Original and Best Steampunk Quotes to Live By If You’re Feeling Romantic and For Your Wedding Cake, Tattoo, Pocket Watch


Original and Best Steampunk Quotes to Live By If You’re Feeling Romantic and For Your Wedding Cake, Tattoo, Pocket Watch


If You’re Feeling Romantic Steampunk culture and Victorian enthusiasts of the late-era aren’t only famous for their interests in steam-powered devices. They are known for their romantic tongues and salacious passions.


Victorian language is romantic and elaborate and so is steampunk with its machines and mechanization for love, death, time, and gold. It is in a word – steamy – sleek and metallic and with a hint of covetousness.

These romantic love quotes have been used for centuries to express feelings of love, desire, and passion between two people. The Victorian tongue that speaks of the steampunk language is a quixotic way to express your aches for your significant other.

If you want to add a little steam to your love life, write have these steampunk love quotes down on paper and use them during important moments in your romance. These quotes are great for more than just romance use them for anything whether that be tattoos, birthday or Christmas cards, wedding cakes, pocket watch or necklace jewelry locket message there are infinite ways they can be used..  


General quotes

Anybody can become inspired, right? But sometimes we have lost motivation due to automation and it’s hard that we cannot get the mind into that frame. If you’re searching for general steampunk quotes to get through the muddling world we live in, take a look and read up on these original passages.

We are told that we are a society of machines and therefore different from the natural course of nature. And it is. Yet we love.
.I see the hand that turns the metronome. The soul has ears but it doesn’t listen to the heart.
.The heart tells the soul to feel. The body is a gilded cage for the heart.
.Filled with joy and love, this mechanical heart wants to learn all things.
.The rain falls, but it does not make a flower wither.
.The soul sings so clearly, I know not how to drown it out. I am at peace with my heart and the future.
.Yet, at this moment, I am filled with passion.
.Every day I lived through was one filled with anticipation; each morning I awoke knowing that the sun would shine, the moon would be full, and that the fates would have their say.
.If I look at the truth, I cannot move. If I look at love, I cannot be hurt.
.See, world, this mechanical heart has eyes of love.
.I have seen bodies empty of life. Until it learns to love.
.My bones came to life. The body grew wings. I flew into the sky, like a dove. I soared into the heavens, as a star.
.From the depths of the soul, it’s hard to choose. The trick is to strike a balance between great life-sketches and common-sense facts.

Thank you

Make a statement with your poesy. The idea of writing your appreciation to someone you love or cherish in the spirit of gratitude is heartwarming. Express your gratitude with these steampunk lines.

.I lost heart and abandoned hope. Then, you came.
.You dance to the beat of my mechanical heart.
.My soul is a poem that doesn’t have a rhythm. But, you came.
.A simple touch melted my tin heart.
.When you put the rose petals on my forehead, a light shines in my mind.
.For the first time in a long time, I had hope. I am no longer a slave to my mechanical heart. Thank you, love.
.Each day, I felt the gilded cage closing in my chest but knew it would have to come to an end. When I met you.

Happy Birthday

Craft the perfect message to anyone wishing them a happy birthday. It doesn’t matter how old or young they are, you can always relay your greeting with your loved ones with a bit of passage.

.A greeting between lovers, though brief, is always precious.
.Soon your wish will be fulfilled.
.Birthdays aren’t always perfect. Take the Industrial Revolution for example. .Sometimes, it’s going to throw a big ol’ brick right in your face.
.No matter how old you are, the simple fact is that we still celebrate every single day of our lives. That means all the days we’ve been alive, not just birthdays.
.Even with all the fun of celebrating our lives, it’s very difficult for someone to forget his birthday. This makes a lot of us live life on auto-pilot.


Desire and Longing

Do you feel it with a partner, with a lover, with a friend, with a stranger, with a culture you love? Have you ever been, on some level, romantic about something that you couldn’t possibly have?

.He spoke of love affairs and flaxen girls, but I speak you.
.She is mad with love for me and I love her back.
.It is still beating, my soul is burning. Burning for you.
.Your love fills my dreams in the dark night.
.Hurry, love, before my machine heart stops ticking.
.You are the moon and I was a child again. And you’re calling me to come to you.
.You made me wish you were real, and now you are.
.Your splendor makes me shiver with longing.
.We are machines in love. We will have soul’s desire.
.You are a beautiful dreamer. I am but a machine. But, I will be your singing bird.
.My body longs for a loving heart.
.I’m a machine for you. And when the heart calls me by name, I dance.

Valentine’s Day and Loving you

How do you deal with feelings of love for your lover or partner? Do you gush about how much you love them? When someone holds so much of your time and attention, they are now not only your significant other but your everything.


.You are near and gear to my mechanical heart.
.I adore you to depths as imperious as the temper of the sea.
.Love holds all clues to the mysteries in my heart.
.Your heart is a garden where I live in the darkest part of the night.
.My heart is yours to keep in love.
.I am a machine whose words are only love.
.My soul is a metronome. It sways to your song of love.
.You are missing a few gears, but the ticking moment of love remains.
.My soul is the vault of your treasure.
.You want me to touch and see and feel and think.
.With eyes of love as mine, I see you and you see me.
.I would let you explore every inch of my innermost heart.
.Be there in my heart. Then you could say you had seen me.
.I put my heart in that box and I put the key in the lock. How did you open it?
.A machine holds perpetual love that the world could not see.
.Your love sends me into delirium. I became alive.
.My heart is a machine of love and your hair is a crown of passion.
.We have been met by a tender glimmer of love that sets our souls in motion.
.Physical forms are but masks. You are so lovely to me.
.I was, at first, reluctant to laugh. Then, I found you. I saw your beauty.
.As the ice-cold night winds blow, you embrace me. You pull me into your body, and the warmth from within engulfs me.

