How to Wear Casual Everyday Steampunk Fashion with Your Modern Wardrobe?

How to Wear Casual Everyday Steampunk Fashion with Your Modern Wardrobe?

Steampunk fashion is a style movement that was inspired by 19th-century fashion from England’s industrial boom period. It mixes aspects of the Victorian age with modern designs.

Steampunk style is most commonly seen in fashions such as pocket watch, hats, shoes, gloves, hairpieces, shoes, dress-suits, jewelry, tights, jewelry, bust-pieces, and glasses.

The clothes they wore back then, their belts and trinkets and even their hats and goggles, were amazing. But, how can you incorporate Steampunk clothing in modern times?

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What is Steampunk-style clothing?

Steampunk fashion is typically based on fashion during the Victorian era. Steampunk fashion is characterized by a combination of the most unusual and time-old garments, with a wide range of styles, fabrics, and colors.

Think: a Victorian shirt with a frilly, lace-up collar, oversized lace-up leather gloves, a tall black, full-leather hat, a frilly, bronze-colored waist-belt, and a full-length black skirt.

Worn only for special occasions, Steampunk fashion clothing is often inspired by architectural, fantastical, time-traveling, and supernatural art and culture. Fashion is worn to blend with the style of a city in the Victorian era, with a vintage touch.

Essential Steampunk accessories and elements for casual wear
Steampunk clothing for men and women is typically made with a modern interpretation of elements of Victorian-style clothing or clothing in general.

Steampunk fashion is usually distinguished by its use of unconventional materials and styles. If you are wondering what the staples of Steampunk fashion are, we recommend reading on. The list below will help you know what to wear.

There are hundreds of Steampunk clothing pieces and styles to choose from. With the variety in Steampunk fashion, there are too many to cover them all.

But some of our favorite styles include:

Steampunk fashion elements

Arm Garters
Belt Buckles
Cuff Watches
Corset belt
Duster Coats
Eye Patch
Goggles and spectacles


Leather handbag
High collars
Hip Flask
Lace bracelet
Leather harness
Boots, Jade Shoes, Cogs, and Oxford Shoes

Steampunk Literature

Steampunk necklaces, bracelets, rings
Top Hats



Pocket Watch

Vests and Coats

Steampunk motif elements

Octopus (preferable Cthulhu)


Vintage diving attire
Grandfather clock

Gadgets and gizmos

What a casual everyday Steampunk fashion look like?

Steampunk style doesn’t mean that you’ll wear full vintage clothing. Steampunk outfits can look casual. You don’t have to follow a strict formula but pick your pieces as casually as you can.

Instead, you should consider the occasion and the type of clothes you’ll be wearing. You can wear wide leather boots, leather-based high-heeled shoes, or anything else that will make you look like a Victorian member of society.

Here’s some casual Steampunk wear you can do.

Office Steampunk

If you don’t have a job in a strict office, you could wear anything casual like jeans, chinos or jeans, sometimes you could do wear a dress, but only with simple accessories. You can incorporate the following elements:


Use of brown, rustic, or neutral colors
Steampunk is a reminiscence of the Industrial Revolution, so it’s better to stick with brown, orange rust, silver, and black for tops. You can also go for dark hues such as olive green, navy blue, burgundy, maroon, or yellow ochre.

White is also acceptable because it’s neutral to combine with all colors. We prefer off-white or cream-based clothing tops if you want to pair them with your whole wardrobe for the day.

Preferably tops with close turtle neck collars or ruffles and laced-décor
Tops with closed-collared turtle necks are perfect for office use. Attire with ruffles or laces around the collar, chest, pocket, or sleeves, will do better as well.

What’s more, it’ll make you look smarter and hardworking while still showing signs of elegance and grace under pressure.

Preferable with metal buttons in gold, copper, or bronze
We prefer our tops having metal buttons like on gold, copper, or bronze. Whether they’re located on the sleeves, collar, or for the gaping blouses.

Steampunk culture is defined by the use of metals, scientific inventions, and pieces of machinery. Metal buttons will always work the charm.

Use of vests with lines, tartan, or plaid patterns
Stripe patterns represent deviance and eccentrics during the Victorian Era, but, if you play your clothing right, it can be used for office, too. Keep your colors to a minimum, and use brown or neutral colors, wisely.

Plaid patterns give that feeling of the working group; plus points if you can nail it at work.

Blazers of brown or dark colors with metal buttons
Blazers always work for the corporate office. We prefer our business jackets in brown hues or dark colors with hints of metal buttons. Leather blazers will also work well in a casual and friendly office space.

