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  Famous Steampunk Designer’s Whose Clothing Line You Want To Copy


You may have noticed recently that the fashion industry has been inundated with all sorts of Steampunk-inspired clothing lines. Their vivid Victorian wardrobe features designs that walk through a time machine and bring them to a future that looks a lot like Jules Verne’s novel “Around the World in Eighty Days.”

Today, we will take a look at some of the coolest fashion Steampunk designer items that you can find on the market. With a well-tailored piece, there are countless design possibilities to achieve something that truly looks like something straight out of the past.



 (photos from Creative Commons Wiki)

Alexander McQueen


Alexander McQueen’s is the enfant terrible of the design world and his signature avant-garde pieces of designing steampunk clothing are well documented. And today, he is best known for creating designer dresses, hats, shoes, and accessories inspired by the Victorian era.

Hailing from London, England, McQueen is recognized for bringing opulence and drama to the runway. He added a unique touch to his presentations by using modern technology and creativity, and he frequently startled and surprised audiences. His shapes have been praised as infusing fashion with a feeling of fantasy and insurrection.

The stylish pieces often included feathers, metal grills, and spiked heels, with some collections featured embroidered capes and hats that were paired with feather-covered dresses.

His shows, Angels and Demons, and Plato’s Atlantis showed the apocalyptic imagery and theatrical defiance. So, if there’s anyone on our list, Alexander McQueen should be here.


 (Photos from Creative Commons Wikia)


Christian Dior


Steampunk fashion and costume design have been making their mark on the fashion scene in some of the most recognizable fashion and fashion design events around the world.

Of all the different designers and styles that have sprung up in steampunk fashion, the best known is probably Christian Dior in his Fall Fashion Runway in 2010.

Many designers choose not to offer much information about how they’re inspired by steampunk, but Dior is certainly the most recognized.

You can see his influences in many of his designs for instance: his dresses have a bold use of line and a history of ancient times in mind. The models are propped in a doll-like feature, donning steampunk elements like a chemise, leather top hats, jackets, fur, and ruffled outfits.

Steampunk fashion and costume design have been making their mark on the fashion scene in some of the most recognizable fashion and fashion design events around the world.

(Photos from Vogue – with commercial license)

John Galliano


Those familiar with the distinct look and feel of the steampunk world will know that several notable names have designed their special looks for events or specific designers’ collections – perhaps the most famous being the British-Spanish designer John Galliano.

Steam-buggies have been springing up everywhere from the steampunk runway in the UK, most notably in Diro, and it’s thanks to Galliano.

Designer John Galliano’s steampunk-themed runway show at the 2010 Dior Paris Fashion Week was probably the best introduction to steampunk fashion we’ve ever seen. With spectacular costumes and gorgeous designs, this show made a huge impression on fashionistas around the globe.

The next time you watch the show in its entirety, let yourself get swept away in the imaginative designs but also be reminded that there are even more creative minds involved in this movement who create every day.

The fashion industry is only looking to expand its horizons, which leaves designers like John Galliano excited to keep creating new things that push the boundaries.

(Photos from Vogue – with commercial license)


Dolce & Gabbana


Dolce & Gabbana is usually famous for its colorful Mediterranean playfulness. But in the Fall of 2006, the collections showcase the highlight of steampunk modern styles of a new generation.

The creative minds of D&G have used an array of materials including leather jackets, slacks, metal, and antiques for both men and women to produce a unique visual effect. This vision has been to produce a collection that represents the steampunk fashion world.

The designers also placed an element of fantasy, adventure, and surrealism attached to this collection. They have successfully captured this art by using the distinctive design language of the steampunk fashion world.

The items are specifically designed with a tailored suit for men’s and women’s aesthetics in mind. The empowered female adventurer and an officer put the romantic trend on clothing where accessories such as wristbands and cuff links evoke the look of an antique Victorian era.

Their fashion shows are a regular spectacle of experimentation with fashion and science-inspired designs.

(photos from Creative Commons Wiki)


Jean-Paul Gaultier


French designer Jean Paul Gaultier is another enfant terrible like McQueen and is recognized for his unique creations using marinières and corsets. These elements paved the way to steampunk a serious fashion facelift with his new collection. His avant-garde collection sets off a steampunk futuristic, gritty, low-fi design movement, with multi-colored, inventive hats, jewelry, dresses, cone bra corset, and accessories.

One of the more prominent designers using the steampunk aesthetic, Jean-Paul Gaultier aimed at the female fashion market, featuring a gothic graphic print and clumpy ‘machine jewelry’, giving a smarter, more sophisticated twist.

One of the standout designs from the new collection is his freak show making cone-breasted corsets and bustiers-styled dresses from metal materials. Sometimes, it features a clashing mix of fabrics, inking, and colors.

His works look like a fantasy city with industrial colors, embellishments, metallic and great glitz.

(photos from Creative Commons Wiki)


Power suits and leather are particularly close to the designer’s heart. Whether it’s a designer melting a Victorian-inspired model in a giant contraption or whether it’s a brand aligning with one of the most celebrated movements in fashion and design history, Chanel embodies steampunk corsets and bodice.

Chanel utilized hues that are considered synonymous with masculinity. These colors come in gray, black, brown, and dark blue, to convey a sense of feminine assertiveness.

Chanel wants to do it away from the usual hourglass style and moves towards suits fashion inspired by the Industrial Revolution. Female empowerment and identity are synonymous with a resurgence of technological fashion.

Quilted fabric and leather trims were used in Chanel’s clothing line. The quilted structure strengthens the fabric, design, and finish, resulting in a garment that retains its shape and function while being worn.


 (photos from Creative Commons Wiki)



The concept of steampunk-inspired by historical fashion is very different from the much-celebrated fashion trends of the 1970s and 80s. The fashion of this era was very conservative and almost conformist.

Steampunk, on the other hand, aims to be so avant-garde and ironic that fashion designers can perform bold experiments and push the boundaries of design and technique.

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