Missing you

Do you miss someone so dearly? When you take away the one thing you once felt so close to, the intensity of the feeling and intimacy of the relationship changes. Write poetry if words fail you.


.I kissed the moonbeams and wished you are here.
.You are not dead. Never were you on moonbeam and machines.
.My heartbeat almost knocked out of rhythm.
.I let my heart live free without you. Gently, a rare sob escapes.
.You asked me to wait for you. I’m a machine and that’s what I do.
.I hope that you’ll be back when time opens my heart.
.As you walk away, the sound of music fades.
.I’m a lively automaton. But, inside my gears are quiet.
.Your rose petals have dried on the flowers of my heart.
..Don’t let me fall down the abyss again.
.Loneliness is the garden where I hear the wallops of love and the applause of joy.
.My soul is a machine. My passion sings through the memories of my broken heart.
.One half goes up and dances and the other half falls and screams.



Most of us feel an overwhelming love for our partner in our early relationship. We may have been together for years, had children, and lived a full life. But somewhere along the way, maybe due to the stresses of everyday life, resentment may have built up. But, true love dissipates that remonstrance.

.Marry me and we advanced through our gears.
.Let’s grow old to our golden gears.
.We had our remonstrance, but our hearts have eyes of love.
.Love is a crime and the result of a feud that tore us apart.
.I thought loving you was a dream and realized the possibility of it being true.
.I enter the depths of my soul to find my life in you.
.Let me guide you and show you my garden.
.Yes. A kiss. And I am whole.
.This love, this life, these dreams, and passions will allow me to cross the path from one light to the next with you.
.I love you. And, I don’t want that truth to ever leave my lips.
.Love, that is all, love is all, and love is all.
.What a brute I must seem to you, for I cannot express my feelings. But, I am in love. I have fallen in love with you.
.My love is what holds me prisoner. I would rather be in this prison than lost in the world.
.Put your hand in mine. We are safe in each other’s arms.
.I was the night sky. I laughed and I cried. It was empty. Until I found love in you.
.Self-love had been my deepest sin. But, my love for you set my place in the heavens.
.I never before knew how sweet and delightful it was to live until I loved you.


The reality is, friendship quotes can be almost limitless and each one can be added onto the other to form even more inspiring ones. A friendship quote is a saying or statement, usually used as a piece of artwork to encourage people to be more kind, to love each other, and to give advice when the need arises.

.You touched my mechanical heart with your warm hand.
.I run with cogs and wheels but I see the heart you hid from everyone.
.I shall not be a part of your work. I shall be a part of you.
.I see the love of a rose in the night and not the machine.
.Life is too short to spend time with people who can’t cheer you up when you are down.
.In the most simple language possible. If there are not enough words to describe friendship, then we can only explain and write poetry.



For today’s society, Christmas has become too commercialized. Yet, it remains one of the most meaningful holidays. Christmas traditions themselves seem to mean something to the people who participate in them. The fact that families try to celebrate something meaningful to them is the main reason why the holidays are still a good time to celebrate.

The best Christmas quotes to live by seem to always revolve around this idea, and especially around the meaning of Christmas. Read these quotes and don’t be Ebenezer Scrooge!

.The stars’ chorus of love is the angel’s song of eternities.
.My soul is a steel drum where you play your tunes of love.
.The word: Christmas Twilight, is an accurate description of my home.
.My eyes are like a gilded lantern waiting for you to run in my arms.
.Where there’s goodwill, there’s goodness, and where there’s goodness, there’s joy. Where there’s joy, there’s happiness. Where there’s happiness, there’s a wish fulfilled and if there is a wish fulfilled, then there is Christmas.
.Give joy to the world. Give peace. Take love back into your own heart. Let us become children again.
.Christmas is a festival of joy and peace; it is joyous because it is joyful; it is peace because it is peaceful

New baby

Couples will be over the moon when they find out they’re expecting. Often, they’re lost for words when the new bub comes into town. It’s also always fun to keep quotes about your child as simple as possible and there are a lot of different ways to say the words.

.A moment of bliss in the wind that opens my heart to this sleeping child.
.Time is a tightrope but my soul is ready to fly the rocket with you, my child.
.I can feel your promise as you fill my soul.
.I have a pulse. The clanking of the gears has ceased. Your love has given me the illusion of life.
.Your blossoms are planted around me to make my heart grow strong.
.The impish innocence of youth is captured in my delirious heart.
.The child brings you into the hands of your creator, who cares for the cogs and wheels of your heart.
.I’m a lost King. Your love is the key to my locked palace.

There are a multitude of reasons as to why quotes are an ever-present part of the human condition. Writers, readers and other readers love quotes for a number of reasons. They provide a spark or a zing to the creative process. They’re easily translated into art. They’re a simple means of connecting with others through language and a voice we have come to love use them wisely however you can.

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