Goth Cufflinks Guide

 Goth Fashion Cufflinks Guide


What Are Goth Cufflinks ?

The popular fashion of Goth has a lot of black, dark and mysterious elements. The appropriate cuff links, which are a piece of jewelry you wear on your shirt sleeve to hold them together rather than buttons, fit into the aesthetic using common motifs, colors and materials relevant to the look.

Some motifs regularly used on Goth cufflinks are Dracula, skulls, a black rose and the evil eye all of which have symbolism in the fashion and are explained below.   




Goth Cufflinks With Gothic Font Your Own Initials



You can get some personalized cuff links which basically means you can get them engraved with a design you choose yourself to be ultimately unique. There are lots of online engraving businesses who make personalized cuff links easily and post them to your home.

A great Goth themed engraving would be that of your initials on the cuff links in a Old English Gothic font or general Gothic font, let them know at the engraving business about your idea. This is great as a wedding, birthday, Christmas gift.   


 Wedding Cufflinks 


Dark hearts feel love that is for sure, even Morticia from ‘The Adams Family’ said ‘When were together, darling, every night is Halloween’. Goth style cuff links make a great gift  if you are getting married at a Goth themed wedding to put a spell on your love. 


Skeletons Kissing Cufflinks 


Even skeletons like to love even if they are a little creepy looking.


Anatomical Hearts Cufflinks 



This is like giving your heart to someone in as close to the literal sense as possible. If you gave your real heart and you might want to, as you know you may not be there to appreciate the wedding. It shows the other person is a major part of who you are in a Goth style. 


Top Hat And Skulls Cufflinks 


For the groom a nice morbid but sophisticated and flashy pair of skulls dressed out in smart top hats for a more celebratory wedding feel. Great as a gift for the groom and groomsmen.


Red Rose On Cameo Cufflinks 





The red rose is a icon of romance, lust and ultimate love in the Goth fashion and can be featured on a cameo background for a little Victorian spin. This would make a lovely though very symbolic gift to the Goth loving groom along side the real thing if your really in a passionate mood.


Victorian Goth Cufflinks  



 Victorian Goth is a style that merges the classic trends of Victorian fashion with Goth sensibilities. 

If you are looking for something with a more Victorian feel but still Goth there are a range of cufflinks with novelty Victorian era photographs like a real skull, circus women, Ouija board, Absinthe fairy even a owl in a top hat.



Skull Cufflinks


One of the most common motifs in the Goth fashion is the skull, they are very  synonymous with horror films of which you may be a fan. They have a deeper symbolism which is masculinity, because they depict bravery and toughness so a good gift for a gentlemen. 



 Ram Skull Cufflinks 



In many ancient societies the ram skull is said to symbolize initiative, action, leadership and determination. Everything said and done it is just a impressive icon to weld.


Skull And Crossbones Cufflinks 




We have all seen them on a pirates flag and hazardous bottles of bleach, if you like pirates and like to let people know you are not completely approachable or drinkable these are for you. You could say it is a warning for peoples own good so in good taste.


Gothic Cross Cufflinks 


 They are not a Christian cross it represents all that is dark and mysterious. Many like to wear a Gothic style cross to show that they are part of the Goth lifestyle, or to show that they believe in Satan or the occult. Think carefully before wearing this it is a statement about your beliefs and interests.


Medusa Cufflinks 



Gargoyle Cufflinks


In addition to the practical function of projecting rain of a building commonly cathedrals in gothic architecture they symbolize  guardianship’ of the building and to  ward off evil and harmful spirits. What ever they adorn they protect they play the exact same role on cuff links.


 Goth Famous Monogram Cufflinks 



 A  monogram uses letter initials to be a meaningful decoration to the owners unique tastes and preferences. For example if you are a fan of ‘Beetle Juice’ from the same name Goth movie you would engrave ‘B J’ on to the cufflink’s. Then when people ask you can tell them who it is a tribute to and why. 

Here are some monograms from the Goth culture you may or may not know to use on your own cuff links in a Gothic font if possible. Take them to your local jeweler or get them engraved online; 


Bram Stoker creator of ‘Dracula’


Eric draven in the film ‘The Crow’

Abraham Van Helsing
Edward scissor hands the film starring ‘Johnny Depp’
E S H 
Robert smith ‘The Cure’ 
Maryln Manson the singer 
Dave Vanian
Edgar Allen Poe the Goth writer 
Stephen King the famous author 
Tim Burton the director 
Beetle Juice the film character 
Morticia Adams mother of Adams familly 
Winona Ryder ‘Lydia’ in ‘Beetle Juice’

Memento Mori Cufflinks 

Memento Mori means the ‘memory of one’s own mortality’ and is an famous symbolic trope acting as a reminder of the inevitability of death through use of the skull icon.
The concept comes from the medieval period where Goth fashion takes alot of its references and inspiration. Wearing these cufflinks is a nod to that era of fashion.


Dracula’s In Coffins Cufflinks 




Some of the most popular gothic films are vampire films they have many of the features of the classic Gothic genre. These include motifs like a dark medieval setting, a mystery plot, monsters and unsettling psychology. 

