Top 5 Steampunk Men’s Accessories

Top 5 Steampunk Men’s Accessories


Steampunk fashion is an imaginative and fantasy-driven combination of Victorian era fashion and elements and materials inspired by the Industrial Revolution with some futurism.

Here are 5 men’s Steampunk accessories we think will finish of your look.



1 Pocket watch

Top of our list is the Steampunk pocket watch, the main tool of the time traveler and popular with Cosplayers to finish of their outfit. Buy in our shop.





2 Top hat

It is a Victorian habit to look dapper and the top hat is the icing on the cake for your costume, it says gentlemen and that is Steampunk me old cogger !





3 Watch movement cufflinks

Cufflinks are a little more subtle for your casual look that you can wear to the office on a daily basis and impress all.






4 Goggle’s

These are a out right Steampunk tradition and right of passage. They represent the industrial element to Steampunk and are a signature piece.





5 Waistcoat

A double-breasted waistcoat with lapels is most Steampunk and a main feature of a men’s costume instantly recognizable as part of the aesthetic.



Want your own Steampunk accessory, we sell Steampunk pocket watches, the best on the market, come to our shop to buy.

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