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Steampunk Christmas Guide

 What is a Steampunk Christmas ?


A Steampunk Christmas is like any other Christmas but with a Steampunk theme, this usually includes a industrial style on a smaller scale with a delightful Victorian flair. As it is based around Victorian fashion it can be a traditional celebration as of that era and cozy with lots of stuff handmade.

You can 'Steampunk' anything  to bring it into the aesthetic this means adding any of the common elements from the fashion for example pocket watches, cogs and gears or even a octopus with a Christmas hat to include decorations, presents, costumes, food among others. 

The great thing about Steampunk is it has a culture of using your own two hands to create what ever it is you are creating this could be jewelry, clothing, decor or importantly Christmas decorations.


This partners well with this seasonal celebration as it is well known that people love getting involved with the creation of there own decorations at this time of year in a common traditional Xmas style

Some hardcore fans will do this every year or you can just try it once, everyone should try it at least once. Putting pocket watch bauble's on the tree is optional and wearing a Steampunk Christmas jumper with a locomotive on it steaming through the snow is mandatory.   


Steampunk Christmas Gift Ideas 


Pocket Watch With Display Stand

A Steampunk pocket watch is a great present on its own to give a taste of the Steampunk world's accessories but with a display stand you never have to put it back into your pocket where it can not be admired. The display acts as a shrine so it can be a talking point in your home or office at all times. When you have a event simply take it with you.  



Ornaments Steampunk Christmas  

 Ornaments are a reminder of your passions and there are so many motifs out there that express Steampunk the octopus, cogs and gears, locomotives and more they make a great gift. 

Steampunk Jewelry 

 Each fashion has its own styled jewellery, Steampunk has a lot of cogs and gears and handmade with metal watch movements including a lot of bronze. It is a starting point to focus the rest of a potential outfit around and get someone started.



Steampunk Art 

Steampunk originated in the Novels of Sci fi fantasy writers so naturally they had a lot of wonderful classic art and it has grown since then and artists reference Steampunk regularly.

Try and find out what the person finds beautiful in the Steampunk aesthetic and get it blown up as a piece of wall art, it is easily done online. 



The Tradition Of Steampunk Goggles 

Like Christmas the Steampunk goggles are a tradition every Steampunk fan should have some, it is a right of passage into the genre.  Be the gent that knows best and get therm started in the right place, goggles also make great part of a Cosplay.  




Steampunk Charms

A bag of different Steampunk motif charms makes a great gift because they can Steampunk their everyday possessions or what ever comes to mind. Add charms or relevant bits and pieces to items like their laptop, mobile, clothing, jewellery etc.



 Steampunk Christmas Carol Book

Looking for a Christmas carol story with a bit of a Steampunk twist this is the one. Explore Christmas from a Steampunk perspective.



 The Steampunk User's Manual  

For the learned among us this is a great start to your obsession with Steampunk. It gives lessons on how to DIY items to turn them Steampunk and that is a must for any fan as the aesthetic is very hands on.



Beard trimming kit;

Every gent should have the tools for a great tash like any locomotive mechanic has tools for his locomotive. It is time to grow a tash like any respectable Victorian gent.




Steampunk Cogs And Gears DIY Wooden Kit 

 Stuff to build is all a Neo Victorian gent needs for Christmas, use your noggin and get to constructing your own mechanical masterpiece of magnificent wood.


Metal Steampunk Car DIY

Metals in the Victorian era were at the front of the industrial revolution so knowing how to put them together was a great advantage and meant you got ahead in the world. These kits give hours of entertainment and practice who knows what you will build next.


 Steampunk DIY Jewellery Set

If you want something more personal and unique give someone the chance to hand make their own steampunk jewellery with a Steampunk jewellery kit. 




Industrial Usb Stick 

A more modern present a gift for the every day a chance to express love of the technology of old over the look of the new.




 Steampunk Hipflask 

For a special occasion when you need a emergency tipple, the Victorian gent always had a emergency hip flask to warm the throat and brighten the day.




Steampunk Decorated Journal

Start the new year with a Steampunk themed journal.




 Here are some Steampunk items to finish off your gifts perfectly. 

