The Top 18 Steampunk Skeleton Wrist Watches

The Top 13 Steampunk Skeleton Wrist Watches

Steampunk skeleton watches are a type of watch that features remarkable artistry and visible movement. They borrow a lot of style and art from the Victorian era. People love these watches more for their tradition, value, aesthetics, and craftsmanship other than function. Steampunk watches are great accessories for people who love to accent their looks by making a unique fashion statement.

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No matter what style you like, steampunk skeleton wristwatches come in different varieties, and therefore, it is very easy to find a style that suits your preference. Steampunk skeleton watches are available for both men and women and come in many distinct styles and designs imaginable.

Steampunk comes as a combination of old-style and futuristic sci-fi designs. Its uniqueness is what makes this design stand out from the crowd and attracts the attention of the masses – the young and the old alike. Although steampunk was initially expressed on dresses, it has made a bold statement in the watch industry. Steampunk is featured in many different works of art such as music, movies, and even video games.


It is also possible to find steampunk in festivals, events, and conventions around the world. This is as people discover the huge attention that this style can attract. Steampunk lovers are known for their outlandish styles and extravagant tastes in fashion and way of life. The outfits they wear take many hours to make. In addition, they feature unique materials that are simply out of this world and this is part of the reason why they are too costly to purchase.

If you want to have felt steampunk without fully going overboard, you may want to sport steampunk and skeleton watches. Notable watch brands such as Patek Philippe, Ulysse Nardin, Nordgreen, Bell & Ross, and others have steampunk and skeleton watches right at the heart of their timepiece lineup. Steampunk and skeleton watches on the market are known to connect sustainability, function, design, and aesthetics in one timepiece. Read on to discover the best steampunk skeleton watches available as you enjoy their remarkable beauty.


Differences between steampunk and skeleton watches

Most people think that steampunk and skeleton watches are all the same. However, this is not the case.

Skeleton watches are a type of watch that comes with a naked face that enables one to see the inner workings of the movement. And to make them more beautiful, the watches are styled fashionably. The watch either feature a minimalist or industrial look depending on the style and manufacturer. Skeleton watches are one of the highest-ranked wristwatch lines in the world. They are only comparable to any complicated wristwatches available in terms of sophistication, price, quality, and design. Creating the best skeleton watches will require man-hours, dexterity, and superior craftsmanship. That is why the prices of these watches are not low at all especially considering mechanical pieces.  


On the other hand, steampunk has some inner workings of the movement exposed. However, this kind of watch has bigger gears and cogs that are visible. And to give them more zest, they feature some fine metal workings. Steampunk watches also come in copper or bronze colors to give them an antique appearance.

Both the skeleton and steampunk watches tend to be more expensive than other watches on the market as they are made of mechanical movements. Also, the watches feature a high degree of detail and craftsmanship which is expressed in the watch’s inner workings.  




The top 13 steampunk skeleton watches for both men and women


Buyers usually have a wide range of options when it comes to steampunk and skeleton watches on the market. However, you have to be careful when buying these watches as a gift because the person you want to give the watch to may have some unique steampunk preferences.

1. Aviator Women’s Red Mechanical Wristwatch


The aviator women’s red mechanical watch is one of the most notable steampunk pieces available for women. This timepiece is designed for the alpha female who likes fun and adventure. The aviator mechanical watch draws inspiration from the aviator series. The red theme clearly defines a bold and adventurous spirit that is willing to take everything to the edge.  

The aviator’s red mechanical watch will attract attention everywhere the woman goes. This model is one of the most notable steampunk watches for women. The good thing is that this watch will complement a woman’s classy look. Another amazing feature of the aviator watch is that you can see the movement. This enables you to appreciate what the watch is all about.  



2. The Cyberpunk Watch

The cyberpunk watch is the other notable steampunk watch on the market. This watch features a skeleton design that lets one look at the inner workings of the components in one glance. The cyberpunk watch is an ideal gift as it can arouse a sci-fi fan’s fantasy. Although this watch cannot transport one to a different universe, it brings the feeling of the same.

This is one of the pieces that will get you noticed as it stands out from the crowd. Therefore, it is advisable to get this vintage-styled watch and get a steampunk look. Unlike many other watches that we have on the list, t is easy to tell time on this timepiece.



