What is a Steampunk tattoo and body art?


 What is a Steampunk tattoo and body art?

The Steampunk fashion has become popular born of fantasy and science fiction based around the Victorian era having preference to industrial technology mixed with modern emphasis given to steam powered machinery, cogs and gears that revolved around the 19th-century industrial revolution. 

The tattoo could be considered a essential Steampunk fashion accessory to your outfit like a pocket watch or pair of goggles as it is a reference to the style but holds so much more intimate unique value. Having a double breasted waistcoat with lapels with no shirt on showing off your bare torso skin and tattoo makes that the main feature of your costume and can finish your look very simply. Or you can have a subtle tattoo that only hints slightly to Steampunk because you just appreciate it`s beauty and want a homage to it. 

Those that know about the subculture`s within steampunk will often have the body markings to show which unique subculture is their favorite and that they most connect to. Popular tattoos include pocket watches, owls and robotic cog`s and gear`s with the torn skin look.

The tattoo normally comes back to the origins of that subculture like the octupus for the famous `1000 leagues under the sea` book and art. Each origin has it`s own elements and points to be made.We suggest reading into the Steampunk lore online and learning all the different subcultures and find your favorite. You can then freestyle your body art mixing and matching core motifs to match your interests and connections. 

On the other hand you will see alot of Steampunk tattoos bared by those who know little about the niche but appreciate the beauty of some of it`s elements. This can lead to new more hardcore fans who stumble upon it`s magnificent art form like fire to coal. We encourage you to delve in deeper and if you are inspired go ahead and get marked and of course show it off whether that be at work, the swimming pool or events. Make it a talking point in the everyday and inspire others to the cause. We need that to grow the fan base!

A Steampunk tattoo is a declaration of admiration of the aesthetic and the elements found within giving a part of yourself or selling a part of that estate which is your body to the worship of it`s ideas and elements.

Steampunk exists in it`s art and literature so you can imagine just how many ideas there are for Steampunk tattoos. There are masses of places to find a treasure trove of ideas for your tattoo this includes, google images, Pinterest, Instagram. We recommend you design your own for that more intimate connection to your body art as well as adding to the font of ideas already out there with new fresh perspectives and interpretation. There are lots of Pinterest sites to post your tattoo artwork and encourage you to do so it will inspire others. 

Of course all you have to do is take the printed art that inspired you to the tattooist and he can replicate that on your skin or he can create and evolve something from `scratch` excuse the pun in real time with you.

Here are some `Steampunk tattoo drawing`s` in the process of drawing which normally happens in stages and layers by the artist or your self. You can express to the artist as he draws it how you want it. 

 Take time to look below at all the different tattoo ideas and art it will help you decide on your own. We have art that covers female and male Steampunk tattoos, specific art for each part of your body, the simpler tattoos. Also all the most popular subculture body art including the Steampunk 3D tattoo! Best Steampunk tattoo designers and some of their art.  


.Steampunk tattoo ideas



 .Best Steampunk tattoo designers and artist`s

Casey Anderson made this steampunk girl and cat tattoo



This clockwork tattoo was done by Amanda Ruby.



Check out this Steampunk Tattooist with a Steampunk machine tattoo ink gun.


.Simple steampunk tattoo 



Steampunk tattoo sleeves



.Steampunk tattoo female


Steampunk tattoo leg



.Steampunk tattoo arm



.Steampunk shoulder tattoo



.Hand Steampunk tattoo



Steampunk popular tattoos and subculture motifs


.Steampunk eye tattoo



.Steampunk hot air balloon tattoo



.Owl steampunk tattoo



.Alice in wonderland steampunk tattoo



.Octopus steampunk tattoo



.Steampunk cat tattoo



.Steampunk clock tattoo



.Steampunk heart tattoo



.Steampunk skull tattoo



.Steampunk dragon tattoo



.Steampunk compass tattoo



.Steampunk flower tattoo



.Steampunk animal tattoo


.Steampunk girl tattoo



Steampunk gears tattoo



.Steampunk pocket watch tattoo



.Steampunk 3D tattoo 



.Steampunk biomechanical tattoo



.Steampunk robot arm tattoo



 I hope after having a gander this gives you something to stroke your tash about. If any of this art has inspired just take it to your local tattooist and enjoy the experience. Be part of the art and a cog in the machine which keeps the Steampunk asthetic alive and steaming. If you would like a accessory to add to your look please see out pocket watch`s.  

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