Cyber Punk Style Wrist Watches

 Cyber Punk Style Watches 

What Is A Cyber Punk Watch? 

Cyber Punk is a dystopian fantasy with ‘low life’ and ‘high technology’. A Cyber Punk watch reflects the later in its design ranging from digital led wrist watch, digital pocket watch to small wrist mounted screen. It commonly has some sort of digital technology twist like vibrant led lights, additional function like a holographic light or binary numbers.

This is the futuristic look and these function’s require a battery rather than mechanical winding movement, their accuracy is superior. The batteries in these watches last anywhere from a year or more.

A Cyber Punk watch is capable of much, much more that just giving the exact time like a conventional mechanical ticking wrist watch with a movement. In the games and literature it is commonly more like a computer than wrist watch because it has futuristic technology.



In this guide we are talking about the fashion not science, roll on the future when this is not make belief and we all have this tech, it is nearly here. But for now the watch may have for example a light that shines the time, this is meant to represent a hologram as technology like this is not real yet but can be referenced in this way with in the fashion and Cosplay. There is plenty of content on the web with these possible references you can try.

There is always going to be a desire in the watch community for a traditional mechanical or quartz watch but Cyber Punk is the future. A common mechanical or quartz watch might tell the time and day a futuristic Cyber Punk watch can be infinitely more personalised to your tastes and needs including unique apps to monitor health, face time, cameras, GPS etc.

In the future the possibilities are endless they could convert body heat, movement, or solar energy into raw power, interact with your environment and eco system,produce holograms for communication the list goes on.

Below we explore the different Cyber punk wrist watch styles and design.


Cyber Punk Wrist Strap Watch 


Cyber punk fans are often avid uses of their technology more so than just checking the time, the wrist strap watch is designed with ease in mind.

A normal watch you may need to check the time say once a hour which is fine, but when your life rotates around the watch and it has many apps your using constantly to interact with your world then having it with a wrist strap is more convenient and saves strain on your wrist.

This design has become a preferred style for cyber punks because of there technology addiction and over use and therefore has its definitive place in the fashion.  

 Cyberpunk Apple Watch Strap Might Save Your Wrist, Boost Your Times, Or  Raise A Few Eyebrows


Digital Watch 4 Colors LED Lights 

This has a square dial and 4 colored LED lights, when you press the button it will display time to save on battery. This is all battery and digital no mechanical movement here, along with its vibrant colours makes a Cyber Punk nerds dream.






Binary Wrist Watch

 This is more of a tribute to computers and the power of binary than having a technological advantage showing the time. It is quicker and easier using a mechanical common wrist watch to read the time but is by far more Cyber Punk obsessive. 

A binary clock displays the time in the language of computers, the binary system. It contains only ones and zeros, but you can easily transform it to our normal numeral system.

A binary clock displays the time in the language of computers, the binary system. It contains only ones and zeros, but you can easily transform it to our normal numeral system.

The top-row shows the current hour. The LEDs represent 8, 4, 2 and 1. The bottom-row displays the current minute and the LEDs represent 32, 16, 8, 4, 2, 1. Just add up the glowing numbers and you are done.




Cyber Punk Pocket Watch 

 A pocket watch is a Victorian era invention and outdated but not obsolete, it still works perfectly for telling the time and because it can be bigger than a wrist watch it can have more functionality and modern materials. 




Futuristic Cyber Goth Mechanical Wrist Watch 

 This is a beautiful unisex retro watch designed by Hi Tek London Alexander and is a Cyber Goth style which is a subculture that derives from elements of Goth, raver, rivet head and Cyber Punk fashion. 

The metal and rivets have a Dystopian feel and it is part of a collection without any digital parts for those who want a more basic conventional mechanical Cyber Punk style wrist watch with a working ticking movement.


Digital Pocket Watch 

Instead of a ticking mechanical watch movement these pocket watches have a small battery that powers a digital screen so there is no need for any cogs and gears ( sorry Steampunk fans ) that are less reliable and old looking.

The digital clock face glows in the dark and can have vibrant Cyber Punk colours. Being digital brings the pocket watch up to date into the current era and into the future which is perfect for Cyber Punk. 




Nixie Wrist Watch

 It is a simple four-digit wristwatch using Nixie tubes, a forty-year-old display technology that is delightfully easy to read. The watch requires no button-pushing to operate. Just hold the watch at your standard viewing angle, and the hours, then the minutes, will appear in perfectly-formed, 14mm tall, glowing orange digits.

This draws more on the Dystopian post apocalyptic feel to Cyber Punk looking as though it has been put together by a lover of technology who had only limited materials and parts to hand to make it. It works perfectly for telling the time, if Dystopian is part of your passion this is the watch for you. 




Bracelet Wrist Watch 

No ticking watch face or mechanical watch movement, this digital bracelet has got rid of all the non essential and gone straight for telling the time as simply as technologically possible with number digits. 




Back To The Future “Time Circuits” Concept Wrist Watch

Back To The Future has lots of references to the Cyber Punk fashion like in part two’s ‘Lou’s Cafe’ scene with Biff the bully and the clothing they wear. This digital wrist watch references to the DeLorean car and its time machine date entry screen system capable of time travel, that is technology and that is Cyber Punk.  






Cyber Punk 2077 Wrist Watch

 This wrist watch is a limited edition tribute to Cyber Punk 2077 The story takes place in Night City, an open world set in the Cyber Punk universe. Players assume the first-person perspective of a customisable mercenary known as V. 

The story follows V’s struggle as he deals with a mysterious cybernetic implant that threatens to overwrite his body with the personality and memories of a deceased celebrity only perceived by V; the two must work together if there is any hope to separate the two and save V’s life.

If you want a digital tribute to your favourite game this is for you, if you want a great looking Cyber Punk wrist watch again this is for you. 




 Holographic Wrist Watch 

 Holographic displays manipulate light beams to produce a virtual 3D image in space, without requiring any special glasses or external equipment. Existing holographic technology can only produce high-resolution images when viewed directly in front of the display, as there is a limited viewing angle.

Holograms will become reality and already have a vast fan base in Sci Fi. A rule of Cyber Punk fashion is it can represent or reference future tech without it being actual future tech. In other words instead of a hologram you can have a watch that shines, through a light, the digital time onto your hand.

.There are lots of great looking Cyber Punk wrist watches out there that can shine a holographic looking light to show the time and they look great with your Cyber Punk outfit and do the job.  





 DIY Wearable Wrist Gesture Pad

 The gesture pad helps you quickly search for your favorite shortcuts and actions. It allows you to access apps, actions, and settings with the swipe of a finger.

In alot of Cyber Punk games and movies the main character has a wearable pad on their arm to access and interact with their environment and so has become a common fashion accessory in the aesthetic.

This is a mix between a wrist watch and a laptop so the time is basic in comparison with everything you can do. You can make one yourself in true Dystopian style using your own two hands that is Cyber Punk hacker guru ingenuity, follow the link here.





DIY Wearable Wrist Mobile Phone

Why not put your mobile phone on your wrist? if your looking for a accessory to complement your Cyber Punk Cosplay this is great and on budget. Here is a guide to making this great wrist watch idea.




 Thank you for finishing the list, see our shop for a range of pocket watches to buy.



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