3. Military Steampunk Cuff Watch

This is a steampunk watch with inspiration from the military. If you are a steampunk enthusiast and you love the military at the same time, this is the watch for you. The watch is characterized by a perfect blend of craftsmanship, function, and aesthetics. It is one of those timepieces that will never fail no matter the occasion. When worn with the right attire, the military steampunk watch can attract attention from onlookers and enthusiasts alike.  

To complement its looks, a brown leather band holds the watch on your wrist. This is a perfect piece of art that you will find difficulties taking off.



4. Ground Effect Steampunk Watch


The ground effect steampunk watch allows you to amaze your friends with one of the most stylish steampunk watches available. The watch features a vintage look which is evident in the choice of the band. The manufacturer installed an old-styled band which gives the ground effect steampunk watch that classic look that is synonymous with steampunk watches.

Many enthusiasts fall in love with the ground effect steampunk watch at the first glance. People also like the delicate cutout pattern that enables users to see the gears of the watch in action. All the features of this watch speak of a different era. This is saving for the hands that have a modern style.



5. Jacob & Co Epic X Black Titanium watch


The modern Jacob & Co Epic X Black Titanium watch is another steampunk watch that you can get. This watches combines retro-style and sporty design with modern technology. The case of the Jacob & Co Epic X Black Titanium watch is made of 5-layer titanium which provides great strength as well as great corrosion resistance. The visible movement consists of 158 parts and is made in-house by Jacob & Co.

The skeleton, hand-wound watch bets at 28,800vph and comes with a power reserve of 48 hours. The backside of the watch reveals black bridges and is engraved with the observer as well as the name of its maker, Benjamin Muller. Overall, the watch comes with beautiful decoration techniques including beveled and polished edges, flair in bridges as well as colored rubies.



6. Tag Heuer Carrera Chronograph Skeleton Watch

The Tag Heuer Carrera Chronograph skeleton watch was designed with motorsports in the mind. It features the ‘racing car dashboard theme for the wrist’ and features sturdy movements that can withstand the rigors of the track. The stainless steel version s paired with H-shaped bracelets with folding clasps and double locking buttons.

The Tag Heuer Carrera Chronograph skeleton watch also features downward sloping lugs that maintain the paunchiness needed for a racing watch. With the Tag Heuer Carrera Chronograph skeleton watch, you have the perfect skeleton watch available.




7. Oris Artelier Skeleton Men’s Watch

The Oris Artelier Skeleton Men’s Watch is styled in the aviation line and features a beveled bottom. It is one of the most notable skeleton wristwatches from Oris. Another important feature of the Oris Artelier Skeleton Men’s Watch is that the button of the crown is fully inserted into the 3-o’clock position. This gives the watch a nice aesthetic effect. The Artelier is powered by the Sellita SW200 which boasts 26 jewels as well as a power reserve of 38 hours. The movement beats at 28,800 BPH.


8. Maserati R8823139001 Trident Triconic Skeleton Watch

The Maserati R8823139001 Trident Triconic Skeleton Watch is the other notable skeleton watch on our list. This watch boasts special features such as water resistance, stainless steel, mineral crystal, scratch-resistance construction. This is done to adhere to the strict manufacturing rules in Italy.

Maserati has done a good job with the Trident. They have adopted a masculine, beautiful and impressive design that catches the attention of onlookers. The watch has large cutouts that enable users to see its inner workings.


9. Leather Cuff Steampunk Skeleton Wrist Watch


Combining the steampunk style art and function, the leather cuff steampunk skeleton wristwatch is more of a fashion statement than a timepiece. The watch comes with a rugged brown leather strap that gives it a rustic appearance that never goes out of style.   

You will also find that the leather cuff steampunk skeleton wrist is made with great attention to detail – something that only a few watch products on the market have.

10. Italian Blue Leather Steampunk Bracelet Watch



The Italian Blue Leather Steampunk Watch Bracelet is designed for persons with an extreme sense of style. The Italian blue watch is elegant and stylish at the same time and this turns out to be a great conversation starter. The manufacturer did a good thing with the blue color as it makes the piece outstanding and captivating.

11. Women’s Model Glory Mechanical Steampunk Fashion Watch 




It is a fact that finding beautiful steampunk watches for women is a difficult endeavor. However, the Women’s Model Glory Mechanical Steampunk Fashion Watch has defied this trend since it is both beautiful and adorable at the same time. From the grey bracelet to the silver skeleton watch face, the makers of the glory mechanical steampunk watch shows took a lot of attention to detail. The unit is comfortable, beautiful, and fashionable.



