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Steampunk Makeup Ideas

Steampunk Make Up Ideas

What is Steampunk makeup?

Clothing in most fashions is just part of the overall look also there includes hair style, accessories and makeup among others. There are different makeup styles that are relevant to the Steampunk fashion that have developed becoming iconic and are unique to the genre. Each makeup look represents and is connected to something within the niche, they vary from simple methods for example like adding black colour around the eyes in a goggle shape to look like soot representing industry or to historically correct Victorian makeup looks the origin era of inspiration for Steampunk. Below we explore these in detail.



 Steampunk Makeup Cosplay

 Steampunk makeup can be the focus of your Cosplay as it has the habit of making people go wow when you pull it of right.




 There are some common popular makeup styles like cogs and gears under the skin, soot around the eyes and sticking cogs and gears on the face but it is completely up to you if you want to just do your own unique improvisation. We explore the different popular Steampunk make up looks below. 


Steampunk Clown Makeup


The Steampunk clown is a juxtaposition to the serious gent and works, it is well known Victorians were fascinated buy the curiosities and circuses were one such thing.  

    Burlesque Makeup 

    Popular in Victorian times was the evolving entertainment industry and Burlesque captivated vast crowds. It is most dramatic on stage which will work best for a Cosplay though toning it down and making it more subtle looks great on a Steampunk lady.

    Steampunk Special Effect FX Makeup


    A bit more expensive but definitely one of the most exciting makeups to apply. Special effect makeup looks super real and can evoke some amazing reactions as a Cosplay and be the main feature. The most popular Steampunk style is cogs and gears under the skin. This is a metaphor for the love of a Steampunk gent and lady for those cogs and gears they really do get under your skin and into your heart and soul.

      Gothic Steampunk Makeup

      Have you ever heard of a 'Steampunk Goth' it is a mix of these both unique but connected aesthetics. Goth is lots of black and white to define the black it is another bridge between the two fashions if you want to indulge.

      Steampunk Robot Makeup

      Steam powered Robots are real in the Steampunk universe, put together with what ever metal you can find using rivets and bolts. Add those features to in your makeup and you have a great look for the fashion. 

      Steampunk Ring Master Makeup

      A well known character and profession in the Victorian times was the ring master. The look is dramatic and theatrical with bold black colouring around the eyes and spooky wide black smile the rest of the face is a white back ground perfect for a Steampunk Cosplay. 

        Steampunk Skeleton Makeup

          This makes a great costume when you also wear the skeleton pattern clothing the skull face makeup finishes it off perfectly. 

            Steampunk Vampire Makeup


              Vampires are very much real, in the Steampunk universe and they love blood as much as they like steam unfortunately. The vampire is a popular common character in the novels of the genre. We all know they are the living dead so a pale makeup is used to give the death warmed up look. 

                Steampunk Witch Makeup


                  Magic is not unheard of in the Steampunk universe and you are quite likely to come across a witch. A Steampunk witch loves dark colours like purple with patterns around the eyes or symbols that may enhance their magic for protection or attack. 

                    Zombie Steampunk Makeup


                      Zombies are popular characters but not as in the type that are sociable at parties. In the fashion they hint towards the apocalypse when everyone is zombified and so make a great Cosplay. To go along with your ripped clothes add some cobwebs, a pale face, dark coloured blood and you are a Steampunk dead walking.


                        Victorian Steampunk Makeup Looks


                          We all know Steampunk has its origins in the Victorian era and that era has a very distinctive makeup style. The skin will be white almost translucent and the lips a deep romantic red.



                             Lace Masks 


                            Lace masks were a beautiful feature of a popular Victorian past time the masquerade. Due to its Victorian origins it has become a common Steampunk make up and should be part of your Cosplay.  




                            Clockpunk Makeup 


                            Clockpunk is a connected fashion to Steampunk and involves alot of cogs and gears mainly like the clock. A popular look is to use face paint to draw beautiful clocks and patterns on the face, this works perfectly for Steampunk makeup too. 



                            Sooty Face 


                            Steampunk characters love their industry and are always tinkering with their salvaged technology like locomotive engines or time machines. That is a dirty business running on coal which makes the steam, that is why they wear the classic goggles to protect the eyes. What do you get? a sooty face. That is the definitive and traditional Steampunk makeup look. Easy.




                             It could not be easier in the modern day to get all dressed up and put on makeup. Online you will find guides, looks, instructions as well as equipment that enables you to wear makeup.


                             Steampunk Makeup Stickers 


                            Stickers are a great easy and quick way to apply makeup to your face. There are a range of patterns easy to buy from places like Ebay and amazon including, cogs, gears, clocks etc  


                            Steampunk Makeup Stencils

                             Another way to easily apply makeup is using stencils with various Steampunk shapes including, classic cogs and gears but anything like octopus, clocks, keys, locomotives, owls etc just paint the shapes onto your face.

                            Steampunk Makeup Kit


                            There are lots of makeup kits out there with specially designed Steampunk shaped charms you can glue on to your face safely using makeup glue made specifically for skin, a lovely bit of pampering. Get the safe skin glue online from Amazon. 


                            Steampunk Contact Len's And Nails Worth A Quick Mention

                            Why should the eyes go un Steampunked if they can be? there are plenty of contact lens looks that work.

                            The cogs lens is perfect to show a Steampunk gents obsession with cogs and gears. They really are the twinkle in the eye of gents.



                            Steampunk Nail Decals

                            Do not forget your nails there are lots of effects for them the most popular of which is the cogs and gears nails.



                            Steampunk Makeup Bag 


                            So now you have all these great ideas for makeup you need somewhere to save them until they are needed. As a final task have a search for some makeup bags  with Steampunk art.



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