Top 44 Cool Steampunk Watches

Top 44 Cool Steampunk Watches

As the popularity of Steampunk increased, Steampunk watches evolved into very different styles and sub-genre aesthetics. Nowadays, you can many different models and presentations that simply did not exist back in the day. Moreover, we are aware that the creativity of the different crafters that got in touch with the community knows no horizons. And this is why, in this article, we will show you some of the examples that we collected whether that be mechanical, skeleton, quartz, automatic or otherwise.

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1⦁ The Gauge Master




We start off nice and strong with The Gauge Master, a timepiece that brings together one of the central pieces of Steampunk, the locomotive, and our appreciation for watches that match the vibe. This beauty, created by Pramzius Watches, finds very creative ways to incorporate elements such as levers, manometer gauge, and valve wheels into its design. There’s even metal from locomotives from the 19th and 20th century included in parts of the watch, which gives it another extra drop of exclusivity. This project is a fantastic idea that matches both Victorian and Western Steampunk very well. If you want this watch, you surely also need to know that you can pick between three different dial options (black full lume, white full lume, antique full lume) and that it can easily split the dark for your comfortableness.


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2⦁ JW-EX Mechanical watch




Of course, not everything Steampunk has to be historical. In fact, many fans of the aesthetic prefer to look at the future, and we think that the JW-EX Mechanical Watch is the perfect example of that. At this point, you are probably aware that many mechanical watches have a skeleton window that let you look at its inner movement. But what if the exterior of the watch doesn’t match the interior? Wouldn’t that be completely crazy? Well, that’s exactly what this timepiece does. Not only it escapes to an atypical geometric crown, but also combines the cold stainless-steel case with a touch of red and a gunmetal plating. It definitely gives you the idea of wearing something very heavy and with a big on your hand, but don’t be fooled: the Italian calf leather makes it really comfortable.

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3⦁ Automaton Steampunk watch



This watch has been all over very different Steampunk circles. The Automaton Steampunk watch, created by FRISK_P, a Japanese inventor, pretends to erase the time (written with ink and a quill pen!) and write it again every time a minute passes. This piece is enormous; it’s definitely meant to be a collector item only. As the inventor speaks how she created it, she sums it up by narrating the 3D technology (3D CAD software, specifically) she used and how she incorporated a microcomputer board and three servo-motors into the construction process. This digital holographic style uses a USB fan and LED lamps to create the illusion of an antique display. It’s certainly a marvel to look at. The best part? FRISK_P doesn’t seem to want to stop creating wacky Steampunk designs anytime soon.


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4⦁ Nixoid Next Watch


If you think that “Nixoid Next” is a very powerful name, just wait until we tell you about the design of this watch. This timepiece is perfect for those Future Steampunk or Cyberpunk fans: very small crystals that look like nixie tubes filled with incandescent light are way that this watch uses to display the time. The colour palette, as it can be seen in the photo, is very comfortable to look at as well; orange and light blue make a great colour combination. It also includes a tilt function that automatically shows the time to the user, and it seemed to have improved over its original design, the Nixoid Classic. The completely black strap makes it look like it came straight up from the Cyberpunk 2077 universe. If you dig the retro-futuristic vibe, this timepiece is for you.

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5⦁ Tourbillon à Paris (Auffret Version)


Théo Auffret is a name that you can hear a lot among young watchmaker entrepreneurs. This 25-years-old man with an obvious passion for crafting watches has re-designed old French models to make one of his key inventions: The Tourbillon à Paris. This timepiece essentially looks like a mechanical watch, without the exterior of a mechanical watch: it’s like the user forgot to wear the display. But, upon closer inspection, you’ll notice that the display is there: right next to beautifully crafted clockwork machinery. This idea is very diverse as well: you can opt between platinum, titanium, steel, gold and silver for the case and dials, among other customizable elements. Plus, Théo wanted to make a point about the size: this design is not as big as other collector pieces. The reasoning behind this is that he wanted to make this invention as marketable as possible, stating he wanted to make sure that your typical watch enthusiast could afford something that’s at the level of a collector’s shelf.

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6⦁ Alchemy Empire EER Steam-Powered Entropy Calibrator Watch



Nothing says “thermodynamics” more than looking at a galvanic scale. All steam-powered machinery, actually, usually brings people back to thinking about engineers, inventors, and all those brilliant men and women that tried to comprehend the laws of nature. So, you are probably thinking, “What does this have to do with a Steampunk watch?” well, everything, if you ask the inventors of the Alchemy Empire EER Entropy Calibrator Watch, at least. For real, this watch was literally inspired by the design of a galvanic scale. Moreover, even if it gives the impression of being massive in size, it’s actually quite small and comfortable. It’s your typical modern watch with a quartz movement, but it looks nothing like one, and that’s why we love it.

