Steampunk jewelry designers

What is Steampunk jewelry? 

Steampunk  jewelry is based on the Victorian era 1800`s a time of discoveries and reaching new frontiers in technology including steam this mixed with the present and future. Steampunk is industrial and mechanical with function sometimes like a adorned compass or pocket watch though frequently with a beautiful, intricate and romantic Victorian tilt of the top hat. The parts can be lost and found bolts and watch parts even with a little rust mixed with pristine gems and crystals. The materials range from wood, glass to metals; brass, tin, copper, gold to name a few. The whole array of colors is referenced but most commonly brown tends to dominate, as do other colors such as yellows, reds, and oranges. You’re less likely to see cool colors such as blue and green they are more scarce but exquisite. 
It has many subcultures which lead to lot`s of different motifs to represent the origins of some of it`s art and literature. These include the octupus – referencing 1000 leagues under the sea, cogs and gears representing industrialization such as the steam locomotive, the pocket watch referencing the story of the time machine by H.G Wells. 
The jewelry finds inspiration from these subcultures so make something with the basics and choose which ever motif you adore and pay homage to it through your jewelry or just go with your heart. wear anything you find is beautiful, I know you will find something. Don`t not forget it is whatever you want it to be, mix it all up like a deck of cards.  



Steampunk jewelry designers 

There are several Steampunk jewelry designers who live and breathe the genre and in their safe hands you are if you are looking for something not made by your own hands and relevant to current trends in the Steampunk world of fashion. Some main jewelry designers given below find them online.

Carolyn Bruce Designs

Carolyn Bruce is a Vancouver, BC based artist who works with glass and semi-precious beads, as well as lead-free base metals in silver, gold, and bronze.  She also sources pieces from New Zealand which are then configured together in an organic design process she affectionately calls Steampunk doodling.  

Carolyn’s latest jewelry collections are an ever evolving adventure into the world of Steampunk Madness, SciFi and Victoriana and are an eclectic compilation of new and found objects. Carolyn enjoys the way fashion art and materials merge together.



Anne Stokes

`Engineerium` range by Anne Stokes is inspired by the Steampunk designs of Victoriana Circa 1816 and features four sets of three classic designs to be collected together or separately.

Lisa Parker

Enter the world of Lisa Parker as she enchants us with her magical creations, Lisa has been delighting her collectors for almost 20 years with her artwork and a vast range of gifts. from Zippo lighters, Bradford Exchange pendants, Caeco puzzles and much more!!…… Lisa is known in particular for her black cat art and “The witching hour”

Peter Stone


Peter Stone jewelry believes in passion, and each piece of jewelry made is a reflection of this. It is from the hearts of our craftspeople that the jewelry begins to take shape, and from the pride they have in their work that only fine quality pieces are created.





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