Steampunk Christmas Decorations

Steampunk Christmas Decorations

What are Steampunk Christmas decorations?

Steampunk Christmas decorations are traditional Christmas decorations with a Steampunk theme or twist including tinsel, Christmas trees, wreath etc. 

The style takes inspiration from the Victorian era and elements of the industrial revolution so there are lots of cogs and gears, mini top hats and pocket watches.
The Steampunk culture is proud of people using their own two hands so DIY is a popular way of making the decorations. Below we introduce you to some popular Steampunk Christmas decorations;  


What are Steampunk charms?

Before we begin we want to explain what we mean by Steampunk charms. Charms are jewelry pieces you can find online that have different uses mainly as jewelry like necklace pendants. You attach the charm to the chain by the hole found on the charm.

There are loads of different charms that cover all the Steampunk motifs like octopuses, cogs and gears, balloon air shops, locomotives etc. 

Charms can be applied to all the decorations given below have a look and get inspired. 

Steampunk Christmas Stockings



The Christmas stocking is a traditional decoration and probably one of the most popular alongside the presents and tree because we always get those goodies within which is memorable to us.

There are loads of knitting patterns to be found online for Steampunk Christmas stockings, some popular ones are in the shape of a traditional Victorian stocking like they had at the time or the other style is with a ladies stiletto on the foot as it has a Victorian feel to it.

Make sure the material is in a relevant color to the fashion like gold and brown it does not have to be the traditional popular red and white color in this case. Stitch on some cogs and gears also or what ever you can. 


Steampunk Christmas Wreath 




A wreath is a welcoming sight you know you are in for a warm seasonal greeting when you see one and especially when the owner customizes them to be Steampunk.

You can tell a lot from a wreath about a Christmas gathering on arrival and it can cook up some great conversations about its elements to break that Christmas ice.

For instance if you add a small octopus to the wreath when your guests curiously ask? you can tell them about ‘10000 Leagues Under The Sea’ and Captain Nemo as a little bit of entertainment.    

Just find things around you, anything from charity shops, Ebay, thrift markets or even the garage – old rusty keys, cogs and gears are great and relevant.

If you have any ornaments laying around on display tie them securely to the wreath with some string and put them back in their normal place when the celebrations are over.

The wreath really does give you the chance to add all of your favorite Steampunk elements whether that be from the novels, films or games.

A more alternative and popular wreath could be made entirely of cogs and gears though it has a little less welcoming feel to it, it shouts Steampunk.


Steampunk Christmas Candles


 Traditionally Victorian families relied completely upon candles for their light and without them not a lot of celebrating would of got done – it was a defining item of the era.

In the modern day they are more for decoration reminding us of those times when things were a little more basic when we took warmth from being around a fire with our loved ones.

Some popular candle styles for Steampunk are using or a motif from the aesthetic like the octopus holding the candles with its many tentacles.

Another style the more obvious is using real Victorian candle holders like those bought in a antique shop as you can not really fake those.

The last style is using vintage up cycled repurposed copper piping to construct unique candle holders with your desired shape like a true jack of all trades plumber. 


Steampunk Christmas Garlands


Garlands are a lovely back drop to your celebration and they give the chance to say something unique about your tastes.

Take your traditional garlands and add some Steampunk elements, a popular one is the mini top hat, match it to your Christmas tree mini top hat topper to bring your houses look together.

They are easy to make you will find lots of patterns online and Youtube tutorials making them from scratch out of cardboard just add some left over charms.

Keep them for next year or maybe even a Cosplay outfit, make it a resolution to visit a Cosplay or festival in the new year.    


Steampunk Christmas Poinsettias


Steampunk Poinsettias do not require you to particularly have real flowers as the dystopian gent might find those hard to find.

The industrial beauty of metal maybe more appealing which offers the opportunity to use metal to make the actual flowers themselves.

The petals can be delicately folded metal say from a drinks can and the main part can be a watch movement or clock face this is a popular combination.

There are plenty of DIY videos on how to do this and can be done using stuff you can find at home.

Obviously the flowers will last forever so can be used in future Steampunk Christmas celebrations which makes it having fun and investing at the same time!