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7⦁ Rado True Square Open Heart



Anything that has the word “Rado” on it should scream “top-notch quality”, and the True Square Open-Heart watch is no exception. This Swiss company with an already established name has brought back another invention that has a gigantic, Futuristic Steampunk vibe to it: it combines the elegancy of a square case with an open worked (skeleton) dial, so you can see the intrinsic mechanisms of the watch. Of course, it’s automatic, so you have to forget about winding. It also brings back its signature design trope: the high-tech ceramic bracelet that makes the watch look almost silky. Don’t be fooled, though: it’s quite small and cosy. And most importantly: you can wear it on any occasion, as it goes perfectly with both casualwear and formal attires.


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8⦁ Nixie Tube Watch


A classier, less fancy or technologized version of the Nixoid Watch. This watch with nixie tubes also tells the time in orange-painted numbers, but the façade is way less futuristic. This watch is made with the idea of stealth in mind: it doesn’t want you to draw your attention away from the numbers with a fancy crown or case (the only material on the photo is aluminium) or skeleton displays.


However, this watch still makes a point about being unique: the tube-looking crystals are still there, and always will be. It contains a modern quartz crystal and 200 volts from a LiPo battery. Quite shocking, if we can dare to say so.
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9⦁ VFD Nixie Watch


We can confidently say that the VFD Nixie Watch is the Nixoid’s Next futuristic sibling. But what does VFD stands for? It means “Vacuum Fluorescent Display”. Does it sound familiar to you? Well, if so, that’s because you must be a nostalgic for the 70s. VFD is an obsolete technology nowadays, but we used to look at it all the time, for example, in cassette players. When translated to a watch, this means that you will be able to tell the time whether it’s dark out there or not. It can be worn with a metal or plastic strap, and you have to charge it via Micro USB. Have you ever had to charge a watch for it to work for hours and hours? Well, this is how you look at the future. You can’t get more unique than that.
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10⦁ Handmade Steampunk heart-shaped watch



Even if this watch includes a heart, the design is so big and innovative that it almost looks like a cool weapon. Most of the material consists of stainless steel, however the straps are made of very comfortable leather. This bronze-looking heart case has a very traditional-looking modern display, as the focus of this piece was the design: the side levers (added for aesthetic purposes only), the rivets, and the spike at the bottom of the heart make it look like a retro-robotic item that many fans of the Steampunk community would love to wear. Just remember: it’s not very fitting for casualwear, but it’s fantastic for cosplaying.
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11⦁ Vianney Halter Antiqua



Coming right from the heart of Jules Verne’s novels, the Antiqua knows no enemy it can’t beat in terms of classic Steampunk. The design looks very simplistic, but believe us when we say this watch is extremely complicated to craft. The inner flanges reflect the numbers inside such like a very-well polished new mirror. Also, like in most photographs of these sort of “unique” watches, it looks enormous, but it’s actually quite small and endearing. The strap is made of leather, and it matches both casualwear and elegant suits.


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12⦁ Tesla Watch



The Tesla Watch is just another banger. Just like the Antiqua, it takes the core of Steampunk machinery to another level, but it still remains classic. It includes ornamental winding keys (however, one of them is functional: you’ll have to wind it) and two LEDs on the top of the watch (in the shape of two vacuum tubes) that you can actually control. This design is indeed pretty big, so you may have to consider that if you even want to have a copy. This watch in particular also has a lot of décor potential for your living room, your bedroom, or even a wedding centrepiece.

 The Tesla steampunk watch is a piece that is out of this world. Combining form and function, the watch will attract the attention of any watch enthusiast out there. If you want a trip to the past, all you need is an example of these steampunk watches. The most notable features of the watch are vacuum tube LEDs on top of the watch as well as ornamental winding keys.

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13⦁ Maritime Steampunk Compass Watch





There are those that think that Steampunk is the perfect aesthetic to match with a survivalist look. And they do have a point, as many Steampunk scenarios can be painted as dystopic futures. This Maritime watch of brass and leather takes all these concepts and combine them in a beautiful timepiece. Plus, if you are a history buff, you can get hyped up too: it looks like an antique sundial compass. It’s not way too big or too small, so you shouldn’t worry about the size. Finally, this watch is subtle enough, so we can recommend to wear it in casual scenarios if you feel like it. If anything, you’ll show up to your history class with a really cool watch.

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14⦁ Lancardo Steampunk Watch


This watch feels almost like a counter point to the Antiqua. You can support two time zones, you have three sub-dials, and a decoration thermometer and compass. This model has a quartz crystal and automatic movement. It’s straight to the point: the bracelet is made out of leather, and all the dials are black coloured. You can totally picture someone that would love this gorgeous piece by Lancardo. Just remember, it’s pretty big, so make sure you are comfortable with big sizes first!


