Top 6 Famous Steampunk Designers

Top 6 Famous Steampunk Designers


We have been talking about the Steampunk fashion for a while now. It’s well-settled what Steampunk is about and the many alternatives and variations that this aesthetic has. It’s certainly one of the best communities in terms of both practicality and haute couture. If you have been a fan for a long time, it’s more than probable that you can mention a few Steampunk brands.

However, do you know who the most popular Steampunk designers are? Have you ever visited their catalogues online? If not, we’ve got you covered. Here we will show you a list of the best ranked Steampunk designers, their online stores, and a few samples: 


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⦁ Delicious Boutique

Delicious Boutique is an alternative fashion designer that has one of the best Steampunk collections online, which is the reason why we are introducing you to it first. They have an excellent brand with products of excellent quality and a big variety of prices.

Most of Delicious Boutique’s items swiftly fall into the ‘goth’ category, so if you are into merging your leather-fanatic-self with your Steampunk persona, this store is for you. They sell fantastic gowns and dresses (such as the Fallout Cage Harness Dress in the main picture below) and it even offers you the chance to customize the colours of most of your purchases (when available). They also sell REALLY sick accessories, such as flasks and shot glasses with hardcore and edgy phrases, which are perfect for cosplays and work great as fun décor.

They also feature a DIY section for patches and pins at a very accessible price (from $10 US and up!) which go amazingly well with leather jackets (that, luckily, they also sell).

And, finally, for the business Steampunk fans out there, there’s a huge collection of Steampunk-themed wallets with beautiful patterns that you definitely have to check out.

⦁ You can visit Delicious Boutique’s catalogue here

⦁ Rebels Market

Rebels Market has many categories that are very characteristic of the Steampunk style – however, the ‘Home & Décor’ section is by far the best one. Most of the aesthetic items here consist of a mix of a classical Steampunk look and ‘witchy’ vibe (you know exactly what we are talking about, children of the swamp!).

You can find piece of furniture, lighting and stationery items, and even kitchenware with these very specific features. For example, take the Ouija Board Lamp that’s shown below; or the Gargoyle Cat Metal Ring Door Knocker in the cover of the main picture. These items have such beautiful craftmanship that owning them would make you feel like your home belongs to the imagination of some gothic literature’s author.

Rebels Market’s quality has also a very visual and user-friendly system to help you navigate the website – for instance, you can see what the most wanted items are by looking at the little hearts on the corner below each object in the gallery view.

Of course, this would also give you a pretty good estimate of the popularity of said items, so you better rush and buy them before another person gets the last one!



⦁ You can visit Rebels Market’s catalogue here

⦁ Corset Deal

Obviously, it goes without saying that we had to include a well-known store that specializes in corsets. And it would be a crime not to, considering that Corset Deal’s items have a wonderful variety and a superior quality. They have millions of customization options: you can filter your search results by fabric, by colour, by lacing, etc. And you can even filter your corsets by a ‘Steampunk’ filter!
Being honest, Corset Deal has everything an avid researcher of the best fashion is looking for.

They have many colour palettes as well, and we would definitely want to talk about them all; but we are sticking to the most striking one they have: Corset Deal’s pink collection. With items such as the Brocade Custom Made Waist Training Corset (main picture below), these corsets are just the top of the iceberg. The patterns they choose are beautiful and the colours are so vibrant that it’d be impossible to look away from these fabrics, even during just a few seconds. Even those that are not really fans of this colour palette would agree that they look gorgeous.

And, well, who said that everything Steampunk-fashioned has to be brown and black, after all? It’s more than possible to wear different colour palettes while still rocking the Steampunk aesthetic. Remember that it’s always permitted to get creative with your looks, and Corset Deal is the best option to start.


⦁ You can visit Corset Deal’s catalogue here


⦁ Dracula Clothing

Well, it was obvious that we were also going to talk about vampires and vampiric haute couture here, right? Then, we are free to say that Dracula Clothing is the perfect store (and it has the perfect name) for our fourth entry. This place is riddled with outstanding patterns for their clothes, worthy of kings and queens. Take the Red evil queen coat, for instance, which is the first featured item on the page. It’s just as Victorian as it can get; they are honestly fascinating.

Dracula Clothing also has fantastic long leather coats (the witch-hunter, Abraham-Van-Helsing-type of coat), officer-inspired coats, assassins’ coats, pirate coat, hooded coats…you name it. If you love Victorian-inspired attires, and specially these attires that are very fitting for archetypical characters, this store is going to drive you straight up crazy, in a very good way.
How could it get any better, you may ask? Well, they have Free Shipping Worldwide too. It’s definitely not an opportunity you should miss.


⦁ You can visit Dracula Clothing’s catalogue here 

⦁ Medieval Collectibles

‘Medieval collectibles’ has made its own name through the years with the never-ending growth of their store. Of this whole list, this site is the one that has the most variety. It features, obviously, your typical Steampunk clothing, such as the Gentlemen’s Brown Brocade Vest, at a very reasonable price.

But it also features full-on categories of outdoor garden decoration. Isn’t that neat? You would be able to find stuff that’s completely crazy, such as a Venus Bath Fountain on Shell to make your garden look like it was designed for royalty (no need to be humble here: everyone is worthy of a beautiful royal garden!).

Moving on, and despite all this being truly awesome, we must talk about the strictly medieval collection that this webstore has. The number of categories featured here, JUST for the medieval shenanigans, is completely insane. You would be able to craft a Full Medieval Armor with this page only. You can find complete chainmail sets, traditional archery equipment, and many fan-targeted items based in the Lord of the Rings franchise, which, of course, it’s essentially a given for any medieval-media fan.

If you want your Steampunk look to be unique and certainly a bit out of the ordinary, with a mix of full-plate medieval armours and Steampunk machinery accessories, we can guarantee you that you will find your perfect combo here. You only have to give it a try. And, as we implied before in our entry on Corset Deal’s website, your imagination is the only limit of your creativity.



⦁ You can visit Medieval Collectibles’ catalogue here


⦁ Historical Emporium

Historical Emporium’s store has a little bit of everything. As you can imagine by their name, they specialize themselves in making clothes with a high level of accuracy, historically speaking (and also, they include little bits of fun here and there in order to fit fantasy aesthetics, such as the Steampunk one). They have your typical fashion categories: coats, vests, dresses, hats, you name it.

However, we must make a distinctive mention of the fascinating quality of the boots that they sell, such as the Black Faux Leather Brigand Boot, which in our opinion is one of their best items. The craftmanship of this pair is so glorious that we can’t stop recommending it to literally everyone. It would also fit almost every aesthetic or sub-aesthetic that you are aiming for, as black leather boots are a good match with everything.

Don’t believe us? Check their reviews and you will find out by yourself how highly praised all the items of this store are.



⦁ You can visit Historical Emporium’s catalogue here

So, did you enjoy our article? Hopefully you got to know at least some of the names of the Top Steampunk designer stores that are out there in the online world. Be sure to browse all of these webpages with determination and patience (it will take you a while!), and you’ll surely find something that’s not only right up your alley, but also right within your budget.

Don’t be discouraged if you find something that’s way too expensive: take a while to balance the pros and cons and, if anything, you will be able to find alternatives. Have fun shopping and, as always, Happy Steampunk!

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