Women`s Steampunk plus Size Clothing Tips

Steampunk Plus Size Clothing Tips For Women 

Getting a variety of clothes’ sizes has been a long-time battle for women. Fortunately, more and more brands are jumping on the `locomotive` not the train of being inclusive with all the different sorts of body types. And, the Steampunk aesthetic is itself behind this very necessary trend that came here to stay. Here, we will show you some examples and tips to get plus size Steampunk Clothes:

⦁ A key Steampunk item: The Corset Plus Size section

Corsets are something fundamental for your Steampunk look, and we have treated the subject several times in many of our articles. However, we also have to dedicate a big part of our article for Plus Size Corsets exclusively. Sometimes, people that need plus size clothing are not aware of the range of options that they have available on the Internet, but in these last years, several stores have really branched out and expanded their merchandise in order to include everyone. And because these websites are taking the steps to stock plus size corsets and general clothing in bulk the price is super cheap per item of clothing when bought from a wholesaler. Simply enter `plus size Steampunk corset` into Google and it will show you the vast range so many you can shop around. 

Here we will show you a few examples of what you can find:

⦁ Jenna Bridal Satin Corset, which has a more modern, black and white look. This one can even be used in formal parties or weddings:

⦁ Plus size Faux Leather Steel Boned for a Renaissance Fair, featuring the typical beige and brown Steampunk colours. This one can be used as underwear or be matched with a long skirt or trousers:


⦁ Sexy Corset Plus Size (Polyester and Spandex) if you are looking for something more intimate. The lace on the sides and the flower pattern make it perfect for a date night:

⦁ Steel Boned Steampunk Plus Size Corset, which is also perfect for a Cyberpunk vibe. The metallic look and the front belts make it look very robotic:

⦁ This Leather Hourglass Curve Longline Underbust Corset is a classical choice. Underbust corsets are amazing if you are just learning how to wear them, and you can use them with a shirt under it:

⦁ A very friendly explanation made by Tara Moss on her Sewing Youtube channel that teaches you how to tie a corset by yourself (yes, it IS possible!):

⦁ How to craft your own corset (DIY) in 3 different ways, by Morgan Donner:


⦁ Seamstresses, tailors, bridal stores that we recommend for Steampunk and Plus Size

Going back to the basics is a good way around plus size clothing. The traditional seamstress or tailor has the ability to make a piece of clothing from scratch as uniquely as what is required making a corset easy peezy. Being able to go to the place of creation and try different sizes, feel materials and have a chat with the seamstress and bounce  ideas of each other is priceless. You will find the prices are higher so you may want to get a piece of clothing that is the main basis of your outfit then accessorize outwardly with cheaper accessories bought elsewhere from the outlets given below. Wedding clothing in the modern day is still near to a Victorian aesthetic so it is well know by seamstresses, tailors and bridal shops and as you may already know Victorian is the basis of a Steampunk costume as explained in our other articles. Pinterest Boards are great for ideas with different corset sewing and fabric patterns here that you could suggest for inspiration to your seamstress. If anything at all catches your eye when you are looking around send it or take it with you to the seamstress and they will se what they can do to make the dream a reality. 



⦁ Recommended Buy-And-Sell Groups (Facebook, Ebay, Craigslist) for Plus Size Cheap Used Steampunk Clothing

Plus size clothing is available online and if you are looking for something on a budget just like any other size you can surely find it.  

We have done a little window shopping and looking around and up close through our monocle to show you what you could find online that is cheap used clothing for a plus size Steampunk costume.

⦁ Facebook:

Before we show you the options that you can find, remember that most sellers in Facebook have small businesses or are selling clothes that they bought by themselves, with a lower price. You also have more chance to get quick answers from the sellers, as most of them answer with their own personal accounts. Check your local area and see if someone is selling an item that you may like nearby you can then go round try it on and take it home that simple !

