Steampunk Contact Lenses

Steampunk Contact Lenses 


What are Steampunk contact lenses?


Steampunk contact lenses are a selection of non prescription contact lenses for your eyes to wear that show popular patterns within the Steampunk aesthetic like the octopus, cogs and gears, skulls, clock with roman numerals among others. These lenses can be used to add another dimension to your Steampunk outfit and look.



Steampunk contact lenses are a more contemporary addition to your cosplay or day to day look beside a pocket watch, waistcoat or jet pack. Contact lenses were originally created as a alternative to glasses which were bulky and annoying to a lot of people to wear. 



After some time it became common knowledge that these contact lenses are readily available and completely safe to use to completely change the color and look of your eyes. Yours eyes could be made a different color or show intricate patterns these could be used to complement your clothing. Below we explore Steampunk contact lenses.




 Skull And Cross Bones Contact Lens


 Steampunk pirates are styled the same as the sea pirates we’re familiar with in the 16th, 17th, and 18th centuries but with elements from the Victorian era of the 19th century. Looking in the eye of a pirate is meant to chill to the bones and these contact lenses do just that. You can see the black skull clearly on a white background.


Cosplay archetypes they complement: 

. Steampunk pirate 

. Gothic Steampunk 





Steampunk Skull Contact Lens


 To look in the eyes of a Steampunk assassin is most likely the last pair of eyes you look into for forever and comfort is not the feeling they would like to offer you as you depart, as the contract would state. Death is dealt without remorse or sympathy given.      


Cosplay archetypes they complement: 

.Plague Steampunk 

.Steampunk assassin



Gear Contact Lens 


The cog and gear represents the industrial revolution of the 19th Century and all the splendid beauty and advances of technology at that time. Technology is the apple of one’s eye for a Steampunk character and they see little more in the world when technology is there to be admired. These contact lenses show what is going on behind the eyes of a Steampunk gentlemen industry, technology, advancement and much more. 


Cosplay archetypes they complement: 

.Steampunk mechanic 

.Steampunk gentlemen and lady 

.Steampunk engineer 

.Steampunk adventurer 

. Steampunk  Aviator 



Raven & Crow Contact Lens 


The Raven symbolizes wisdom and foresight whilst the crow symbolizes cunning, witchcraft, and the macabre. For a steampunk wizard the symbol goes more than skin deep beyond just aesthetic pleasing they are a extension of the spirit and a catalyst to make potions and spells more powerful. You go beyond wearing these contact lenses more so they are a part of you on a spiritual plain and therefore perfect for the Steampunk wizard Cosplay outfit.


 Cosplay archetypes they complement: 

.Steampunk wizard 

.Steampunk sorceress 

.Steam[punk Gothic




Bio Shock Contact Lens 


 These contacts could be a warning more so than a colorful fashion piece for your cosplay character if you have unfortunately been in contact with radiation after the initial nuclear war then you may wish to make a point of it to others. If you are not radioactive it would make a great indication that you survived the nuclear apocalypse and you are a true resilient survivor not everyone can live to say that with pride.


Cosplay archetypes they complement: 

.Steampunk apocalypse survivor

.Post apocalyptic Steampunk gentlemen

.Steampunk adventurer 



Patterned Contact Lens


 Lovely patterns or markings work well to make a look beautiful. Alot of Steampunk warriors will have tribal tattoos or markings to make them look more fierce and threatening, it works equally well in the eyes and if you are close enough to look a Steampunk warrior in the eyes something is either very good or very bad. Any patterned contact lens is great be careful with which pattern you choose as they may have connections or meanings that you are not aware of and may affect the overall message that you are trying to communicate with your Cosplay.


Cosplay archetypes they complement: 

.Elegant Steampunk lady

.Steampunk warrior 



Robot Contact Lens


 For the Steampunk cyborg the love of technology has gone a little too far. With modifications and improvements being made to their body to increase its efficiency in strength, intelligence, weaponry. The eye is a important instrument that can been improved on like any other whether that be night vision, x ray vision, close focus or long range vision.   


Cosplay archetypes they complement: 

 .Steampunk cyborg

. Steampunk inventor

.Steampunk robot  



Roman Numeral Clock Contact Lens


 Technology we now take for granted had its roots in the Victorian era and at the time was groundbreaking. One such machines is the pocket watch it has been adopted as the outstanding piece of technology in the Steampunk fashion because of its elegant, intricate, ticking beauty. Any reference to it is Steampunk including in your eyes, clocks are a wonder to behold and do not ever forget it.


Cosplay archetypes they complement: 

.Steampunk gentlemen 

.Steampunk captain

,Steampunk aviator



Some popular questions about these cool though misunderstood Steampunk contact lenses;

Do cosplay contacts damage your eyes?

Non prescription Cosplay contact lenses bought from reputable websites online will not damage your eyes. Be aware of sell by dates and do not wear contact lenses past that time, these can be found with the contact lens information.

Are decorative contacts legal?

Yes they are legal if they meet all the required standards.

Is it safe to use cosplay contacts?

Yes, they are built for that purpose and must meet given standards.

Are costume contacts painful?

No they are not painful if they are please do not wear them as there could be a problem with the contact lens and seek advice from the seller or your optician.

How long can I wear cosplay contacts?

 The maximum time to wear contact lens s is 30 days taking them out at night to sleep and as much as possible.


Each contact lens is given a sell by date provided with its packaging.

Can you wear fake contacts over real ones?

This is not advised it can cause problems with your eyes due to lack of oxygen and should never be considered.

Can a contact melt in your eye?

No it will not melt.


In a contact lens case as shown below.


 Example of technical Information provided with the contact lense:

Item no.: 950
Iris Effect: Opaque
Color: 3 tones
Opacity Level: 100%
Occasion: Parties & Events
Refractive Power: Plano
Sizing/Fitting: Diameter 14.5 mm / Base Curve 8.8 mm
Packaging: 2 lenses per box
Usage/Wear: 5 years shelf life / 90 days usage
Material: 62% Polymacon / 38% Water
GTIN-12 (UPC) : 628153229507




 We hope that has given you the heads up on Steampunk contact lenses, now would be a good time to get online and have a look through the contact lens websites. A good place to find contact lenses is in the ‘Halloween contact lens’ or ‘fancy dress contact lens’ search on Google. Have a look through and choose anything you like with a connection to the Steampunk fashion or not.

There are many different Steampunk archetypes that can be found research on places like ‘Pinterest’ and find a contact lens that complements the character or even find a contact lens and make a outfit around it which is a little more difficult to pull off but worth it.

Contact lenses sold online are mainly with next day shipping as they are small items so have a look around for what you like in time for your next event. And finally if you need somewhere to store your contact lenses that you will do find a steampunk style contact lens case shown below on somewhere like Ebay.






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