Steampunk Engraving Ideas Quotes For Your Pocket Watch And Tattoo


Steampunk Engraving Ideas Quotes For Your Pocket Watch And Tattoo 

Steampunk embraces a fantastical embrace of technology, fantasy, history, style, culture, and the weird and wonderful. It’s the amalgamation of science
fiction, horror, and adventure set within the Victorian era.

Followers of the culture love to dabble with Victorian fashion, accessories, interior design, and technology. No to mention, pocket watches. Many collectors have filled their trinkets with engravings of notable quotes.


If you’re looking for steampunk pocket watch engravings, here’s what you need.

Thank you


A pleasant surprise gift that tells someone they are remembered for what they have done for you. You can add a personal touch and tell them what they mean
to you.


I fear, but hope.
Hope and faith.
My faith is growing.
The music brings me to life.
Sit and watch the wind.
Are you smiling?
The wind sings in my heart.
The rose petals dance in time.
It takes a light touch.
I give thanks to you.

Happy Birthday


Celebrating with these quotes can inspire us to say the things we want to say to others. Grab your best friend and give her a pocket watch telling her how much you care.

Celebrating life.
The best gifts are hidden.
Build your good health.
Every day is a gift.
What’s left of a gift is a memory.
Life is a journey.
The best stories are not written.
Enjoy the present.
Cut out a wish list.
Tick-tock, then you age.

Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day is the unofficial holiday of love, but it can be tricky to say or do the right thing. Looking back, would you change the way you’ve said or done Valentine’s Day with the ones you love?

My love still prevails.
The longing for the other is sweet.
Key to my heart.
The lock is open.
Our hearts are the universe’s engine.
Feel the same desire in my soul.
My body, rotted by time, is still yours.
A machine that only belongs to you.
We are rhyming couplets tuned.
Thrilled by your kiss.

Marriage Steampunk Love Quotes




Marriage quotes give the right ideas to celebrate the nuptials and make your spouse feel special on the occasion of their wedding day. As it’s one of the most important and special days of your life, you should remember to add these quotes to your wedding card to make it more memorable.


Kisses that bring us to heaven.
Then there was eternity.
Our souls’ desire has come true.
Lay my head down and take a rest
We are one soul.
Thousand lifetimes in you.
Rapture and bliss.
Today’s love is yesterday’s memory.
Here am I, I was the flute.
May your soul be whole.
You make my heart skip a gear
Light is easy to love, show me your darkness
Most of us have gears we never use
Whenever possible choose adventure
A clock work heart cannot replace the real thing
I have a mechanical heart and it ticks only for you

I love you so, You make my cogs turn




You might already have a handful of friendship quotes to appreciate your buddies, but if you’re still looking for some more and you don’t have much time to make it happen, you can just turn to the next few valuable quotes about it.

Feel my spirit.
You’re an artificial heart. Same.
A glimmer of hope.
The best gift is a friend.
A smile can mean the world.
I am no longer alone.
I see a snowflake and a flower.
You are not another song.
I see you like I used to.
Life is a roller coaster ride.
We all have our own time machines they are called memories

When life gives you lemons make gin and tonic
Be splendid and Steam on
Keep calm and Steampunk
Where there is tea there is hope


Missing you

Do you miss someone? You end up writing phrases that sound perfect, but all that is missing is that keyword. Here are a couple of quotes that add emotional depth to it.

Hearts never flesh.
I lost the fire in my heart.
My soul never finds peace.
My arms become frail.
You were one of those rose petals.
Can’t sleep in the cold.
We just lose heart.
Old hearts aren’t broken.
The melody stopped.
No rhyme or reason.



Let’s remember the reason for the season. Spare a few moments with your loved ones. The magic in the air might make your Christmas bright with these quotes.

The trumpet serenades my soul.
My yuletide joys!
A living light.
A new rhythm came.
A candle burns in my heart.
A new spring in my soul.
Carol singing angel.
Chorus child of the night.
Joy is closer than you know.
Angels march.

New Year

If you’re having a hard time saying “Happy New Year” to someone, here are some words of wisdom to help you pull it off.

Light up the sky.
Rewind the clock.
Tick-tock to new beginnings.
Echo the noble intervals.
New era of pieces.
Don’t rewind time.
To new adventures.
The brightness wakes me from my slumber.
Thundering skies greet you.
New dreams for my child.

Success and congratulations

Saying congrats to someone can come in a lot of different words. Show them how you feel with these engraving ideas. Say it because they deserve it and they merit a big high five!

Live like a dream.
With your heart, fight!
It is my body that gives birth to life.
There are no do-overs.
No pride in hard work.
Trust the heart to steer you to success.
Never too late for an adventure.
Know your strengths.
Looking forward.
This is the way to the stars.



A monogram is a motif of two or more interwoven letters, typically a person’s initials, used to identify a personal possession or as  a tribute. There are lot`s of famous Steampunk writers you may obsess over and a monogram of their initials on your pocket watch is the fitting homage to them of the highest caliber, see some below you may know.



Edward S. Ellis.

The Steam Man of the Prairies
One of the earliest steampunk books set in America was The Steam Man of
the Prairies by Edward S. Ellis.




K. W. Jeter

Morlock Night by K. W. Jeter, originally published in 1979




A popular idea is that H. G. Wells and Jules Verne were the originators of steampunk:



H. G. Wells
The Time Machine by H. G. Wells
The other two steam-punks were Tim Powers, and James Blaylock.


Tim Powers
The Anubis Gates by Tim Powers, originally published in 1983


James Baylock 
Homonculus by James Baylock 
Another popular Steampunk book:


Jules Verne 

Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea by Jules Verne 

Steampunk Vectors

Have a look at these vectors of Steampunk for some engraving inspiration, any one can completely change your pocket watch to have a Steampunk aesthetic. Just take to your local engraver or jewellers and ask him to engrave them: 





Choosing a Steampunk font for your Engraving quote can add to the overall look and give a Steampunk style. As engravers do not have the entire encyclopedia of fonts avliable to them and it is very unlikely they will have any directly Steampunk fonts to hand you are best asking for a `Victorian era` font to be used. The most common font we advise you to ask for is the `English` font style they will know this though still they may not have it. Just mention to them you would like the most relevant font style to the Victorian era and they should be able to help you. 




When you want to send the message of how much you appreciate someone and that they are special to you, go through the following best quotes for a pocket watch.

So, you have to be clever in your tactics and that means going through celebratory quotes. Yes, they can bring a smile to your loved one’s face, and yes, you can send them any of the above quotes for their special day.

Simply take your chosen quote to your local jewelry and they will do the engraving which will instantly make your pocket watch even more original. 

Please suggest your own quotes in the comments below I will add them to the list.




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