To finish it off just add a mini top hat as explained above with feathers and cogs and gears.


Steampunk Santa Statue 


 Any Christmas character can be Steampunked like any Cosplay outfit can be made. You just have to add goggles, give him a waistcoat and a top hat and see how it works. 

Apply the elements onto traditional things like Santa or a snowman, that is the key takeaway from this article.

Steampunk is a popular fashion so you can find alot of stuff already designed for a Christmas celebration online, have a look or you can add to a traditional ornament you already have or can buy.


Steampunk Christmas cake 




Yes! you can live Steampunk and eat it, especially at Christmas. Cakes are more a work of art these days in Victorian times they were more basic though still delicious.

A Steampunk cake can be either very traditional made from the strict recipe of a genuine Victorian cook book a little bit of history or you can go to town and make a cake showing off all the elements of Steampunk like pipes, clock face, characters, hot air balloons a mini top hat to top it off is a classic. 

Steampunk Snowman



When we get the snow it is good fun to make use of it and maybe create some thing that is Steampunk.

A snow man is no different to making yourself up for a Cosplay, he is the person dress him up.

Go to a charity shop get a cheap waistcoat, give him a top hat make that out of cardboard, put a pipe in his mouth and give him some googles bought online or DIY any variations like this.

And there you have a true Snow gent, take his pictures, selfies and share him round it may get people interested in the fashion.


Steampunk Christmas Tree 




If you are more of a hardcore Steampunk fan you might look to buy a full metal Steampunk Christmas tree to show your total devotion to the aesthetic with a metal star bolted to the top.

Though the mere admirer of the fashion might want to hold back on that bronze and copper and make a normal tree with some subtle additions.

To decorate the tree you can hang pocket watches, compasses, cog and gears ball balls or metal snow flake’s with a mini top hat instead of a star:


Steampunk Christmas Tree Decorations

 The Christmas tree is just the base you need to adorn it with lots of lovely decorations, which is part of the tradition of Christmas and exactly the same for a Steampunk xmas.

It gives you the chance to to get involved and make your own stuff that is the Steampunk lovers spirit ready to muck in and get their hands dirty like in a true Neo Victorian celebration.


Cogs And Gears Ball Balls 


You can add any motifs related to the Steampunk fashion you want and maybe go a little outside of the common ones if you want. Steampunk fashion is a guide not a tyrant demanding you do only what is done previous. 


Mini Top Hat Christmas Tree Topper 


A mini hat is a traditional topper for a Steampunk Christmas tree, add what ever charms you want to it maybe throw in some feathers like a fascinator and make it out of card using your own hands.

There are plenty of videos online on how to do it and that is Steampunk through and through.


Steampunk Hanging Pocket watch


 The pocket watch is considered one of the most beautiful pieces of technology ever made.

In the Victorian times it was cutting edge and represented the entire industrial revolution.

Take a look at the pocket watch and  its movement they are a small piece of beautiful industry small enough to fit in your hand, they have delicate cogs and gears ticking optimistically on.

They are the perfect decoration to put on a Christmas tree even if they are not actual pocket watches there are lots of alternatives out there you can use that are cheaper to represent them.  

They will fascinate your guests.


Steampunk Ginger Bread Man  



  This is  a great opportunity to chip in and do some thing with your hands and get in the spirit.

Cut up some cardboard into ginger bread man shapes, get the kids involved and glue on Steampunk charms, bits from real pockets watches or anything that comes to mind.

Then simply put a hole in the top and tie on some ribbon and hang on the tree! 


Steampunk Candy Canes 

The candy cane was created in Victorian times and is one of the most popular Christmas tree decorations, I wonder why that is? because you can eat them!

Get some candy canes and add them to the tree with some brown and gold ribbon and put some cogs and gears charms hanging down from that ribbon.

When they eat the candy they can take the charms for themselves and ‘Steampunk’ something themselves.



Steampunk Tinsel


This is all about getting the right color, shades of brown are good with a touch of gold that is the most popular.

See the Steampunk palette given below for ideas.

Once you have the right colors, simply hang on charms.




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