Steampunk Halloween Costume Ideas: A Steampunk Pocket Watch Is Great With A Halloween Costume

Steampunk Halloween Costume Ideas: A Steampunk Pocket Watch Is Great With A Halloween Costume

Some Steampunk enthusiasts are not content with the mere historical allusions that are frequented in the community; they prefer, let’s say, a scarier and spookier look. They grab the Steampunk aesthetic and make it darker, even gorier, sometimes. And this, of course, works perfectly for Halloween.

But the Halloween make over doesn’t include just attires. If you are a makeup enthusiast, or if you are considering starting to go through this path, Steampunk has given a huge set of new ideas to try on yourself or your friends.
You can combine the already known terrifying Halloween make up with the nostalgic Steampunk look and get a perfect, brand new aesthetic. You can use your make up to simulate the colors of the Steampunk palette or to draw items on your face such as cogs, gears, keys – practically anything. You can also paint your face to look as an automaton, a robot, or a monster.

Here are some pictures that you can use as inspiration:

Here is a twisted cosplay of a girl in Steampunk attire. If you pay attention, her sick eye is a Steampunk pocket watch that is well-camouflaged with the perverse half of her face. Cosplay made by “steampunk-girl” on Tumblr.

A Steampunk zombie cosplay, which combines a very skilled use of make up with a wonderful hat, a broken goggle lens and a gorgeous suit. Here you can see how make up plays a huge role in your Steampunk Halloween cosplay.

A gatekeeper, Steampunk style. The model’s name is @beautsoup on Instagram. Note that the model has a set with several keys that fit the aesthetic and a collar neck corset, typical of vampire attires. The makeup of both her eyes and lips looks like golden dust.

A Steampunk model with automaton make up and gears on her face. Here you can find another case in which makeup plays a fundamental role in the final look.

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