– Here’s a Burgundy + Black Lace Top, Size 26, 

-A Size 14 long black dress

. Ebay

There are loads of used plus size Steampunk clothing on this platform it also has the unique auction format where by you can make bids against other bidders on the clothing you like which makes me feel like a true Steampunk hustler and is extremely fun just like a auction room you have to wait till the hammer is struck to take the prize.

– Long Skirt Hand Made Purple Blue Gold Steampunk Plus Size 22 24


– Steampunk dress, hooded top tunic XL

⦁ Craigslist

There is a surprisingly big quantity of good things that you can find on Craigslist. Some areas have more items than others, but it’s worth to give it a shot in your local zone.

⦁ One good example is this Old Navy Black Top is only $5 on the website (Boston):

⦁ In Winchester, Boston you can also find interesting items like these slick riding boots, which definitely go with a Steampunk/gothic/pirate look:


⦁ Etsy Steampunk Plus size:

⦁ There are also a lot of long, vintage summer dresses on Etsy suitable for the basis of your Steampunk costume, which are perfect for plus size. The pictures maybe of slimmer models but if you really like what you see always check it will say in the description the sizes and many can be handmade and tailored to your unique needs. This is a popular main stay on Etsy as it supports handmade products and sellers who talk directly with their customer through messaging this coupled with the very large Steampunk community already based there means you will find something you like:


⦁ Youtube Speaks: Fashion & Make up Gurus of the Plus Size Movement for Steampunk

⦁ Fashion Gurus of Youtube

⦁ Lady Rebecca Fashions

Lady Rebecca is a gorgeous woman that has made several helpful reviews for the Plus Size Community. Her videos have informed millions about historical costumes of different eras, though most of them are either Edwardian, Victorian or vintage. She also creates dresses herself, gives advice about accessories and even make up that she likes.

⦁ Here’s a video she made about different types of corsets and how they affect her body:

⦁ She also made a video about Plus Size Thrifting:

⦁ FullStyle Inc.

This lovely fashionista icon, also known as Nadia The Creator, has made a lot of videos for the plus size community, including sewing videos for corsets and Halloween costumes. She reviews products, offers a lot of useful shopping advice and even gives Sewing Classes at the Chicago Public Library. Finally, she loves to posts inspirational pictures with the #LoveYourselfFully hashtag on Instagram, so you will also be able to find her through there.

⦁ Here’s a video she made about the Elegance of wearing a dress:

⦁ This is a video she made for a Halloween costume, in which she rocks a Master-of-Ceremonies-like look, a very Steampunk choice. In the video she says that she adores the aesthetic and that she seems to truly enjoy it.

⦁ Make up Gurus of Youtube
⦁ Morgan Hanbery

Morgan Hanbery is a beautiful icon of the Plus Size Community. Not only she uploads make up and beauty tips, but she also shares daily life vlogs, such as her work out routine. There are a few pictures that she shares about her stunning nail art, too. She’s a really funny and approachable person and everyone should check out her channel.

⦁ In this one, she’s trying the ‘Modern Renaissance’ palette tutorial:

⦁ LearningToBeFearless:

Learning To be Fearless is a Youtube fan of make up and fashion. She also speaks very loudly for the Plus Size Community, and features a gorgeous range of make-up choices plus some videos about her daily life. Her Instagram photoshoots are of extremely high-quality, too, which really lets you appreciate the small details of the clothes and make up that she chooses.
⦁ Here she made a make-up tutorial copying Rosie the Riveter, vintage style:

⦁ Here she made a Classic Glam Make up tutorial, fitting for essentially every Halloween or Steampunk attire:

As you can see, The Steampunk Movement has also reached the Plus Size Community, and rightfully so. Everybody deserves to enjoy the Steampunk aesthetic in an attire that fits them the way they are, no matter their body type. And there are a LOT of people that are willing to give you advice if you are lost, too. Now that you know where to look, please go ahead and start making that shopping list for your new Steampunk Plus Size look if you would like to finish you costume of with a pocket watch check our shop here

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