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15⦁ Opus 3 by Harry Winston Watch



Have you ever wanted to wear a watch that looks like a freaking jewel? Well, look no further! Opus 3, created by Harry Winston and Vianney Halter throws all the rules of design through the window, and it’s non-ironically really cool. The choice of rose gold for the case and the strap is just the top of the crème. You can look at the interior of the watch, but you don’t need to: you can look at the digital display on the exterior of the watch, both hours and minutes, that also includes a very modern font. The Opus 3 is completely over the place, and certainly a collector’s choice.

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16⦁ Romain Jerome Steampunk



Another wonderful piece that breaks many rules while attempting (and succeeding!) to be avant-garde. The Romain Jerome is a very small watch with a rusted or gunmetal steel and a retro dial with a bronze and black aesthetic. It’s definitely a curious design: it only highlights the XII and the VI. The oversized hands are also a very interesting touch. This watch, which features a mechanical self-winding movement, looks very serious, and at the same time, very cartoonish. The designing team for this timepiece certainly knew what they were doing.

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17⦁ Aircraft Riding Watch


Another classic look of Steampunk is always brought by the aircraft enthusiasts. However, this watch not only has compasses and the display of an old mechanical watch, but also it has MANY lenses around I that make it look like an actual magnifying tool. It’s a beautiful merge between the goggle’s fanatics and scientist fanatics. The blue-ish display and the bronze-looking numbers just make it look like it was taken from a Steampunk TV show. It’s something very fascinating to look at.


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18. Pathfinder-2 Steampunk Leather Cuff Wrist Watch 


If you want to find the perfect gift for an adventure lover, the Pathfinder-2 Steampunk Leather Cuff Wrist Watch is a perfect choice. The pathfinder comes with a design of the bracelet and comprises a timepiece, a compass, and a thermometer. All these functions have been combined in an aesthetically appealing unit that enhances one’s character.



19. Steampunk brown leather gauntlet bracelet wristband watch 

You cannot claim to have a perfect steampunk watch collection if you do not have the Steampunk skeleton wrist band watch often used for Cosplay armour outfit and can be classed as a ‘gauntlet’. 

If you are yearning for a steampunk taste in your collection, the gauntlet watch will surely quench that thirst. This is because the watch is not subtle but more of a statement piece, it can not only read the time but functionally parry a blow from a sword!  With it, you will learn the true power of the steampunk style. You can get the wrist band skeleton steampunk watch and make your arm dazzle with its appeal.


20. Steampunk digital watch 


21. Steampunk Hollow Dial Watch  


22. Apple background 





23. Pocket watch leather bracelet wrist watch 


Turn your pocket watch into  a handy wrist watch. All you need is one of these leather bracelet you can easily slip in and incorporate them into each other and use your pocket watch as a everyday fashion item to take to work or play.


24. Steampunk Multi Function Wrist Watch 



25. DIY  Make your own Steampunk wrist watch ideas it might go viral



26. Steampunk Custom motif zazzle Octupus Hot air ballon 



27. Vintage Steampunk Ship’s Telegraph Chadburn Watch


 30. Military 



 31. Steampunk large dial wrist watch 



32. Steampunk Wristwatch With Mechanical Iris Cover. 



33. Hand strap watch 


 34.Steampunk LED Wrist Watch 




35. Steampunk Phthalocyanine Wristwatch

steampunk Dark brown strap, brass body

 A true beauty of a watch, which gives this sense of something brewing and happening under the glass at all times. Something you’re not quite capable of explaining or describing, but you know it’s there. You can find more information on this beautiful watch on his instagram account or vk account


36.Personalized Steampunk Watch

A personalised wrist watch presents personal engravings these can be of almost anything though most commonly names, event names so wedding, Steampunk novels titles or characters etc 

37.Classic Steampunk Mechanical Wrist Watch 


38.Steampunk Dragon Wrist Watch

If you are looking for a way to show off you’re your steampunk sense of style, a steampunk dragon wristwatch is one of the ways to do it. The steampunk dragon wristwatch features dragon-like scales on the leather strap that make it a wearable work of art. The watch also comes with a vibrant color choice that makes it possible for you to make a statement everywhere you go. With it, you will always attract the attention of onlookers on the road.  


 39. Steampunk Womens Bracelet Watch 


40.Steampunk Leather Wrist Bracelet 



41.Sun dial Steampunk Wrist Watch 


42. Steampunk glove watch 

43.Limited Edition Steampunk Watches

Special editions always new ones coming new ideas do one yourself 

Every now and then some one likes to get wild and make a special edition.