That means cufflinks are the perfect accessory for Steampunk that go right back to the genres Victorian era roots. 



 Steampunk cuff links are for any gentlemen who wants to shout or on the other hand whisper Steampunk. They can be subtle everyday ice breaker in conversation or the finishing touch statement to a cosplay costume such as a Neo Victorian post-apocalyptic gent. Cuff links are a opportunity to say something with out speaking and that is such a gentlemen way of doing things. They are a locomotive on your wrist and that natural amazement and admiration is given forth with.

There are many different types and styles from bronze gears and cogs to a octopus wearing a top hat though at the core are a group of the most popular cufflink styles in the Steampunk scene. You may have seen them in your day to day life or not, either way you are about to now.

Here we bring together the best stylish steampunk cufflinks online as well as some you can make yourself that look as professional as those bought from a luxury jeweler. This list may inspire you to make or up cycle your own, a lot online are handmade by hobbiests and artisans. Using your noggin and your own two hands is relevant to Steampunk and a way of life as in the industrial era, something we are very proud of in the genres tradition and culture.



It is not just Steampunk fans that fall for these cufflinks those with a general eye for beauty commonly purchase them as well. Steampunk themed cufflinks would be perfect for any Steampunk convention, themed party, event and especially weddings a great gift for him or the groom.

They are one of the main steampunk accessories for a male especially with a suit or even a kilt! whether he be a fanatic or not they work as a taster and decide to like the fashion from there.

If you have a partner your Steampunk queen they go brilliantly when the lady wears a matching necklace and can bring you together at a event. When not being worn in their presentation box they make a great piece to display in your home.



You maybe asking ‘where do I buy Steampunk cufflinks ?’ Steampunk cufflinks by far are best bought online as there is so much variety made all over the world in one place you have the time to pick and choose. This makes them easy and dandy o to collect, time to start I think.

Being small in size they are perfect for being posted and will fit through your letter box no problem. Buying Steampunk cufflinks elsewhere will most likely mean a travel out of your local town into those wastelands at conventions or a specialist shop not that easy to come by. See which tickle your fancy below:

Resin cogs and gears cufflinks

These cufflinks are created using upcycled cogs and gears salvaged from real watch movement parts then set into craft resin so they are frozen in time forever for you to admire.

Watch movement cufflinks


Watch movements are common in Steampunk fashion because they look industrial which is reminiscent of the Victorian era though and they are small enough to fit into your hand and be carried around. The watch movements are set into cufflink blanks so can be admired and set on your sleeve. 


Gear cufflinks


These are gears that actually move when touched as you may have picked up already Steampunk is all about cogs and gears. These are not recovered or up cycled from watch movements for historical and vintage beauty but created using modern techniques as a homage to industry and gears working together in that setting as in the Neo Victorian industrial era of old. These are good for custom cufflink ideas explained below:


Motif Cufflinks including:


Skull and crossbones





Cogs gears



Nautical anchor



These motifs have become the most popular and common featured in the Steampunk fashion brought from different areas of the genre. Each has it own connections for example the locomotive reflects the industrial era and improvements in technology and the nautical anchor refers to the ‘Nautilus’ in ‘20,000 Leagues Under The Sea’. Some are from Steampunk novels, games, films and work great as Steampunk cufflink art.  


Compass Cufflinks

The compass is metaphorical for never being lost and is given as a gift so they can always find their way home in the world which may come in handy in the desert of a post apocalyptic world. A ready gent is a Steampunk gent!

Octopus Cufflinks

The octopus references the giant octopus that attacked the ‘Nautilus’  in the novel ‘2000 Leagues Under The Sea’ by H G Wells a definitive story that is at the heart of Steampunk lore. These cufflinks give respect to that and wearing them makes you a knowledgeable connoisseur of the Steampunk culture, fashion and world.


Sundial Cufflinks

A sundial is the most basic of technology like the compass, though it fulfills the very important role of telling you the time without need of a battery. This is important say if you have to meet another gent at a certain time and place in the desert to exchange gold or gems. Again a prepared gent is a clever gent!

Window with cogs, gears and watch bits up cycled

These upcycled cufflinks like the resin style capture the parts of watch movements though they can be opened so you can touch the gears and cogs or change what is on display when you desire to. 

Watch parts Cufflinks

Watch movements are popular though you can use the other parts of a watch like the clock face. This is more a nod to your ability to craft using your own two hands and the pride that comes from that than their overall beauty. Making cuff links like this often progresses to experimentation making other handmade Steampunk jewelry using different sourced parts, see our article on how to.  


Sky captain propeller cufflinks

Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, the retro-futuristic 2004 Steampunk adventure drama based on the serials of the 1930s and 1940s and in the style of Golden Age comic books. Jude Law stars as Joseph Sullivan/Sky Captain: He commands a private air force known as the Flying Legion.  The propellers are from his personal aircraft a modified Curtiss P-40.

Steampunk pocket watch cufflinks

Pocket watches in the Victorian era were considered cutting edge world changing technology. Steampunk likes to nod to the Victorian era of industrial revolution. Pocket watches that you can hold in your hand are enchanting but more so are pocket watches you can fit on your sleeve for everyone to see. 

Custom cufflinks

You have the license to think creatively with custom cufflinks just remember to have a connection to the Steampunk fashion whether big or small and use motifs or features mentioned in this article as only a reference though by no means are they a limit to what you can do.
Also you can do your own research for ideas – search ‘Steampunk cufflink’ on ‘Google’ look through the websites and then search ‘Google images’ for inspiration. Search through Etsy and Ebay, read novels, watch films and more like this they are all great places to find art to add to your cufflinks.    

Victorian cufflinks

Steampunk has its roots in the Victorian era and is a mix of the times romantic view of science in literature and elements from the Industrial Revolution in Europe during the 1800s.
Anything Victorian fits perfectly in the aesthetic, find something you love that originates from the Victorian era and incorporate it into your outfit this could be clothing, hairstyling, jewellery, body modification, make-up or importantly ‘cufflinks’.

Antique bronze cufflinks


Steampunk is all about Neo Victorian high fashion and antique items either come from originally or look like they have been salvaged from that era. There is such a wide variety of antique items and specifically cufflinks as you can imagine out there because it is a general umbrella.
In the case of cufflinks look for something antique you like and is unique. Maybe look out for something with a outstanding Steampunk feature like being made in the bronze metal, having a relevant pattern, monogram or picture any of the features included in this article.


Hot air balloon cufflinks  


The hot air balloon was a new technology that left crowds spellbound in the Victorian era and continues to do this to this day. It simply speaks of the cutting edge technology of the period and is there fore perfect for Steampunk.

Victorian cameo cufflinks

Cameos are classic Victorian artwork so miniaturizing them to fit on your sleeve seems like a great way of showcasing and taking that into your everyday in the modern world. Preserving and sharing a part of Victorian history from where Steampunk has it origins.   


Monogram cufflinks




Monogram personalized cufflinks are a great way to immortalize your favorite Steampunk writers and characters. Simply use their initials like ‘H.G.W’ for a tribute to the writer of  ‘20,000 Leagues Under the Sea’ or ‘T.M.’ for ‘Tim Powers’ who wrote ‘The Anubis Gates’. Just choose your own Steampunk favorite writer and add his initials to the cufflinks.


Tie clip and cufflinks, we wanted to mention tieclips in this list as they are a brilliant addition to the cufflinks.




That is the conclusion of our list of Steampunk cufflinks. We hope this has inspired you to add a great accessory to your chosen outfit and share the beauty of Steampunk with the world. Please see our other guides and explore the Steampunk fashion more by visiting my blog here. 

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