But, don’t make it look like you’re a biker! Pair it with plain turtle neck blouses and pantaloons with simple plaid patterns.


Pantaloons can be leather-made or cotton-made

Your trousers or pantaloons can be cotton or leather made. Make sure it fits a business look into the office. Keep your bottoms within the brown hues, black, gray, or white motifs. Dark red, blue, and green will also suffice.

Dark-colored leggings or stocking

Leggings and stockings work perfectly in an office. Keep them simple with no frills, styles, and patterns whatsoever.

Stripes can be used at work

A striped pantaloon or skirt always works well with a simple top. Remember to keep the colors within the range of Steampunk colors. Light grey and blue motifs may also work with your tops for an elegant take on Victorian fashion.

Skirts can be high-waist, long, leather, pleated, or patterned
For skirts, we prefer A-line, high-waist, pleated, or patterned ones. It’s okay if you don’t have leather skirts, cotton, lace, or chiffon ones will do as well.


Dress shirts paired with brown or black leggings
High-collared dress shirts always work well with brown or black leggings. Dark colors will do nicely if you want to stay business-wise while incorporating Steampunk elements.

Steampunk casual dresses

Wear something in light brown hues, navy blues, gray, or black – whether that’d be leather-made, cotton, linen, or chiffon. You can incorporate elements of lace, ruffles, and patterns to make it seemingly Victorian.

Shoe wear

Jade shoes, cogs, and loafers

For office wear, jade shoes, cogs, and loafers do best in a work setting. You can throw in your oxford shoes, too! Brown or neutral-tone office shoes made of leather will do extra nicely.


Brown or dark-colored leather or cotton-made bags are preferred. We have satchel and business case bags to be used business-wise.



Your best wearable element in Steampunk fashion to bring at work is through brooches. Examples you can clip on your shirts are: octopus (Cthulhu), mechanical owls, automaton, keys, and Victorian memorabilia.


Necklaces at work should be kept minimally, unless, your office allows you to wear loud and boisterous accessories, then it’s fine. We have bronze coins, automaton figures, owls, and odd trinkets you can find that remind you of the Victorian era.


Bracelets are kept minimally at work. It’s a hard-wearing one since you’ll be typing, running errands, or answer phone calls all day.


Skeleton watches make good Steampunk timepieces. If you can’t afford one, why not have a good ol’ brass alarm clock?

Pocket Watches

Pocket watches are a great way to add some Steampunk style to any clothing you wear. Wearing a pocket watch in real life is a great way to celebrate and pay homage to Steampunk fashion.

Casual every day and streetwear Steampunk

The Steampunk movement appears to be as much about casual every day and streetwear as it is about building an aesthetic based on a real-life fantasy. Here are some images of some pieces of Steampunk streetwear that you may be seeing more of, or maybe already have in your closet.


Victorian-inspired blouses
Tops and blouses with Victorian elements make a good casual Steampunk streetwear. It has prints, ruffles, laces, and is made of linen. Chiffon and leather would make a good combination, too.

High-collared shirts

Laces and ruffles
Puffy sleeves
Chiffon, lace, leather
With patterns or stripes

Vests and jackets

Vests and jackets with metal buttons under Steampunk hues make great casual wear without being too stuffy and formal. You can make use of prints, vertical lines, and plaid to complement your look.

Black or brown hues
Dark-colored vests and jackets
With metal buttons
With prints and plaids
Metal buttons
Often shapes the torso


Trousers, jeans, and pantaloons

Trousers and pantaloons are a thing for both men and women who want to dress Steampunk. Their jeans are worn with suspenders and stockings and combine pantaloons with fine leather and ornamental fringes.

Skirts can be high-waited, long, leather, pleated, or patterned

Imagine this: A great long skirt in beautiful brown leather that has two pleats and an adjustable waistline, leather top with smooth elasticized top and long sleeves.


It’s all about the color scheme to show the vibrancy and uniqueness of the Steampunk world. Designers are taking classic silhouettes and styling them in a new way. Ladies love them all. Women can wear these dresses with high-waist jeans, tights, or leggings.

Looking for something sharp and a little odd for your day? Then these are the dresses you’re looking for.

Ruffled pinafore dresses
Tiered dresses
Skater dresses
Drop waist

These are just some of the dresses and their shapes we love to have for Steampunk casual wear.

Shoe wear

For both men and women, these styles are about functionality and wearability as well as having a certain aura of the distant past. The silhouettes and their respective materials, make them a perfect companion for the casual streetwear look.