12. Personalized Steampunk Pocket Watch


You often hear that every man needs at least one pocket watch and the statement can never be truer when it comes to a personalized steampunk pocket watch. We have felt the need to include it in the list though it is not a wrist watch.

A pocket watch is most historically correct to the fashion born of Victorian era more so than the wrist watch which is more modern and contemporary. The steampunk pocket watch is a tool to showcase your elegance and distinction. This is especially because it comes in a Victorian design that oozes elegance and sophistication.


13. Skeleton Automatic Mechanical Leather Strap Bronze Steampunk Watch 


The hollow skeleton watches are a great way to add creativity to your steampunk style. This is especially considering that the watch does not have a face like other types of wristwatches on the market. You will find that the digits are written on the bezel, making the Skeleton Automatic Mechanical Steampunk Watch one of the most unique watches we have on this list.


14. Leather steampunk wristwatch with a leather cuff and wide bracelet


The leather steampunk watch s one of the unique items that you can get a steampunk lover as a gift. This particular piece is a high quality watch that has been made by hand. It features a transparent dial that clearly shows the inner workings of the watch.

One of the most amazing things about the leather steampunk watches is that t is powered by an exclusive mechanical movement that requires no battery to run. This means that you will not have to change the battery every now and then. Instead, the watch will be powered by the movement of your hand. The overall package of this watch s impressive as it s made of high-quality material and design.

The watch has also been handmade in the USA. It is suitable for everyday use and any steampunk enthusiast will love it.


15. Skeleton steampunk watch



If you love complete skeleton watches, you will definitely enjoy this steampunk skeleton watch. The face of the watch has completely been done away to reveal the mechanical movement. This watch does not require a battery and instead, it is powered by a quality hand wound movement that is highly reputed with quality and precision.

Many people love mechanical movements for their craftsmanship, tradition and aesthetics. The layout of the watch is also very interesting to look at. This is because you will see the mainspring, the gears up to the escapement. It is one thing to own a mechanical watch and another to be able to see all the inner workings of your timepiece. This steampunk watch makes you part of telling the time.


16. Steampunk skeleton wrap watch – quartz movement



The skeleton steampunk wrap watch is designed for the enthusiasts looking for the true Victorian era watches that have the authentic classic look of the time. This piece features a skeleton zed dial that lets you see the movement in action. However, this watch will not be as magical as its mechanical counterparts since it is powered by battery movement. The dial features roman-number markers for the hours and minutes. It also comes with large sword-styled hands that enable you to see the time easily. This is even in dark situations.

Talking of construction, the skeleton steampunk watch is a handmade item that meets the required standards. The watch leaves room for customizations. If you do not like the standard bracelet, you could easily change it with the one you like.


17. Hand tooled cowboy cuff steampunk watch




The hand tooled cowboy cuff watch s one of the most desirable steampunk watches available on the market. This is because the watch s designed to ft in any occasion. Whether you are looking for a sleeper during parties or a sophisticated piece to accompany you to those evening meetings, you are good to go with the hand tooled cowboy cuff steampunk watch. The watch runs on a mechanical movement that is considered durable and reliable.

The hand tooled cowboy cuff steampunk watch is a spectacle to look at. This is because it features vintage likes and theme that sets one apart from the rest. If you choose this watch, it shows that you are a true steampunk enthusiast who truly understands his tastes and preferences.


 18. Handmade custom steampunk watch


True steampunk watch lovers prefer mechanical watch. The good thing is that you have the handmade custom steampunk watch that is all stylish and beautiful. If you are looking for a mechanical watch with a visible movement, you cannot go wrong with this one. The handmade custom steampunk watch has large hands that make it easy for one to see the time.

What most people like about this watch is the mechanical hand-wound movement. The movement is all jeweled and expertly crafted to look both beautiful and practical. With a small turn on the crown, the watch will keep on moving for years. This means that you will never need a battery to keep this mechanical watch moving. The handmade custom steampunk watch is a comfortable piece that can be worn with anything.



We hope that the above list of top steampunk skeleton wristwatches on the market will help you make the right purchasing decision. Finding the right steampunk watch on the market is a matter of balancing style, craftsmanship, budget, aesthetics, and personal preferences. In any case, just choose the watch you like based on your preferences and budget. From what we have seen above, there is a wide range of options to choose from when it comes to steampunk watches. Therefore, make your pick wisely as a watch is a big investment.

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