Pinterest is a great place to get free Steampunk stuff like printable gift tags just  print off and cut out using scissors;

On Etsy you can get high quality Steampunk wrapping paper;


On Ebay or Amazon get an assorted range of Steampunk themed Christmas cards



Steampunk Christmas Dinner Ideas 

Steampunk as you may already know originates in the Victorian times, this was a time were Christmas was a die hard tradition and most families had a celebration despite how wealthy they were.

It was a family gathering more so than a party, the rich would throw banquets with all the classics including beef, venison and turkey. The poor would most commonly have goose or rabbit which you guessed is cheaper. To finish the meal off you would find Christmas cake, plum pudding, stars of Bethlehem a bit of flame is popular with brandy especially on the Christmas cake.

The average Steampunk fan seems to love making things, so get the whole family involved as they would of in Victorian times to muck in. That is at the heart of Steampunk and a Steampunk Christmas having a go yourself, getting involved and making things together as they did in the industrial revolution. Do it like times of old with family around you.



Stir up, we beseech thee, O Lord, the wills of thy faithful people; that they, plenteously bringing forth the fruit of good works, may of thee be plenteously rewarded; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

(Book of Common Prayer of 1549)




So there are some ideas to start you off, for a genuinely Steampunk celebration have lots of Victorian foods and like the fashion add in some modern twists like foods, drinks, treats etc.




There are lots websites out there that show real Victorian Christmas foods and recipes give them a try it is a fun activity for your family to have a go at. 

Throw in some motifs of Steampunk on your desserts like cogs and gears, locomotives and the octopus on your little cakes for example for a bit of a twist and nod to the Steampunk aesthetic.



The Victorian Feast Christmas




 So the dinner is sorted but what are you going to wear to entertain and compete with those other guests and their overly imaginative Christmas ideas.


Steampunk Christmas Costumes


 Steampunk Sally Nightmare Before Christmas

Sally is the deuteragonist of Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas.a humanoid ragdoll created by Dr. Finkelstein. She is made of various pieces stitched together given a Steampunk twist of goggles and a corset.

One of the most interesting Steampunk Christmas characters you can dress up as and takes some genuine effort to pull off unlike most costumes that are easy to buy online.

Have a go making the costume your self as you know already making stuff is a Steampunk past time favourite. 



Steampunk Christmas Elf

A more traditional costume is that of the Steampunk elf, you can get some elf ears online probably the most important part of the elf look that makes you elf.

Just have fun and add those Steampunk statement pieces like goggles, soot around the eyes throw in a corset in the red, white, green and not forgetting Steampunk brown colours. 




 Steampunk Christmas Hat

If you are are going casual but want to show your alignment to the Steampunk Christmas party you are throwing then just wear the Christmas Steampunk top hat.

Good as the center piece or with a common gentlemen's outfit. For the ladies wear the alternative mini top hat style with same Xmas adornments add a pocket watch. 



Steampunk Santa Claus 

The main man himself can come in Steampunk if it is your wish, he can not do much about that if it is! and he will already be covered in soot so no work needed there then.

Grab a Santa Claus costume they are everywhere then add in the Christmas top hat above but with goggles on it needed for that sleigh ride at high speeds. Also a brown waistcoat with lapels over that extra cushion.



Steampunk Christmas Events 

If your looking to get abit more stuck in and to sample the different characters that love the fashion go to a Christmas Steampunk event local to you. You are most likely not that far from one it is a very popular alternative fashion.

At the events you will find food, clothing, accessories, handmade jewellery, art, entertainment and most interestingly people who love the fashion of all ages.

You can not find a better bunch of people the fashion encourages kindness, understanding and morals this shows through the people it attracts.

Steampunk fans are gents and ladies and have commonly sincere and polite character if not a little eccentric and love being approached about their costumes always willing to be part of your pictures and talk openly.

Over all it is a great way to spend a Christmas holiday day and gives you tonnes to think about and talk about over your Christmas dinner with family.   


Steampunk Christmas Movie
When the time comes after all the food has been eaten and you are ready to relax there are some great Steampunk Christmas movies to watch and appreciate the aesthetic.
Feel free to point out the different nods to the fashion in the movies and explain them to the children especially the clothing and backgrounds. Here is one we recommended;



Steampunk Christmas Music

 What would Christmas be without Christmas music, the great thing is there are lots of Steampunk bands out there that have Christmas songs, and really good ones at that. So take of your ear cosy's and have a listen 




That is all, wishing you a wonderful Steampunk Christmas and a industrial new year...

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