Boots look great with pretty much any kind of jeans or chinos and are super comfortable.


Leather bags always make a great staple to Steampunk culture with a mixture of textures and aesthetics. Here are bags that you may want to consider.

Satchel bags
Bucket bags
Folder purse
Messenger bags
Shoulder / cross-body bags
Canteen bags


Necklace, bracelets, rings, brooches
Casual everyday and streetwear Steampunk accessories are always a great addition to any outfit. On the other hand, pairing a casual dress like this with a necklace is always a good idea! Keep it casual with a simple brooch and matching earrings. Simple and beautiful!

Whether you are into the fashion and styling of Steampunk or don’t follow it at all, this roundup will take you by the hand and show you exactly how to dress in the vintage style for the relatively casual cost of a piece of jewelry.

Goggles and spectacles

Steampunk goggles usually have big colored lenses and old-fashioned wireframes. Spectacles, on the other hand, used to be prescription glasses; with side-width cutters at the bottom and thick over-lens lenses which clung onto the frame, basically taking away the spectacles altogether.


If you want to show your creativity, flair, and ingenuity, then you should take the time to find a high-quality belt online that complements your style and fashion. In a period when trends change rapidly, these belts have become the best way to stay in sync with your style and preferences. Moreover, you will love the high quality, craftsmanship, and gorgeous designs that go perfectly with the futuristic trend.

Pocket watches

Pocket watches have been around for centuries. Steampunk-inspired pocket watches are mechanically dominated by a standard caliber with proportions, design, and aesthetics that have been heavily inspired by aspects of the Victorian era.

However, modern pocket watches have taken on a new look. Their ability to connect to the world of luxury, power and the invention of electricity has prompted them to become objects of everyday wear.

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Evening Steampunk wear

Steampunk gives way to the darker side of industrial design. They are pompous mechanical-meets-fashion pieces that all look made out of the fantastical.

Semi-formal or cocktail dress

For a Steampunk outfit to wear during evening outings, we prefer to use a lightweight plain T-shirt with loose lines, perfect for the Victorian Steampunk look with some black cotton knit bands around the neck and shoulders. No jewelry or accessories are needed.

Depending on the situation, we wear other types of clothing with matching footwear. Steampunk evening outfits with earrings, petticoats, and vests are perfect for evening walks, and dressing up for an evening cocktail or party can give the right atmosphere.

It’s easy to wear and has broad color options, from pale pink to dark red, black, gray, and even burnt orange and shades of brown.

Its high waist and hemline make it ideal for a black dress look, either as a midi-dress or a longer cocktail dress, with a certain amount of tinker-fashion aesthetics.
Dresses with a long outer portion and a separate dress-like cut and two-tiered full-length dress always get our attention. It’s almost tinker-fashion appropriate, yet it doesn’t look too offbeat. It’ll be a fun pick for a cocktail party or evening cocktail. It is also best paired with a black dress belt, boots, and jewels with Steampunk-fashion aesthetics.

Three levels of wearing everyday Steampunk fashion

Steampunk is a fashion style that has caught the imagination of people all over the world. It is a vintage-inspired, imaginative fashion that embraces the futuristic aesthetics of the late 19th century.

The mixture of modern fashion elements with old-world crafts such as wire, rubber, brass, and machine parts make it a unique and interesting style.

You can also dress in Steampunk fashion casually. It’s not only for outfits during a convention or party!

First level: Subtleness

Most people don’t want a stereotypical Steampunk experience when going to an office or meetup. But, Steampunk clothing is a great option for you to wear all the time. Of course, you will still see steampunk elements in typical clothes, but if you want to step up your style and try to improve your wardrobe, there is much more to look forward to.

Steampunk clothing comes in many different shapes and sizes, and it’s not a cliché. Every item has its cut and layout, and every aspect of your modern clothes is up for your fashion tricks.

Second level: Incorporation

In Steampunk clothing, you can wear various clothing pieces like gauntlets, hats, jackets, and clothing as well. With the right fashion shoes and accessories, you can wear some Steampunk fashion outfits too. For example, not only for fashion wearing, but you can also wear Steampunk shoes for outdoor and even wear them while working.

You can include Steampunk clothing details or by including Steampunk elements in your everyday clothes.

Third level: Fully-embraced

Steampunk clothing isn’t just about clothes. Steampunk fashion is about an aspect of your life and culture. The third level allows you to fully dress in Steampunk fashion – from head to toe. You name it: hats, dress, jewelry, shoes, etc. It’s a style of fashion that is meant to be a statement. Steampunk fashion is meant to be a part of your daily life.

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