Coffins that open to show Dracula work great as cufflinks and as they have the perfect shape.


Various Victorian Cameo Cufflinks 



A cameo is a hard stone or precious gemstone—often agate or onyx — onto which reliefs are carved. These raised relief images show figures, outlines of popular motifs. 

Cameos became very popular in the Victorian times the word meaning to engrave. If you want to embody Victorian icons then getting cameo cufflinks is a great way to do that.

There are lots of different variations out there of things featured on the cameo like firstly and most obviously the Queen Elizabeth, though you may want something more Goth like taxidermy skulls, raven, skeletons, bats, red rose, black cats among others.  


 Day Of The Dead Cufflinks 




‘Día de los Muertos’ is a celebration of life and death in English it means ‘Day of the dead’. It includes alot of motifs of skulls and skeletons and can work for a Goth look as it is dark but with meaning. It does have alot of colours so be careful that it fits your overall outfit.


Bat Cufflinks 



Bats again relate to vampires as explained above, Ozzy Osborn, the dark of night, death also inner awareness, good fortune and longevity.


 Evil Eye Cufflinks 


 The evil eye is ancient and full of superstition all over the world, it is a symbol of protection and has been believed to have been created near the beginning of civilisation. 



Dragon Eye Cufflinks 



The dragon eye is a symbol of power as we all know dragons are a formidable enemy, to contain that into cufflinks will ward of things that look to be evil to you.



Black Cat Cufflinks 



Black cats are rooted in the supernatural they go back to the era of history where witches were real and their magic was dangerous. Alot of people thought the black cats were witches in a different form. Black cats come with a lot of history because of this.

In the western world they can signal the coming of Halloween the favourite holiday of most Goths. 


Raven Cufflinks 





If you want a connection to the spiritual world where ever you go the Raven is a great ‘psychopomps’ connecting the real world with the world of spirits.


Vampire Tooth Cufflinks



As the name suggests these are simply shaped like a vampires fang tooth with a motif featured on it like a skull. 


Spider Cufflinks 


They are one of the most prolific fears in the world with their own coined fear ‘arachnophobia’ the cufflinks harness the power of this icon so you can channel it. 


Pentagram Cufflinks 


Each point of the star represents one of the five elements; earth, water, spirit, air and fire. The circle symbolizes “wholeness” and “completeness” which is used widely by Wiccans, pagans, or just as a sign of life and connections.


Black Heart Cufflinks 



You may want to wear these as a tribute to someone you have lost say at a funeral or as a memorial. The black heart means death and grief so can be used as a symbol of healing process or make it so you never forget someone you loved, eternally they are remembered. 


Skeletons Cufflinks 




Like skulls they are creepy and connected with Halloween, graveyards and ghouls. Wearing them will draw on this fear built on over the decades evoking a uneasy atmosphere, perfect! 


Grim Reaper Cufflinks 



A constant reminder of death in life can help us live a more grateful life overall. The grim reaper oversees the ‘circle of life’ and has become the representative of dying though his existence is not all dark and merciless. He evokes fear but equally from this appreciation and insight. Take him with you where ever you go. 


Blood Drop Cuff Links

  The shimmering blood drop could be from the vampires fangs or made in a pact of love which ever way they look awesome as part of your Goth outfit.  




Various Stone Cufflinks 

Stones are very precious and the Goth fashion is alot of black with the occasional sparkly bit. Gem cufflinks look posh and dandy very much like what those dark lords who lived in the mediaeval times would wear. Here are the stones and their meanings.  


Emerald Stone Cufflinks


The green Emerald is a symbol of romance, hope and rebirth associated with the goddess Venus. 


Onyx Stone Cufflinks 

 In ancient Indian and Persian tales Onyx is a protector from evil. The stones black and white also symbolises for the love and union between two people.



Alexandrite is the gemstone of luck, prosperity, and intellect. It represents the balance between the physical and the spiritual, and can bring you into the balance of who you are. 


Amethyst used to warn off Bacchus, the evil spirit. It was also said to keep the wearer quick-witted and it has been used for centuries. 



The name speaks for itself, it essentially translates to seawater it is a timeless symbol of hope, youth and health. Some even say that it is able to give you eternal life as well.


Al Chemical Magic Cufflinks 

Beautiful Alchemical magic cuff links - Solomonic - silver plated - subtle and chic

This is a medieval chemical science and speculative philosophy with some bold visions of curing diseases, creation of gold from base metals and prolonging life among others.

This may not have been achievable but they look brilliantly medieval with their different diagrams and icons representing the era. 


Snake Cufflinks 


In goth fashion the snake represents the serpent of sin in the biblical story and  therefore temptation. It is also a ‘psychopomps’ like the black cat and can bridge the real world with the supernatural.



ANKH Cufflinks 




Being a popular Gothic symbol originating in ancient Eygpt this is the key of life, the circle at the top is a symbol for femininity, while the cross represents masculinity. Other meanings are life, immortality, wisdom, eternity and the protection from bad spirits.


So that brings us to the end of this list of Goth cufflink ideas, if there are any we have missed that you think should be included tell us in the comments. 




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