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It all started with a pair of watch movement cufflinks that I bought from one of my favourite craft stores. I was compelled to start making hand made movement jewellery as a hobby about ten years ago and I fell in love with the upcycled watch movements and how they bring the Steampunk gentlemen out in me. The craft side of the business grew and I wanted to get involved more with the amazing clothing I saw at events and in the online community. I could not think of anything more satisfying and exciting than helping to complete someone’s steampunk outfit whether that be subtle or loud, you know who you are!. Pocket watches was a natural progression as they are the epitome of Steampunk and round off a costume perfectly but at the same time show of the beauty of the watch movement. My pocket watches absolutely do as you will see, good show! This was not just about looking absolutely spectacular but also helping others as a gentleman does. I donate the most beautiful of my craft items to unwell children to make them smile and also part of each sale is going to this charity. Looking to the future we plan on expanding to offer a wider range of clothing and anything that toots our horn as quality to please more people and to continue helping good causes how ever we can, come be part of that story me old wonderful cogger.


We want to bring together Steampunk lovers whether that be at a event, party or everyday life. through our beautiful time pieces they are a talking point. Getting your outfit talking Steampunk whether subtle or loud is of highest concern. We know the Steampunk language and our pocket watches are a tilt of the hat to the genre and are chosen to complement your look. We want to finish off your outfit.


We choose only quality products to sell that we know are worth collecting and we search high and low to the four corners of the globe to find them for you. We have a keen eye for Steampunk and know it inside out down to it`s fine beautiful detail. We are always listening to our customer`s to source better products so we know you are going to want to visit us again.


There is more Steampunk has to say than just the clothing and look we believe being a gentlemen is of highest concern in the modern world. We plan on helping charities by donating regularly and keeping our customer s up to date with all the good things we do on our blog. Be a cog in something bigger come buy from our Steampunk shop and help others, part of each sale goes to charity.

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